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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dress Appreciation

John Marine | 8:34 PM | | |
Some females know a beautiful dress when they see and wear one. Dresses can be both charming and alluring to those who wear them. Airy dresses can be comfortable to wear in embracing warm weather. Glamourous dresses can make any female feel like a princess or a queen. Slim dresses provide sexy appeal to those who wear them. Various casual dresses can help to make one feel comfortable and beautiful. Dresses mean many things style-wise to many females. Not every female can properly wear or enjoy wearing dresses. For those who can certainly wear and enjoy them, there's no better feeling than wearing a dress.

This blog post is a celebration of and appreciation of dresses. Welcome to my fashion blog- "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine." It is a non-traditional fashion blog that is about anything and everything fashion related. It even includes non-traditional topics, such as this post showing appreciation for dresses.

--- Why I Love Dresses ---

Those of you who love dresses and/or love wearing dresses may enjoy this post. To talk about dresses, we need to show some dresses, right? So here goes:

elegant dress
^ from: - Do you love dresses? If so, then I think you will enjoy this post about dresses!

Whether casual or formal, nothing evokes the beauty of a female like a dress. I especially enjoy seeing sundresses in warm weather times. I have enjoyed seeing maxi dresses being worn as well. The primary reason why I love seeing dresses being worn is because I've actually gotten a bit tired of denim mini skirts mostly being worn. Not that I have a problem with them; it is just that I've missed seeing dresses being worn. Most of what I have seen were mostly denim mini skirts. On the formal side, formal dresses and various party dresses exude immense feminine charm. Dresses for occasions can be beautiful ranging from certain birthday parties to weddings. As much as I believe every male should have at least one stylish formal outfit or suit, I think every female should have at least one dress. Or if you believe in casual and formal, then every female should have at least two dresses- at least one dress for casual and at least one dress for formal occasions.

Some of the most elegant dresses beautifully fit to and express the curves of a lady. Such dresses can offer hints and touches of absolute charm to whomever wears these dresses. However, there are some dresses that better suit certain figures who can't properly wear any super-stylish dresses. I actually believe there is a perfect dress for every female of any body type or height. You can be a petite woman and have a dress that beautifully accentuates your body and your height. You can be a curvy woman and wear Any dress that allows one to look and feel comfortable and beautiful is one worth taking off the rack and wearing on your body. They are as much of a fashion staple as a pair of jeans.

Individual blog posts on these kinds of dresses may appear in the future on "StyleSpace," so keep reading this blog for any future posts I may do on these dresses!


^ from: - A sundress is a great dress to wear on warm/hot days.

Sundresses can be worn with any number of casual footwear. More dressy kinds can be paired with some formal-type footwear. Be really casual and go with a pair of flip-flop/thong sandals or maybe a pair of high-top Converses. For the girl who wants to be tough; while I don't recommend wearing them with a sundress, the tough girl can easily trade dainty shoes with a pair of combat boots or some other tough boots. Speaking of boots, riding boots and cowboy boots are also good choices of footwear with sundresses.


shirtdress or shirt dress
^ from: - A shirtdress combines the masculine appeal of a shirt with the feminine appeal of a dress.

A shirtdress is mostly casual. It offers the comfort and appeal of both a shirt and a dress. Shirtdresses can range from really casual to chic. A lot of them are comfortable enough to wear with almost any kind of footwear. Casual shirtdresses can be paired with fashion sneakers, pumps, sandals, boots, or any number of casual shoes. More chic shirtdresses can be paired with equally chic pumps, chic sandals, or a chic pair of boots. I would often times see these dresses be given belts around the waist to help accentuate the waist.

Maxi Dresses.

maxi dress
^ from: - Long dresses are still cool. Maxi dresses surely can be gorgeous.

It used to be that minis were the way to go. But once maxi dresses started becoming popular in the mid-2000s, it was great to see that long dresses weren't dead in the casual realm. Two of the primary criticisms of maxi dresses is that they either fail to flatter the body, or the fact that the wrong kind of maxi dress will overwhelm petite figures. Maxi dresses are very elegant even for casual wear. Some maxi dresses can be so versatile that daytime footwear can be traded for nighttime footwear while wearing them. I love seeing these being worn. They are usually worn with casual sandals from when I see others wear these. A pair of wedge espadrilles or wedge pumps would work nicely with maxi dresses as well. While you don't see them worn often with these, casual sneakers also work well with maxi dresses. Platforms or flats are fair game with maxi dresses.

Mini Dresses.

mini dress
^ from: - Sex things up with a very short dress.

A lot of short dresses were meant for the nightlife. No question that mini dresses beg for a hot pair of shoes to be worn with them. NO FLATS- a pair of high-heel shoes or platform high heels will do when it comes to mini dresses. A mini dress offers seductive appeal to those who wear them. These short dresses are often paired with a foxy pair of pumps or sandals.

Party Dresses (including Cocktail Dresses).

party dress
^ from: - It's party time! Have you a dress to dance the night away in?

When you're ready for the nightlife and ready to be in a pretty dress, party dresses are the way to go. The lovely kinds offer that princess-like vibe to feel great as you're enjoying the night. Many of these dresses have some sort of sparkly or shiny appearance. Everything evens out perfectly- you go out to wear a fun dress on a night when fun is the name of the game. So enjoy the party dress!

Formal Dresses.

This is a vague category, so I will not show a picture to show what I'm discussing here.

From parties to weddings, a number of formal dresses can be worn to any number of semi-formal or formal occasions. One wants to feel comfortable and charming in a dress going to certain semi-formal and formal occasions.

There's your appreciation of these fabulous garments!

--- Dress Appreciation: Final Thoughts ---

What you should take away from this blog post is that there is nothing quite like a dress. Their fluidity and charm make them uniquely stylish. Not all dresses are immensely beautiful or purely feminine. While I do tend to think almost every female should have at least one dress, it is also important to note there is at least one dress that will compliment almost any and almost all figures. Even if you don't enjoy dresses or enjoy having to wear a dress, at least appreciate their beauty and their charm. From casual wear to formal wear, and from form-fitting to airy, dresses are wonderful garments for females of all ages and sizes to wear.

Proudly wear and enjoy dresses, fashionistas!

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That concludes this blog post appreciating and celebrating dresses. What do you think about dresses in general? Feel free to chat away here. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Good discussion of different types of dresses. Dresses are definitely an easy, breezy fashion option!!


John Marine said...

I love dresses. Their easier than having to have to plan on a 2 piece outfit!

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