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Shift Dresses

It is a 1960s revival as shift dresses have become very trendy lately. These ladylike dresses are fun and charming. Most shift dresses are usually mid-length and with a very feminine shape. I honestly don't know how best to explain these dresses for this post, but I will definitely try. My main goal here is just to explain and discuss shift dresses. So welcome to "StyleSpace by JBM" and another blog post of mine!

--- Shift Dresses ---

Get to know the shift dress:

shift dress
^ from: www.amazon.com - This is a shift dress from Tracy Reese.

silk shift dress
^ from: www.shopbop.com - A sky blue shift dress.

As a re-emerging trend of the 1960s, shift dresses are the new stylish dresses to wear. These are mostly form-fitting dresses that mostly hit just above the knees. Their fun and flattering style make them every bit as stylish in this day and age as they were back then. Shift dresses are all about ladylike charm in flattering and stylish mid-length dresses.

The footwear to go best with these dresses would be any number of pumps, classy sandals, chic boots, and footwear like those. Jackets, blazers, and vests are great compliments to a shift dress. These are some classy dresses to wear. So therefore, I would stay away from anything real casual with shift dresses. So if it were up to me, I'd leave behind the combat boots, the Converses, even anything denim.

If you want some insight on shift dresses better than what I've provided, here are some links for you to take a look at to learn more about shift dresses:
Shift Dresses (Who What Wear)
"Trend of Shift Dresses is Back" (GetIt Fashion and Accessories)
"Trend Alert! The Season's Shift Dress" (4340 Agnes and Company)

I usually don't offer resources this early, but anything to help you all.

--- Shift Dresses Around the Internet ---

Here are some ladies wearing some shift dresses.

"Shift Dress, Finally!! ~ Today's Look #38" (My Unfinished Life) « a blue shift dress with gray polka dots.
"Shift Dress in Bright Print for Day to Evening Wear ~ Today's Look # 42" (My Unfinished Life) « a floral shift dress.
"H&M Trend Navy Pleat Shift Dress" (Stylish Petite) « a white shift dress with blue accents.
"Neon Edge" (Style Cassentials) « coral shift dress.

"shift dress" outfits on LOOKBOOK

If you have any shift dress looks you want to share with me, feel free to contact me any way you can. I may feature your blog post here in this post to better educate and entertain my readers.

--- Shift Dresses: Final Thoughts ---

Shift dresses are very stylish short dresses to wear. Their flow and shape make them fun to wear and are very classy in their style.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I forgot to post proper final thoughts! I got too carried away and posted without looking back on my work! ALWAYS look back on what you type before posting!

--- Shift Dresses Online ---

Are you interested in shopping for shift dresses? These items below will help you. Please help yourself to any item(s) you see that you like here. Take a look:

shift dresses on Amazon
shift dresses on eBay
shift dresses on Shopbop
shift dresses on Neiman Marcus
shift dresses on Nordstrom
shift dresses on Overstock.com
shift dresses on Zappos

I've tried my best to bring shift dresses to light. What do you think about shift dresses? Make sure you follow my Facebook fan page and my Twitter feed to keep up with all of the various updates about me and my online work. Thank you for reading!

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Love shift dresses. Very comfortable and flattering because they skim but body but aren't super fitted. Thanks for including one of my looks! :-)



I am in love with shift dresses! They are so mod-chic and flattering! Hell, I loved most styles from the 1960's!




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