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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cork and Straw Footwear

John Marine | 9:15 PM | | |
Shoes with cork bottoms are certainly fashionable for warm weather times. The same goes for straw-bottomed shoes. These extremely casual (yet chic) shoes are the focal point of this blog post. There is something to really love about these cork and straw footwear in warm weather. Maybe I can spur your interest with some of the shoes I will feature in this blog post.

Most of this blog post features cork footwear because initially, I couldn't find enough examples of straw-bottom shoes to make a legitimate blog post about this topic. I will still discuss mostly cork-bottomed shoes in this blog post.

--- Cork and Straw Footwear ---

I am told that cork and straw shoes are much more comfortable to wear than your average leather shoes. When most people think of cork, a lot of them usually think of cork stoppers stuffed into wine bottles. Certain fashionable types see cork as a nice base for shoes. Wedge sandals are VERY stylish for warm weather. Most cork wedge sandals usually have colorful straps. Cork sandals can be quite attention-grabbing. Most cork footwear I've seen mostly feature metallic straps or some solid-colored straps. In the case of straw, straw is often better known for hats and bags rather than for shoes. However, straw footwear can be just as trendy and stylish as cork footwear. No matter what, cork and straw offer great levels of warm weather chic for females to enjoy and pair with outfits.

Styling Cork and Straw Footwear.

There are a number of different ways to style cork or straw shoes. Here are a few:

• Any sundress and almost any skirt- from mini to maxi- is fair game with a pair of cork or straw wedge sandals.

• If you care to bare your legs with a pair of shorts, they go well with shorts. Diva types would lovingly wear a pair of short shorts along with a foxy pair of cork wedge sandals. Can't rock short shorts? Just go with a pair of Bermuda shorts.

• The appeal of cork or straw wedge sandals even lend themselves to jeans. I'd prefer a feminine pair of bootcut or flared jeans. Since we're talking warm weather stuff, a hot pair of bootcut or flared jeans would go great with cork wedge sandals. They can be any blue jeans or even white jeans. If you dislike bootcut or flared jeans, there are always skinny jeans to fall back on.

• Cropped pants and cropped jeans also are great to wear cork or straw wedge sandals with.

You have a lot of options to choose from. Since these shoes are mostly casual, I would stay away from formal-type outfits with cork or straw footwear.

Cork and Straw Footwear Examples.

Speaking of cork and straw footwear, why don't we take a look at a few examples to set the mood?

cork wedge strappy sandals
^ from: - These are strappy cork wedge sandals. The platform base adds to the appeal of these sandals.

Cork wedge sandals are the most common sort of cork shoes to me. A pair of sandals like these very much goes with any number of daytime casual outfits. The hottest ones to me are like these cork wedge sandals- especially with the platform base. A hot pair of jeans would work very well with cork wedge sandals. Short sundresses and even a handful of maxi-length skirts and dresses also go great with cork wedge sandals. If you're feeling a bit flirty, a pair of short shorts or a mini skirt are not bad options to pair with cork wedge sandals.

cork thong sandals
^ from: - There are cork sandals even for those who enjoy thong sandals...

cork wedge thong sandals
^ from: - ...or maybe you prefer your thong sandals to have a wedge heel.

Flip-flop/Thong sandals are no stranger to the cork or straw treatment. There are certainly those females who almost basically live in these kinds of sandals. Those sandals even can be had in cork or straw bottom shoes.

cork espadrilles
^ from: - Give your feet some cork loving by going with a pair of cork espadrilles.

straw wedge espadrilles open-toe
^ from: - These straw wedge espadrilles can be cute and stylish.

Espadrilles are usually the first kind of shoes to come to mind to me regarding straw shoes. These immensely casual shoes are charming to wear to compliment any number of casual outfits. They can be unmistakingly beautiful to wear. Their comfort and charm go hand-in-hand. Relevant to this topic, most or all espadrilles have straw bases to them for the most amount of comfort when walking about or doing whatever.

cork pumps
^ from: - If you prefer pumps, these pumps are offered in cork for your pleasure.

Some pumps are offered in cork, so you may consider those if you want to sport a pair of cork pumps. Some of these pumps may either be cork all over or have mostly a cork base. In the case of platform pumps, the platform base may be cork along with perhaps the heel; or a proper wedge pump would have an all-around cork base or maybe be cork all over.

So are you excited for these shoes after seeing this part of the post?

--- Cork Footwear: Video and Blogging Insights ---

Here are some insights regarding cork and straw footwear.

Video Insight.

Here is a video showcasing just how stylish cork shoes can be for warm weather times:

^ "AMIClubwear - Trend Report - Cork Bottom Shoes"

The lady in the video is none other than Kassandra Brooks- ex-AMIClubwear model. If you'd like to visit her blog, please visit Miss Kassandra Brooks.

Blogging Insight.

I found a few blog posts from bloggers to give you some insight on wearing cork and straw footwear. Take a look at these posts for some insight on cork and straw footwear (and Follow their blogs if you love their work):

"In the evening" (KAWAIILABO) « platform, strappy, metallic, cork wedge sandals.
"Sunburst" (Curvy Girl Chic) « cork wedge sandals.
"A Floral Dress Review" (Always Maylee) « floral wedge espadrilles with a cork base (also featured in my "Favorite Outfits from Bloggers" post)
"Tiny Peach Polka Dotted and Floral Dresses" (Principessa Gabriella) « cork wedge sandals (first outfit).
"Peach!" (.a little princess.) « cork wedge sandals with socks.
"Spring Leather" (Style Cassentials) « cork wedge espadrilles with an ankle strap.
"Pinks, Nude, and Crop Tops...Oh My!" (Principessa Gabriella) « straw wedge espadrilles (Outfits 1 and 2).
"Hello Summer" (Maytedoll) « strappy espadrille sandals with a straw base.
"No Debbie Downer" (The Belated Bloomer) « wedge espadrilles with a straw-type base.

I tried to be diverse with my selection of posts, but this was the best I could do.

--- Cork and Straw Footwear: Final Thoughts ---

Cork footwear and straw footwear are very much warm weather stylish. These are more than enough to pair with any number of outfits. Don't underestimate the comfort and charm of cork and straw shoes and sandals. There are a vast array of these cork and straw shoes to compliment the beauty of most females to wear these shoes. Whether you prefer cork/straw shoes or sandals, these are great warm weather shoes to wear with any number of outfits. So why not enjoy these shoes for what they are?

--- Cork and Straw Footwear Online ---

If you want to score some cork footwear or some straw footwear, then please help yourself to these items below. I always want to help my readers who don't mind looking around online for relevant items based on material in blog posts of mine. Why not shop for relevant items based on material I've posted? I would appreciate your business if you did shop around for items you like based on things I've posted online. So if you don't mind supporting my work, feel free to voluntarily shop with these items I've provided for you:

POPSUGAR Shopping (formerly ShopStyle).

Other Sources.

I have had poor luck trying to find straw footwear from other sources, so most of what you will see here is cork footwear. Here you go:

cork shoes on Amazon
cork shoes on eBay and straw shoes on eBay
cork shoes on
cork shoes on
cork shoes on DSW
cork shoes on

I hope you can find something you like, if you were shopping.

Do you like cork footwear? Do you like straw footwear? Chat about these cork shoes in this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Huh, I used to have a pair of cork AND straw sandals haha. The bottoms were cork and the tops were straw. How uncanny! I didn't wear them often when I was a kid, and I think we gave them away. But I do love how carefree and comfy cork and straw shoes are!

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