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Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorite Outfits from Bloggers

John Marine | 11:41 AM | |
Favorite posts from fashion bloggers I follow will be featured in this blog post. Following so many different blogs has given me the chance to note favorite posts. I will try to show some love to various fashion bloggers with this post. This is a favorites blog post, so recent or old doesn't matter as far as which outfits I select to represent each featured blogger. The main point is to showcase favorite looks of mine from blogs I follow. I hope you get to enjoy what I've selected here.

I want to say hello to all bloggers whom I may make mention to here. While this is a favorites post of mine, some posts may have had pictures deleted, or I may not have been able to access certain blogs. So I have to say this is a rather incomplete post regarding some of my favorite posts from some of the many fashion bloggers I follow.

--- Favorite Outfits From Bloggers ---

Some outfits and posts are among some of my favorites of theirs. This blog post highlights on some of my favorites from various bloggers. Here is my chance to pay respect to various bloggers while also talking about some of my favorite looks of theirs. You may see one post or more than one post from each featured blogger. I get the chance to pay respect to these bloggers by talking about some of my favorite outfits of theirs.

• (blog name)
(link to post)

So let's go! The items listed are in no particular order. This is not a list in some sort of order or follow any sort of theme.

• Principessa Gabriella
I will begin with my blogging friend, Gabriella of "Principessa Gabriella." Many of her outfit posts are mostly one post featuring multiple outfits. This one I selected showcases this Pennsylvanian princess beauty very well with a nice outfit. This outfit post is one of my favorites of this lovely lady:
"Valentine Sweethearts! Fashion & Baking!" (Principessa Gabriella)

• tuolomee
"tuolomee" and one of my favorite looks of its creator, Tiffany. I think she is a lovely lady with unique style. This photo shoot showcases her in a gorgeous short dress along with some lovely hair of hers. Have a look at this American-Belizean beauty from California:
"heather gildroy (part 1). (Tuolomee) « a coral dress with lacy white accents.

Karla Deras is the creator of one of the most popular fashion blogs online- KARLA'S CLOSET. She's been blogging for quite some time and featured a whole lot of looks. I slowly began to admire her style in my early times on Blogger/Blogspot. Today, I admire her loveliness with her short, messy curly hair. This post is one of my favorite outfits of hers:
Princess (KARLA'S CLOSET) « an ombre white/blue dress.
"Roman Luxe x Revolve Party" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « Karla in a gorgeous white formal dress.

• Little Petite
The California loving continues as I feature Arizona-based Californian Adriana. This petite boasts a beautiful smile and gorgeous hair. One of my favorite posts of hers can be seen here:
"High-low minty dress" (Little Petite) « a patterned high-low/mullet dress.

• tiny sailor
Most memorable to me regarding Niki of "tiny sailor" was a post where she wore an old prom dress she modified herself. What gets me even to this day is the pair of shoes she paired the dress with. The end result was an outfit surprisingly stylish to me.
"seventies prom dress." on tiny sailor « a re-worked prom dress with lace-up booties.

• Curvy Girl Chic
Allison is the beautiful lady behind "Curvy Girl Chic." As the name of the blog suggests, Allison is a curvy girl. This curvy Asian girl has one of the cutest smiles and one of the cutest faces of any fashion blogger I follow. I would have to say this is one of my favorite looks Allison has ever posted in her blog:
"Neon Colorblock" (Curvy Girl Chic) « a neon maxi skirt.

• Curves Ahead
You know you're pretty sweet if you're named Candy. Candy is not only her name, but how sweet she and her style are. She is the founder of the "Fancy Steps" clothing line. Following her blog for some time, here are a few favorite outfits of mine from the Californian:
"Everyday Should be Sunday" (Curves Ahead) « a blue top and a blue skirt, paired with various neon yellow accents.
"Mint Craze" (Curves Ahead) « a mint-crazy beauty post.
"Curves Ahead Goes Red With Macy's LLBLOG" (Curves Ahead) « (Honorable Mention!) a red sleeveless dress worn for charity.

• Style 4 Curves
I don't know too many people from Mississippi. I do know one thing, though- Venessia of "Style 4 Curves" is a lovely lady. This outfit is among one of my favorites of this fashionista:
"Bishie Chrissi Boutique- A Review" (Style 4 Curves) « a vibrant, short yellow dress.

