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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Proms and Prom Style

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Prom (short for "promenade") can be a great time for High School students. When the name of the game is looking and feeling great, prom does that for you. A girl wants to feel like a princess in a gorgeous prom dress. A guy wants to be handsome and sharp in a suit. No matter what, prom is a big fashion deal for some people in transitioning from High School to college. On "John's Blog Space," I discussed prom both in general and from a fashion standpoint. This blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM" exclusively discusses prom fashion. Here is a post regarding prom style.

Before I begin, congratulations to any and all of you who will be graduating from High School (if any of you will graduate from High School soon). I also welcome those of you who have had prom before, whether not too long ago or those who had prom LONG ago (for my older readers).

--- Prom Style ---

(taken from "Proms and Prom Style" from "John's Blog Space")
Proms are get-togethers featuring high school Juniors and Seniors in a nice ballroom dance deal. For some prom-goers, prom is like a symbol of social status for high schoolers about as much as Sweet Sixteen parties or Quinceañeras. Because of this, some feel prom is an excellent opportunity to express yourself and your style in ways never before imagined.

Some people tend to question the purpose of prom. A search across Yahoo! Answers notes that prom is a dance forum to help high School Juniors and Seniors build social values. Prom is sort of like the intermediary between transitioning from high school to college. Proms are also eventually the transition from being a teen to being an adolescent. Think of proms more like Coming-of-Age parties or débutante parties for grade schoolers looking to head up to college. For many high schoolers, however, it is more like a Sweet Sixteen party (or some other event where social status and significance play a high role).

Prom Fashion: Females.

Because prom can be a big deal from a fashion standpoint, nothing less than stylish is warranted. A girl wanting to wear a gorgeous dress is very much a major point for a girl heading to the prom. A major point for a guy is to look as dashing and as handsome as possible. The standpoint of prom dresses greatly vary for females. Such girls are still quite young, so age-appropriate dresses that are not overly mature is more than suitable. Girls may be disallowed from prom should they wear dresses that are too trashy, risqué, or anything like that.

Not every prom girl could properly and comfortably wear a beautiful and dainty dress. Not many can proudly wear a pair of heels to go with such lovely dresses. It does take a great deal of confidence to proudly wear such vibrant dresses to an event like a prom. When I've flipped through the pages of Seventeen Magazine as well as Teen Vogue Magazine, I often times see stylish prom dresses. Only rather than with some beautiful pumps or beautiful sandals, some wear some lace-up booties or something. I've even seen Goth prom dresses paired with fishnet tights and combat boots. So for girls heading to the prom, let your own personal style shine. Only that this stage is a big one for you if you think dressing up for prom is make-or-break for you and how you are accepted by your peers.

Prom Fashion: Males.

I am not sure about prom being a big social deal for us males. All I do know is... guys, time to step your game up. Time for you to be that dashing and charming fellow willing to sweep any girl off of her feet. Standard issue for male prom style are black tie looks. It's all about sharp suits, sharp looks, and swagger. This is where wearing something like a suit or a tuxedo will do just fine for prom.

With this all said, prom is all about rocking your style and having that swagger. That swagger depends for both males and females. How about we delve further into prom fashion?

--- Prom Style in Pictures ---

I will mostly discuss prom dresses here. So feel free to take a look at these items:

prom dress
^ from: - Let your inner princess shine in a prom dress that is as beautiful as you are.

elegant prom dress
^ from: - It's okay to be daring for your prom attire. Just be careful not to be TOO daring.

short prom dress
^ from: - A short prom dress makes just as much of a statement as a longer dress.

vibant prom dress
^ from: - If you want to make a statement at the prom, say it with a vibrant and color dress like this one.

cocktail dress prom
^ from: - A cocktail dress is both fun and flirty to wear, even for prom.

Prom dresses are the norm for females. For males, you're looking at either tuxedos or some other very classy black tie outfits.

--- Prom Style: Final Thoughts ---

I have never had a prom as part of my school experience. So I can't speak with any sort of experience. All I know is that all of you who are or have experienced prom- enjoy it. Enjoy the experience, enjoy the dressing up, and enjoy feeling in control. You earned this occasion as much as you earned graduating from High School. From a fashion standpoint, this is a chance for you to enjoy feeling in some sort of control and feeling important. What you wear should be as expressive and as fun as you are. While prom is a fun occasion, one should also note you are still a teenager- so dress appropriately to avoid being excluded from prom festivities. Don't wear any such dresses or other outfits either too risqué or offensive for prom. Prom should be fun and expressive, but never to the point of feeling too mature for your age. So go have fun at prom already!

One last time... I'd like to congratulate everyone who will be graduating soon. If you're going to participate in prom, I hope you enjoy the experience. Congratulations on a job well done.

Cross-Promotion and Other Reading.

This post discussed prom fashion. To read my original post on prom fashion as well as proms themselves, please visit this post in my main blog:

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--- Prom Style: Resources ---

Need some help in regards to finding prom dresses or how to style them? Please read some of these resources from around the Internet that I was able to find for you. More may be added if I am able to edit this post more in the future.

Teen Vogue Prom
"Prom Ideas - Hair Makeup and Dress Inspiration for Prom" (Seventeen)
"Top 10 Prom Looks For Guys!" (Teen Vogue)
"How to Dress for Prom - A Young Man's Guide to Formal Menswear" (
"GQ Prom Guide - What to Wear to Prom for Guys: Wear It Now" (GQ)

Thank you for visiting! I will try to add more resources if I can find some more that would greatly help my audience.

--- Prom Fashion Online ---

Time to look around online for prom gear! I will focus mostly on prom dresses for females and formal suits for males.

POPSUGAR Shopping (formerly ShopStyle).

Other Sources.

More material for you prom going folk are featured here. All featured material here are meant for US Women's sizes and US Men's sizes. Some links may feature items not relevant to this topic:

prom dresses on Amazon and male prom fashion on Amazon
prom dresses on eBay and male prom fashion on eBay
prom dresses on Shopbop (evening/cocktail dresses link)
prom dresses on Neiman Marcus
prom dresses on Nordstrom and male prom fashion on Nordstrom
prom dresses on
prom fashions on

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I agonized over what to wear to my prom - or 'formal' as we call them in Australia. I ended up with classic red, and even 10 years on I still love the dress! xx

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Stunning examples of dresses.



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