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(UPDATED: June 15, 2013)

The appeal loafers provide are classy. Loafers are worn by both males and females. They can be comfortable and classy slip-ons for males. For females, they can kind of be like classy ballet flats. This blog post takes a look at loafers. Do you love or loathe loafers? Whichever side of the fence you're on about loafers, I may interest you with a blog post like this one.


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--- Loafers ---

Here are just some basic thoughts of mine regarding loafers before moving on to more detailed discussion of them.

I mostly remember loafers as the comfortable shoes for females to wear before ballet flats became popular. This time I am referring to was when I was in grade school in the mid-late 1990s. The most popular pair of loafers are penny loafers. Since I am talking mid-late 1990s, I have even seen a handful of platform and chunky heel loafers. These were chunky platform loafers from companies like Skechers, Mudd, l.e.i., and designers like them. In this day and age, two kinds of loafers are popular- spiked loafers and loafer pumps.

Men wear loafers as I mentioned earlier. They are comfortable and classy for males to wear. I've seen some of my male friends sport a pair of loafers to go with their school uniforms or any stylish outfits.

So you have a few basic musings on loafers from me. Loafers are actually a classy pair of shoes that evolved from moccasins. How about we move on to discuss more loafers?

--- Loafers in Pictures ---

How do you like your loafers? (NOTE: If you see a pair you like, visit the links where I got these pictures from to shop for them elsewhere)

Penny Loafers.

penny loafers
^ from: www.amazon.com - This is a classic pair of penny loafers. While loafers are mostly unisex, this specific pair is for women.

penny loafers two-tone
^ from: shop.nordstrom.com - Some penny loafers may come with a two-tone design.

Penny loafers are the most popular pair of loafers. They are noted primarily for the opening across the vamp, which a penny could be placed inside the pouch. Such loafers are very classy to wear. They usually come in leather and usually in one color. However, some other penny loafers can come in two different colors or even have metallic colors. I read a story as to how they became known as "penny" loafers. The "penny loafer" namesake came about as people would put a penny or two within the little pouch in the loafers. Hence the name, "penny loafers." Researching this topic, I read of someone who tried to stuff a $100 US dollar bill into the pouch of a pair of penny loafers! I seriously would NOT recommend doing this... unless you want to get jacked.

Many people more recently know of penny loafers like in the 2007 movie "Nancy Drew." Emma Roberts (who plays Nancy Drew in the movie) proudly wore a cute pair of penny loafers while being the super-cool detective.

Variations in loafers among females range from fully-enclosed loafers to some loafer mules.

Loafer Pumps.

loafer pumps
^ from: www.dsw.com - Add a fashionable kick to loafers by going for loafer pumps.

While most loafers are mostly unisex, loafer pumps are exclusively feminine. Loafer pumps are for those who want to enjoy the look of loafers while also wearing deceptively high heels. What sassy girl doesn't love a high heel? I would recommend wearing loafer pumps with classy pant outfits or even with a stylish skirt or dress outfit. I'd pass on wearing loafer pumps for any seriously formal occasions or seriously formal outfits, though.

Spiked Loafers.

spiked loafers
^ from: www.amazon.com - Show some edge while also feeling comfy by wearing a pair of spiked loafers.

The most popular kind of loafers today among fashionable ladies have spikes to them. And to be honest, I dislike most spiked shoes to begin with, but especially spiked loafers. You'll see a number of spiked loafers from LOOKBOOK users and among some other fashionable people. I would rather see spiked high-heel or platform shoes than spiked flats. Even still, I'd do away with spiked shoes to begin with- let alone spiked loafers. But again, that's just me. I can be opinionated while still being fairly neutral, and I don't have to agree or approve of every style.

These are among some of many different loafers.

--- Loafers Around the Internet ---

I don't really have too many loafer examples to share. Let me share with you some loafer examples, including two bloggers whom I've never featured before in posts:

"Polka Dots and Pastels" (Burst of Color) - glittery loafers.
"Sailor Girl" (.a little princess.) - suede loafer pumps.
"2013/05/31 Spring Girl" (XOXO HiLAMEE) - patent leather loafer pumps.
"(untitled post)" (NORMALNAYA) - spiked loafers.

And here are some outfits with loafers on LOOKBOOK:
"loafers" (guys) on LOOKBOOK
"loafers" (girls) on LOOKBOOK

That's all the blogging examples I have to show for you. Maybe I'll include more if I find some interesting posts.

--- Loafers: Final Thoughts ---

Whether with casual outfits or semi-formal outfits, loafers are not a bad choice of shoes to wear. They equally suit males and females with little or no compromise. More feminine offerings can include loafer pumps and spiked loafers. No matter what style suits you in regards to loafers, these slip-ons are a stylish pair of shoes to compliment almost any casual or semi-formal outfit. Do not overlook loafers for your outfits.

--- Loafers Online ---

I can help you find some loafers online if you do not mind shopping online. Use the items below to shop for loafers online if you want to find some online:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

For women:

For men:

For penny loafers:

loafers on Amazon
loafers on eBay (men) and loafers on eBay (women)
loafers on Neiman Marcus
loafers on NORDSTROM
loafers on shoes.com
loafers (women) on DSW
loafers on Zappos.com

Thanks to all of you for your support! I hope you can find a pair of loafers you like.

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Loafers are seriously the comfiest and most stylish shoes! Glad you did a post about them. Those edgy spiked flats are so fierce! And thanks for mentioning my post (:


Loved the second pair of male loafers and the spiked ones. They are comfy, practical, cool and elegant. What more can you ask for? :) Take care!


love the spiked loafers! <3



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