• Burst of Color
When Lily adds to her positive and colorful "Burst of Color" blog, she showcases some colorful and expressive looks. She is one of the most positive and upbeat persons in all of blogging. So allow me to showcase a bit of her style here on "StyleSpace by JBM." I chose one of her outfits as one of my favorites of hers. This post I will showcase from Lily is one of my favorites:
Lace and Leather (Burst of Color)

• indie.electronic.alternative.
From the cuteness of Lily to the wildness of Danielle, it's time to check out "indie.electronic.alternative." This is one of my favorite looks of hers. Let's say she channels her groovy side while also baring her amazing-looking body:
she's got flare (indie.electronic.alternative) « NOTE: the post I initially planned to feature had its pictures removed, so I picked this one instead.

• keiko lynn
The stylish Keiko Lynn does not give into trends. She defines her own style in her own unique way. She has her own fashion line called Postlapsaria. This look I selected is a favorite of mine which shares some of her unique style as well as her love of animals:
"Love and Kitty Cats (and Miku)" (keiko lynn)

• Maytedoll
Meet Mayte. This lady is vastly inspired by the Kardashian sisters for fashion. In fact, she was even featured online from the Kardashian sisters. Here are a few favorites of mine from this beautiful lady:
"Pink for Valentine's Day." (Maytedoll) « beautiful cut out blouse and wide-leg pants.
"Bringing the Wide Leg Pants Back." (Maytedoll) « blouse, wide-leg pants, and platform pumps.

• Sydney's Fashion Diary
I respect Sydney for her keep it real style. Formerly "PetiteLittleGirl," this lovely lady showcases unique and charming style. Here are some posts I selected as one of my favorites of hers:
"Spots and Dots" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « polka dot dress.

• Stylish Petite
Annie of "Stylish Petite" is a gorgeous lady. Her outfit posts encompass both professional and casual fashions. The style this Vietnamese beauty possesses is much greater than her 5'0" size. I chose two outfits as favorites. Though she is mostly a skirt and dress girl, I also found a non-skirt or non-dress outfit that I think looks great. Allow me to showcase Annie's allure here:
"J. Crew Boucle and Ruffle Blouse" (Stylish Petite) « ruffle blouse and tweed dress.
"Ferragamo Gancini Reversible Belt and Cognac Boots" (Stylish Petite) « blazer, blouse jeans, and boots.

• I am Khatu
Khatu is 4'11", but that doesn't stop this Vietnamese beauty from wearing beautiful outfits. I chose this casual type outfit as one of my favorites of hers. A coat and some flared white jeans can equal a stylish look. See for yourself:
"I Love you, but" (I am Khatu) « coat, sweater, top, and white flare jeans.
"Reworked - Part II" (I am Khatu) and "Be Right Back" (I am Khatu) « (both links) a boldy colored maxi dress reworked for her body.

• Always Maylee
The "maylee" (Mandarin for "beautiful") beauty behind "Always Maylee" is Yi-Chia. Her looks are mostly casual and almost always include something with polka dots, stripes, or any combination of the two. I chose this outfit as one of my favorites of hers. Even though polka dots and/or stripes are her go-to details, this one is a bit different. So have a look and see just how "maylee" Yi-Chia is:
"A Floral Dress Review" (Always Maylee) « floral dress with peep-toe wedge espadrilles.

• cute and little (Honorable Mention!)
Though no longer blogging, Dallas girl Kileen (pronounced "kai-leen") is a petite lady with very nice style. She's very creative. Kileen is usually known for her "Color Brigade" posts, whereas she showcases certain looks focused entirely on colors. Here are two different looks showcasing this Taiwanese petite and her range of style:
"Light as Air" (cute and little) « airy maxi dress.

• She Said He Said
One of my most recent favorite blogs is "She Said He Said." Most of the posts regard the looks of the beautiful Chelsea. What makes the blog unique with outfit posts is how Chelsea and her boyfriend feel about certain shared looks. For example, Chelsea (the "she," obviously) talks about her outfit, and then her boyfriend shares his own views on her outfit. This blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM" is about outfits, so these are a few of my favorites of her looks:
Fast Cars and Freedom (She Said He Said) « denim shirt, mini skirt, and tall boots.
Chambray on Denim (She Said He Said) « FUN FACT: this was the first recent post when I first followed this blog.

