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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flower Crowns and Flower Headbands

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Flowers suggest purity and beauty. Crowns suggest royalty and status. So how do you describe flower crowns? Floral crowns have been the rage among fashion bloggers and various users on fashion communities like LOOKBOOK. If you think every girl is her own princess, then floral crowns suggest purity and royalty. Or for those who can't stand floral crowns, they represent an annoying extension of Bohemian chic. What do I make of floral crowns? I'm here to offer my own views here on "StyleSpace by JBM" with this "Love or Loathe?" post.

To add diversity, I decided to make mention of floral crowns as well as floral headbands. So please enjoy this post.

Here is some video insight on the kind of item I will be debating and commenting on in this blog post. Check it out (or click on the link to view on YouTube):

^ "LEAF: Rose Flower Crown with Cult Gala"

Up now is a look at floral crowns and floral headbands online. Continue on below.

--- Floral Crowns and Floral Headbands Around the Internet ---

Let me give some insight on floral crowns. How fitting is it that the first blog I want to feature is from a girl named after a kind of flower? My blogging friend Lily of "Burst of Color" is one of different bloggers I will use to showcase floral crowns:

"Palette of Pastels" (Burst of Color) « floral headband.
"LAVENDER" (Art in Our Blood) « floral crown.
"Little White Dress" (.a little princess.) « flower crown.
"Flourish" (REINVENT YOURSELF) « multicolored floral crown.
"This Close to a Goddess" (Pretty Ingenious) « floral crown. with a divine outfit.

Now that you've seen floral crowns, it's time for me to share my thoughts on floral crowns.

--- Floral Crowns and Floral Headbands: My Thoughts ---

I find nothing wrong with floral crowns. Unless you're one of the types who don't like flowers or think floral crowns are too girly and too dainty, I am very much fond of them. At least I'd rather see a peaceful and beautiful trend like floral crown than see yet another super-tough, skull-crazy outfit... as if there is tough and hard is the ONLY fashion way to go. I find natural and beautiful in floral crowns and headbands. I see divinity and purity in these floral crowns and headbands. In no way do I see floral headbands and floral crowns as tacky or pointless. I don't see them as anything ugly or tacky. With a nice outfit, a floral crown or a floral headband will only enhance your beauty. They do seem a bit more towards models than for fashionistas, but they do make nice head accessories for the fashionable girl.

So proudly wear your floral crowns and floral headbands. Blossom as beautifully as the floral crowns or floral headbands you wear.


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Hope you enjoyed this post and my others.

What do you think about floral crowns? I made my own ideas... make your own opinions if you so please! Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Love the idea of floral crowns



Perfect dress

John Marine said...

I plan on wearing a floral crown for my bohemian wedding. I think they are just lovely.


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