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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


John Marine | 7:20 PM | | |
(UPDATED: August 23, 2013)

To some people, skorts are fake skirts. Think skirt + shorts when thinking of these bottoms. Today's skorts are unlike the popular ones of the '90s. Skorts are mostly either worn as active bottoms, as school uniform bottoms, and some even for basic casual outfits. Their appeal today is nothing like in the mid and late 1990s unless you're among the active set that wears active skorts. And for the most part, skorts are mostly and popularly worn by baby girls and children. This blog post here takes a look at skorts.


AUG 23 2013 - added another Cross Promotional blog post of mine

--- Skorts ---

A skort is a pair of shorts either with skirt-like panels or shorts simply hiding underneath a skirt. Many who dislike skirts say they are fake skirts. And in a sense, they are fake skirts. However, they offer a level of comfort and confidence that makes them good to wear.

Wearing a skort allows for one to enjoy wearing a skirt without the embarrassing aspect of offering any sort of unintended upskirt peeks. There is comfort in wearing skorts because you are covered as you wear them. You can comfortably bare your legs while still feeling confident wearing a skirt. Some are confident enough wearing skirts and dresses to begin with, but there is just that extra edge to wearing a skort. Some skorts can be ridiculously short to where you can almost feel like getting away with a scandalous mini skirt. I could remember in the late 1990s and early 2000s when I've seen some very short skirts that had shorts underneath so they could be covered. Prior to this, most skorts were primarily the kind of shorts that had a panel at the front to make them appear skirt-like at the front. Just having some of those really short skorts that had the shorts portion visible from the slits made you realize the wearer is still covered even though it looks like she is wearing a really short skirt.

For the daring types, skorts can be hot to wear since these bottoms can be scandalously short; but not short enough to be totally risqué. Remember that skorts are shorts hiding under a skirt. Wearing a skort (especially a short one) can give you a good opportunity to wear them with a sky high pair of heels or platforms. Or if you're wearing them for active purposes, skip the heels and platforms and wear some active shoes instead.

Here is a brief look at various styles of skorts now...

Uniform Skorts.

Girls in school wear skorts for schools that require uniforms. A usual skort has a skirt-like panel at the front or appear to be a full skirt all the way around. The panel of a traditional skort is usually fastened with a strap or a button on the front. The school uniform skort may either just be a pair of shorts with a front panel, or they may be a pair of shorts hiding underneath a fully-enclosed skirt. They are regardless a comfortable garment to wear for a schoolgirl.

Active Skorts.

In most sports and fitness functions by women, there are skirts worn that have compression shorts underneath. These active skorts allow females to enjoy the comfort of wearing a skirt while also being covered in their activities. They can commonly be seen in tennis. They could also be seen among runners and cyclists. Some female golfers wear skorts as well. I would probably argue the most fashionable skorts can be seen among golfers. Especially when you see some of the golf skorts offered, you'll note how stylish they can look as you're taking hacks on the golf course. Of the various styles of skorts, active skorts are perhaps the most daring because they are so short.

So now that you have a little insight on skorts, let's expand upon that with some pictures.

--- Skorts in Pictures ---

Let's take the discussion further and look at some skort pictures.

skort or scooter skirt
^ from: - Ask almost anyone about a skort, and something like this is what most people will immediately think of.

fashion skort
^ from: - Here is a fashionable skort to wear.

chic skort
^ from: - This is a chic take on the skort.

active skort
^ from: - This is a skort for active functions, such as tennis, running, cycling, and other functions. Such skorts allow you to enjoy your favorite sports while wearing a skirt.

American Apparel skort
^ from: - Some skorts can be scandalously short. Skorts this short can be very comfortable to wear if you lack the confidence to wear a proper mini skirt.

outdoors skort
^ from: - For outdoors types or for rugged fashions, an outdoors skort like this is ready to take on the day when you are.

golf skort
^ from: - Golf skorts can range from plain colors to those with multiple colors and designs. If you prefer golfing in a skirt, these skorts will compliment your style on the golf course to a tee.

So after seeing these skorts, it's safe to say there's a skort for almost anyone and for almost any taste. Skorts are for females ranging from babies and children all the way up to adults.

--- Skorts: Final Thoughts ---

There is no shame in wearing a skort unless you feel like you should wear a skirt or shorts- not both. Casual skorts haven't been trendy or stylish since the late 1990s. While they may not be trendy for casual wear these days, skorts for activewear are still a stylish and functional option. The ones who will love skorts the most are those who simply enjoy wearing a skirt for various functions. That even includes those who wish to partake in physical activities while wanting to wear a skirt. While a skort isn't a proper skirt, they are still every bit as functionable and wearable as any proper skirt. Granted a skort isn't as wearable as even the cutest or most flirty of skirts, they still are not completely off-limits to try to style them to some sort of degree. So don't be afraid or skittish on trying to style skorts.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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Reading these posts is optional. You're still very much making me happy by reading and interacting with my work.

--- Skorts Online ---

Thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM!" Treat yourself (or someone else) to a skort if you enjoyed your reading of this post. Most of what I will show here are mostly skorts. I was intending to find some Let me help you by providing these items:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

Other Sources.

Here are other places to get yourself (or someone else) a skort. Please note that each link features skorts for

skorts on Amazon
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skorts on Shopbop
skorts on

Happy shopping! :)

This blog post on skorts is now over. Are you liking or hating skorts? Have you your own memories of wearing skorts? Let's get some conversation going! Thank you for reading!

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