• Sara's Sweet Style
Hailing from San Diego, CA, USA; Sara is a very lovely blogger. She has an angelic face and some lovely hair. Her style is very diverse. Allow me to share you this post of this beautiful lady named Sarah:
"Peplum Princess" (Sara's Sweet Style) « a peplum skirt paired with a blouse.

• Style Cassentials
Recently, I've encountered Cassandra and her blog, "Style Cassentials." In an update to my "Sweet Petite!" blog post here on StyleSpace by JBM, Cassandra is a beautiful petite woman from the Midwest. I've chosen this as one of my favorite looks of hers since first discovering this blog:
Feminine Suiting (Style Cassentials) « polka dot blouse with wide-leg pants.

• Nany's Klozet
Daniela (or "Nany") is really one of the most fashionable and beautiful ladies in the blogosphere. This Venezuelan presents herself with her beautiful smile, lovely hair, and very diverse style. One of my favorite outfits of hers is featured with the link below:
"Streetstyle-ING in NYC!" (Nany's Klozet) « maxi skirt with sheer panels.

• Cupcake's Clothes
Georgina's style can be defined as cute and sometimes whimsical. This plus-sized British beauty really has fun with fashion and almost never fails providing eye-catching and warm outfits. I'd say she's the most imaginative and lighthearted when it comes to fashion. This post is an example of her cute style:
OOTD: Lolita Strawberry (Cupcake's Clothes) « a cute and creative dress outfit along with a cardigan

• Fashion by Ania and Klaudia
Ania can show her style casually or in lovely dresses. This post I selected is an example of her loveliness. She blew me away when I first saw this on LOOKBOOK:
"Happy Valentine's Day" (Fashion by Ania and Klaudia) « red skater dress.
"Enchanted" (Fashion by Ania and Klaudia) « a gorgeous light pink formal dress.

• Kolorowa Dusza
I've encountered many Polish fashion bloggers when I joined LOOKBOOK. One of them is Gabriela of "Kolorowa Dusza." Her looks are angelic from her long hair, to her sparkly eyes, to her sweet smile. If you have never seen her looks or her blogs, I think you are in for a treat. I had a hard time choosing which post to feature among her many lovely posts. So here is one post showcasing just how beautiful Gabriela is:
"Valentine's Day" (Kolorowa Dusza) « a mustard skirt paired with a lace top and lacy lace-up booties.
"Roses" (Kolorowa Dusza) « a floral dress with wedge sandals; chocolate brown hair.

• Glam and Fab Chameleon
Jelena of "Glam and Fab Chameleon" is a fashion blogger whom has beautiful style. Unlike a lot of other fashion bloggers, most of Greek-based Serbian's outfits are more about color than specific pieces featured. She's had a number of great outfits since I first followed her blog. Here are some of my favorite posts of hers:
Athens III Day (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « a skirt outfit with bedazzling peep-toe pumps.
new look: burgundy on the roof (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « lovely flared burgundy pants.
"new look: Happy birthday Candy girl" (Glam and Fab Chameleon) « a pastel-colored outfit centered around a lovely dress.

• My Silk Fairytale
I've followed "My Silk Fairytale" for a long while. Alina is a beautiful lady from Romania. She has one of the most diverse array of styles of any fashion blogger I follow. Alina has styles ranging from edgy, to tough, to girly, to chic, to casual, to classy... she is someone comfortable wearing a gorgeously chic outfit as much as she is in shorts and sneakers. Alina could wear something chic in one outfit, then go with something that has studs or skulls. She's absolutely diverse. I chose this one as one of my favorites of Alina:
"Badabing Badaboom" (My Silk Fairytale) « a top and skirt look with some hot heels and a lovely necklace.

• My Blonde Gal
Olga is a beautiful lady with a great sense of style. This sweet-faced beauty from Russia has beautiful style, and I came to appreciate her style by seeing her LOOKBOOK page. One of the first looks of hers I admired was a beautiful blue outfit she put together. Two more outfits included two beautiful dresses. Here are samples of her beauty:
"B is for Blair" (My Blonde Gal) « a stylish and preppy outfit.
"Berlin Blue" (My Blonde Gal) « a vibrant blue dress.
"Beautiful in white" (My Blonde Gal) « a gorgeous white dress.
"Texas Mood" (My Blonde Gal) (Honorable Mention!) « a "Texas" look from her.

