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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cropped Top With Skirt

John Marine | 10:26 AM | |
The latest sort of styling exercise is that of a cropped top (usually bralets/bralettes) and some kind of skirt. More importantly, this mostly involves high-waist skirts. The look in question doesn't include some of the '90s styles of midriff baring. Instead, this is high-waist midriff baring by wearing a cropped top and some kind of skirt- usually high-waist pencil skirts. This blog post is a look at the cropped top + skirt look.

--- Cropped Top + Skirt ---

Here is an example of the look I will be talking about in this blog post:

crop top with skirt
^ from: - Selena Gomez modestly shows some midriff at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards by wearing a cropped top and a sequined skirt.

In my "Exposing Midriff" blog posts on "John's Blog Space" and here on "StyleSpace by JBM," I always said exposing midriff was something of confidence and even a way to beat the heat on warm days. One does not necessarily need an amazingly appealing body to try high-waist midriff looks. However, a female does need confidence in her own body and her own charm to properly wear the cropped top + skirt look.

I like to think of the cropped top + skirt look as kind of a dress look. Unlike dresses, skirts are more versatile for a variety of applications. The popularity of cut-out style garments tends to make me think about various cut-out dresses when comparing them to the rash of cropped top + skirt looks. There are a number of options for females who dare attempt wearing a cropped top to go along with a skirt. What you may commonly see are bralets/bralettes coupled with various slim skirts- preferably high-waist pencil skirts. Footwear for these looks usually either include a pair of pumps or some kind of chic sandals.

This look gives confidence to females who otherwise lack the confidence to show off their midriff in an appealing (and sometimes sensual) manner. Some females confident in their bodies may wear a cropped top and regular or low waist bottoms without fail. Some of those females may even try the high-waist sort of bottoms to go with a cropped top. Even some petite and plus-sized females have even attempted to wear a cropped top with a skirt. Some celebrities that have tried this look include the likes of Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus among many others. If you fancy wearing some kind of cropped top with a skirt, I think you're going to enjoy this blog post.

--- Cropped Top + Skirt: Blogging Inspirations ---

I will try to be diverse in picking certain blog posts. What you will find here are links to bloggers who tried the cropped top + skirt look. You may Follow these bloggers online if their work entertains you. Read the brief description to each look to get an idea of what the blog post in question entails. If you want some inspiration on cropped tops with skirts the way I've described the look here, or if you want to see examples of what I've talked about throughout this blog post; I invite you to take a look at these blog posts:

"I Wanna Do Bad Things With You..." (Principessa Gabriella) « a sequined cropped top and skirt.
"♥ Glitter & Gingham" (Cupcake's Clothes) « a cropped top with a gingham skirt on a plus-sized lady.
"'She's Got Legs'" (Nany's Klozet) « a beaded cropped top paired with a maxi skirt with a high front slit.
"Cropped top with maxi" (Little Petite) « a cropped top paired with a maxi skirt.
"Summer Romance" (Camille Tries to Blog) « a colorful cropped top with a maxi skirt.
"Nineties Story" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « a slouchy cropped T-shirt with a stylish long skirt.
"Onyx Brick" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « a slim cropped top with a pencil skirt.
"Veneziana" (REINVENT YOURSELF) « a bold black outfit with a cropped top and a leather skirt.

Are these posts enough inspiration for you to like this look or even try out this look?

--- Cropped Top + Skirt: My Thoughts ---

My final thoughts on this look are that this is just as effective a midriff baring look as anything else. You probably won't like the look too much if you fancy skirts either at regular or low waists. A proper slim cropped top along with a proper slim skirt can be a winning combination in terms of silhouette. Or if you're more girly and prefer some flare, try some sort of flared skirt or a high-low/mullet skirt of some sort. Even if you have the confidence showing some of your midriff, you may have even more so confidence if you wear a cropped top along with a skirt. This will surely be one of the hottest looks of the warm weather seasons. If you want in on the trend, then go right ahead and find a cropped top and a skirt to look fabulous in! I approve of the trend. Not entirely in love with it, but I approve.

What do you think about pairing a cropped top with a skirt? Be sure to let me know in this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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I love this look! Plan on rocking it sometime soon!


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