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Jean Skirts

Almost everyone has at least one pair of jeans. Certainly almost every female has at least one pair of jeans. Whatever happened to jean skirts? These days, the most common denim skirt is a denim mini skirt (what a shock!). This blog post is a look at jean skirts. They are on parade in this blog post. Why do you think jean skirts aren't worn as much or as liked so much? I'll be sure to discuss this and more in this blog post. So thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM!"

--- Jean Skirts ---

As much as a pair of jeans is good for a casual day, or for classy jeans for nights out, a jean skirt is as much a pants alternative as any average pair of jeans. The impression I want to have is that a jean skirt should feel and be as comfortable and wearable as a regular pair of jeans- only you're wearing a skirt instead of jeans. I made an emphasis on jean-like skirts for this blog post. What you are reading about are jean-styled denim skirts. You know, your usual jean-styled denim skirts. For some reason, jean skirts are seen as much of a fashion fad as jean shorts (or "jorts") to a lot of people. I do adore seeing skirts from lightweight fabrics like jersey or modal. However, jean skirts aren't as bad as some people probably make them out to be. It used to be that long jean skirts were as fashionable as any non-denim long skirts. These days, it's more about skinny jeans and denim mini skirts than any long jean skirts. I guess denim divas these days don't think long jean skirts are cool anymore. Are they too modest or not cool enough anymore?

Let me talk about jean skirts by length now. I will use the knees as a measure of long and short.

Short Jean Skirts.

short jean skirt
^ from: www.zappos.com - A white jean mini skirt.

It is not surprising at all to see a denim mini skirt of any kind. Maybe not as common would be jean skirts as long as a pair of Bermuda shorts. I've commonly seen jean skirts that hit around mid-thigh or just above the knees. Short jean skirts are often notoriously worn with sheepskin boots during cool weather times

Long Jean Skirts.

long jean skirt
^ from: www.amazon.com - A long jean skirt can be comfortable and airy to wear even if they lack the appeal of today's skinny jeans.

I had initially thought of long denim skirts when preparing this blog post. I get the impression that long jean skirts are not cool anymore; and I tend to think that's sad. A friend of mine usually wore long jean skirts- sometimes floor-length skirts. I think floor-length or maxi-length jean skirts are charming, especially tulip or mermaid style jean skirts. I'm talking about the ones that flare out below the knees. This isn't my "Fashion Freedom" blog post, but even a guy like myself wouldn't mind wearing a long jean skirt. Long jean skirts can be comfortable and modest to wear. Maybe they lack the sex appeal of a mini skirt, but they still aren't bad to wear.

Shoes With Jean Skirts.

Since jean skirts are casual, any number of casual shoes are fair game. The most common shoes with jean skirts are flip-flop/thong sandals. Second most common shoes are usually ballet flats. Sneakers with jean skirts aren't uncommon either. In fact, I usually seen some long jean skirts paired with sneakers or even boat shoes. Tall boots usually compliment short jean skirts. And if you're into the whole hidden wedge sneaker trend, feel free to go with wedge sneakers with your jean skirt(s).

--- Jean Skirts: Final Thoughts ---

Jean skirts are as casual and as wearable as any average pair of jeans or jean shorts. Denim mini skirts are the most popular and most common jean skirts of any kind being worn. Anyone who enjoys wearing denim bottoms as well as skirts should find something to love about jean skirts. What seems to be a dying style is long jean skirts. As much as long skirts are loved- especially maxi skirts, long jean skirts somehow are not liked as much these days. Denim divas should find something to love about various denim items- including jean skirts. As much as a girl loves a great-fitting pair of jeans, a girl should equally love a great-fitting jean skirt; and this especially applies to the girl who loves denim and loves a fun skirt. So respect the jean skirt as much as you [may] respect denim jeans in general.

--- Jean Skirts Online ---

Seeking your own jean skirt? I can help you since you're here! Use the items below to shop for some jean skirts if you're interested. Your cooperation would be appreciated, but your shopping here is completely voluntary. Almost all items featured here are meant for US Women's sizes unless otherwise specified by each source.

While the emphasis is on jean skirts, some of these items may pertain to denim skirts in general. The term I decided to use is "denim skirts" to provide more relevant items to this blog post. A key part of providing you these blog posts is in providing relevant material to accompany certain topics. So while this post has been about jean skirts, denim skirts provide the most relevant material for all of you in case you're interested shopping for items online. So please bear this in mind as you take a look at these items:

POPSUGAR Shopping (formerly ShopStyle).

Other Sources.

More jean skirts for you all from various sources:

denim skirts on Amazon
denim skirts (Women) on eBay
denim skirts on Shopbop
denim skirts on Neiman Marcus
denim skirts on Nordstrom
denim skirts on Overstock.com
denim skirts on Zappos.com

Happy shopping! Rock your jean skirts with pride! :)

This concludes another blog post of StyleSpace by JBM. What do you think about jean skirts? Thank you for reading!

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