• Lucky Loves
Laiqah (better known as "Lucky") is a lovely fashion blogger from South Africa. She has such a cute face and cute hair.
"Stone Camel" (Lucky Loves) « hat, camel blazer, and flare jeans.

• Aibina's Blog
I didn't know Central Asia has beautiful ladies. One of those beauties is Aibina of "Aibina's Blog." Aibina is from the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan. This Kazakh lady has style that is either playful, stylish, or casual. What you will see is some of my favorite outfits of hers:
"The golden dress" (Aibina's Blog) « a golden gown.
"Prom. Part 1" (Aibina's Blog) and "Prom. Part 2" (Aibina's Blog) « (FIRST LINK) a lovely peplum dress with peep-toe pumps; (SECOND LINK) a lovely dress with some sparkly golden pumps.

• My Unfinished Life
Cool name for a blog, huh? The creator of this blog is also very cool. Sushmita was one of the first Indian fashion bloggers I've come across. I found this post to be one of my favorite looks of her. Take a look:
"Shift Dress in Bright Print for Day to Evening Wear ~ Today's Look # 42" (My Unifnished Life) « a floral shift dress worn for a special occasion.
"Accessorizing it Differently Part Deux - Today's Look #35" (My Unfinished Life) « palazzo pants with sleeveless top.

• Peko ♥ Poko
Her blog is fairly new. However, this Japanese blogger is a lovely lady named Saori. I want to salute her as one of my most recent blogging friends. So check her out here:
"Lookbook: Spring Pastels" (Peko ♥ Poko) « floral pants as part of a classy outfit.

• Wait Until the Sunset
This blogger named Olivia is from Australia. This plus-size Aussie has some cute style that she showcases in her blog. One of those looks can be seen here:
"Brand Spotlights: eShakti Review" (WaitUntilTheSunset) « dress paired with a cardigan, leggings, and espadrilles.

• Camille Tries to Blog (non Blogger/Blogspot)
After seeing her on LOOKBOOK, Camille is a beautiful Chinese lady from the Philippines. Her outfits range from casual to classy. I'd say the one I chose to feature her is in the "sexy" category. Here is one of my favorite looks from the beautiful Camille. And I got to warn you- this one is hot:
I'll Take You to the Candy Shop (Camille Tries to Blog) « a hot mini dress paired with some high heel pumps.

• Lynne Gabriel (non-Blogger/Blogspot)
When I was first introduced to Lynne Gabriel via Twitter, I became interested in her blog. She has so many lovely looks that it's hard to pick just one. Needless to say, she is one of the most beautiful bloggers online. You may agree with me after you see this post I chose to represent this beautiful Filipino beauty:
"Whimsically Me!" (Lynne Gabriel) « a pretty dress with pearly accents and cute wedges.

See what happens when you try to follow blogs from people worldwide?

--- Final Thoughts ---

I have always admired and celebrated having an international presence. I feel that when you meet people from around the world whom follow a similar trade or interest, you begin to feel part of a culture bigger than that interest or trade. You may often times see some of the same people comment on blogs, LOOKBOOK posts, and other forms of fashion media online. Does it mean that we live in a small fashion world? No- it just means we are all part of a worldwide network where we all share the same interest of fashion. No matter where your specific fashion interests lie, one thing is for certain- you love fashion and have a certain love of fashion. Do not be afraid to go out and meet other people who share the same love and interest of anything you are highly interested in. Especially with the bloggers I made mention to, it is even more assuring knowing that there are people (literally) worldwide who also love the same things you do. I always try to infuse a worldwide presence with everything I feature.

Just because there are certain blogs I didn't feature does not mean I dislike certain blogs. I just posted certain favorite posts from some of the many different blogs I follow. And yes- my commentary of certain blogs I mentioned are completely honest.

This concludes my blog post celebrating and honoring certain fashion bloggers. I may add a few more to share some favorites. Enjoy the ones I've posted and mentioned for now. Thank you for reading!

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Great post John! I love seeing the links to different bloggers, some of whom I follow, others about whom I am just learning. Thanks for sharing one of my posts!


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