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Friday, May 3, 2013

Cropped Pants

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(UPDATED: May 23, 2013)

Cropped pants offer you the chance to show some ankles and some calves. They come in the form of either capris, capri leggings, actual short pants, and even full-length pants rolled up or cuffed. These pants still offer a happy medium between shorts and pants. Cropped jeans offer the same appeal from a denim standpoint. If you like showing some leg and some ankles, I'm sure you'll enjoy this blog post on cropped pants.

I will define cropped pants as pants that fall anywhere between below the knees and above the ankles.


MAY 23 2013 - added extra section

--- Cropped Pants ---

Cropped jeans and pants offer the covered comfort of pants while also offering some of the loose comfort of shorts. I first seen capris become trendy mostly in the late 1990s. However, capris were first popular around... I want to say the 1960s. These are fun and feminine pants offering open-air comfort for your legs. You're free to show some leg and some ankles with these cropped jeans and cropped pants.

A pair of cropped pants are usually paired with a number of different shoes. Most commonly are a pair of sandals. I've always liked the combination of cropped pants with platform shoes or platform wedge shoes. At one point in the mid-2000s with the surfacing of gaucho pants, there was the look of wearing tall boots with a pair of cropped jeans and cropped pants for a tucked-in look. This was cool until the trend switched to actually tucking jeans into boots. The kind of boots differ, but jeans with cropped pants isn't usually a nice-looking combination. Some even argue that wearing cropped pants with booties or short boots makes you look stumpy.

So if you want to enjoy some open-air comfort but don't exactly fancy shorts, then cropped pants may be just be for you.

Cropped Pants and Petites.

(ADDED: May 23, 2013)
The appeal of cropped pants is very understandable for average-size and plus-size females. For petites, however, there is the risk of cropped pants making petite women look even shorter. Can petites wear cropped pants? Sure. Some may work for petites, and others may not. One video I saw long ago noted gaucho pants as being a great pants alternative to skirts since gaucho pants are skirt-like. I'll talk more about gaucho pants later in this post.

Petites whom have attempted to wear cropped pants will be featured with these links below. They show petites wearing cropped pants. Here is a little insight from petites in cropped pants:

"Polkadots + Ruffles" (Stylish Petite) « cropped pants on a 5'0" petite.
"Polka Dot Blouse" (Lucky Loves) « cropped boyfriend jeans.
"SATURDAY HIKING" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « active capri leggings worn by a petite.

I edited this section after thinking about what a loyal reader addressed to me in a comment regarding cropped pants and petites. I hope you petites found this extra section I've included to be useful. I also may hope that I've given you petites a little confidence in wearing cropped pants.

--- Cropped Pants Examples ---

Here are a bunch of examples of cropped pants. The pictures are provided for educational purposes:

Capris and Cropped Jeans/Pants.

capri jeans
^ from: - Nothing like the pedal-pushing capri pants and capri jeans.

capri pants
^ from: - Capri pants.

No matter what material they are made from, there is nothing like a pair of capris. They can be paired with any number of shoes, sandals, sneakers, or certain boots. Anything from ballet flats to platform wedge sandals can compliment a pair of cropped pants. In the case of cropped jeans, I always sort of found cropped, cuffed jeans to be cute. The most popular cropped jeans these days are cropped boyfriend jeans. As some of you may know, I just am not into the boyfriend style. Not at all excited or enticed. However, it is of great relevance I make mention to various cropped jeans and cropped pants.

Capri Leggings.

capri leggings
^ from: - A regular pair of capri leggings.

active leggings
^ from: - Active leggings, such as these capri leggings, are sporty and stylish for active types.

Slim leggings are fun to wear whether casually or for active usage. The form-fitting nature of capri leggings can make them more than suitable for active usage. Even a simple pair of capri leggings will look good with any number of shoes. A simple pair of ballet flats or flip-flop/thong sandals is fairly basic to go with some capri leggings. If you're feeling a bit more hot, try a foxy pair of platform high-heel pumps to go with some capri leggings!

Cropped Sweatpants.

cropped sweatpants
^ from: - Get sporty cute with a pair of cropped sweatpants.

Another pair of cropped active bottoms are cropped sweatpants. Sweatpants usually note active style. Cropped sweatpants are no different. These shorter sweatpants basically are for those who prefer wearing sweatpants while also showing some calves or some ankles.

Gaucho Pants and Culotte Pants.

gaucho pants
^ from: - These skirt-like pants usually extend somewhere between below the knees or about mid-calf.

The split skirts made popular in the mid-2000s are the ever popular gaucho pants. While they have long fizzled out as a trend, these cropped pants are still every bit the stylish divided skirts for when they were trendy. They are still worn and still look nice on females. I still think of these as cropped skirts because of their fluid and flowy legs. Most gaucho pants go fairly below the knees while some go down to about mid-calf. For those who protest against gaucho pants, their primary complaint against these pants is how unflattering they make one's butt look. But on the other hand, they are immensely comfortable and stylish. The "big butt" look of gaucho pants make them somewhat of a guilty pleasure to see and wear.

Are you fond of cropped jeans and cropped pants? This section probably spurred your interest.

--- Cropped Pants: Final Thoughts ---

If you want to enjoy both shorts and pants at once, go no further than with cropped pants. These are great to wear ranging from casual days to some semi-formal outings. Those wanting to show off some stylish shoes or some ankles are free to do so with a stylish and chic pair of cropped jeans or cropped pants.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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What do you think about cropped pants? You're welcome to comment.

--- Cropped Pants Online ---

Ready to show off your ankles with a nice pair of cropped pants? Here are some cropped jeans and cropped pants

POPSUGAR Shopping.

Because of PC/online troubles I've faced recently, I will add more sources for you all to shop for cropped pants in future edits to this post. Here are some other items for you for now:

cropped pants on Amazon
cropped pants on eBay
cropped pants on Shopbop
cropped pants on Neiman Marcus
cropped pants on Nordstrom
cropped pants on Zappos

Happy shopping (if doing any)! :)

Cropped pants- love or loathe them? Thank you for reading this post of "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"

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John Marine said...

I'm not a huge fan of cropped pants. Because I'm so petite, I find they make me look shorter. That said, I have worn various styles of cropped pants in the past. Fitted or boyfriend denim with some form of heel is the most flattering for me, but then I lose the comfort and casualness of flats.

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