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ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort

(UPDATED: August 21, 2013)

The most popular skort I've seen in pictures is from ZARA. What is a skort? It is a skirt with shorts hiding underneath or shorts covered with skirt-like panels. The asymmetrical wrap skort from ZARA is one of the most popular skorts today, as I've seen bloggers and LOOKBOOK users wear it. Trendy items get attention. So for this installment of "Love or Loathe?", I'm talking about the popular ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort (and perhaps even any knockoffs of this skort).

This blog post is about the ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort. While there may be some knockoffs of this skort (like from Sheinside), I mostly will feature this popular ZARA skort. This is the second-ever item I've focused on from ZARA in my blogging (the "I Basic" sandals was the first item I blogged about from ZARA).


AUG 21 2013 - added extra inspirations; added personal note

Personal Note...

I would like to thank all of you for making this post popular! In addition to the content here, I went ahead and added some more blogging inspirations to this post to show you more bloggers wearing this popular skort. Please note that these may or may not be the ZARA skort I will make mention to in this blog post. Some, for example, may be from knock-off brands. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this blog post.

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--- ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort ---

Here is a look at the skort I will chat about here:

ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort front
^ from: www.zara.net - This is the skort of the hour- the ZARA asymmetrcal wrap skort from the front.

ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort rear
^ from: www.zara.net - This picture shows the ZARA asymmetrical wrap skort from the rear.

Most skorts are seen as only good for schoolgirls. Some even consider skorts to be fake skirts. Consider this "fake skirt" one of the more popular skorts today. Skorts have come back as this sort of '90s revival.

What makes the ZARA asymmetrical wrap skort trendy? For one thing, skorts can be tremendously notorious for their mini skirt looks. They are about as close as one can get to wearing a scandalous short skirt while still being covered. This skort from ZARA is one of the trendiest ones to date. Just take a look at the front of this skort. Up the center part of the skort, can the front be any more scandalous? It is almost as if this is a super-short skirt you can get away with wearing. Of course, this is a skort- so you don't have to worry about any embarrassing upskirt moments or fear of not being covered. The most popular color for this skort is white, but it is also offered in black. I don't know what sizes are offered for it, but I haven't seen this skort being worn on any plus-sized women, nor do I think it is offered in any plus sizes that I am aware of.

So you're now briefed on this skort. Now you know what all the buzz is about.

--- ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort on Internet ---

Bloggers have sported this skort. Who, though? Here are a few inspirations (NOTE: some links may feature knockoffs of the skort):

"Palms" (Miss Danbee) « white ZARA skort with a black/green top.
"Day in All White" (AikA's Love Closet) « a white outfit with the skort.
"Parrots, Origami and Anti-Gravity" (Kesly's Tales) « a classy cute look with the skort in black (from CLOTH INC.).

--- Knockoffs ---
(ADDED: August 21, 2013)
Cats Attack - Firmoo Review (Fashion) « the same style skort (from Choies) with a T-shirt and high-heel sandals.
"Into B&W" (Nany's Klozet) « the ZARA skort with a black and white outfit (from SheInside).

"ZARA Skort" on LOOKBOOK « looks featuring the ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort.

Those are only a few examples of this popular skort being worn.

--- ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort: My Thoughts ---

One of the most appealing aspects of most fashions is illusion. While this skort may not have the sort of appeal as mini skirt-like skorts that I've been mostly fond of, this is still a very nice skort to wear. There is no shame in wearing a skort in my view- not even this one. That is, unless you think they are fake skirts or that this skort just isn't all that appealing as bloggers have made it. The ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort has to have something appealing to it if you see it being worn by fashion communities and fashion bloggers. If you dislike skorts, then just pretend it's a pair of short shorts that somehow looks like a skirt up front. Either way, I am very okay with this skort.

Love or loathe? My call: Love.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here is the only other material I can offer you on this topic:

"Skorts" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ Want to know more about skorts? My blog post on skorts is in this post. It also contains a link to my original post on skorts on "John's Blog Space."

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and my thoughts on this popular skort.

--- ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort Online ---

If you want your own ZARA skort, here are some links to help you score your own ZARA asymmetrical wrap skort. I don't have any figures on this skort, so you'll have to look around elsewhere for figures on this skort:

ZARA (official page)

ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort (ZARA United States)
ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort (ZARA Canada)
ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort (ZARA United Kingdom)

I hope this helps you all out.

So what do you think about the ZARA Asymmetrical Wrap Skort? Bloggers and other fashionistas are wearing this skort, so do you think they are stylish enough? Please feel free to comment and thank you for reading!

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I'm not a huge fan of skorts, but I do like the asymmetry of this one.



Huh, so that's what I've been seeing all over fashion blogs lately! I think this skort is pretty cool. While I wouldn't wear it myself, it makes for a trendy piece in an edgy outfit.
Skorts, thought, on the other hand used to be my favorite thing ever. They're much more practical than skirts, but you usually can't find good ones (they're more for younger kids). Instead, I just wear spandex or soffees underneath my skirts and dresses, because it's always good to be prepared for a huge gust of wind or something haha!

Btw, thanks so much for your kind words on my latest posts. It means a lot.



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