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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Saris (or Sarees)

John Marine | 9:52 PM | | |
(UPDATED: June 26, 2014)

A sari (or saree) is a lovely outfit worn by Hindu women. Their purposes range from casual fashion to formal occasions. I've had some female friends from India (or mostly from India) whom I've seen wear saris. I'll share these lovely garment with you all in this blog post. Perhaps my blog post on saris/sarees will be of interest of you, and maybe you will find something to love about saris. This blog post is part of my "Folk Fashion" label, which pertains to traditional fashions of certain countries and cultures. Let's begin!

I will mostly use "sari" in this blog post rather than "saree." I may interchange the two terms through this post, but I will mostly refer to these as saris.

A Special Hello...

If you are from India or Pakistan, let me send a special hello you, and welcome to "StyleSpace by JBM!" Since saris are worn mostly by women from India and Pakistan, I also welcome my Indian and Pakistani audiences to "StyleSpace by JBM." Of course... I welcome all of my worldwide audience.


JUN 26 2014 - removed a link, edited some content

--- Saris/Sarees ---

This is an example of a sari/saree being worn:

sari or saree
^ from: - This is a sari/saree. Wonderful what yards of fabric can look like when wrapped beautifully and worn by a woman.

The sari/saree is the most beautiful dress-type garment for Hindu and Muslim women. I have seen a few saris being worn before by Hindu women. I say Hindu because it is not just Indian (as in the country of India) that wear saris. These are even worn by Pakistani women, as I once read. Many saris consist of one dominating color accompanied by various patterns and accents of varying colors. Most saris are made from satin or silk. Often times, saris are worn over a sari blouse (called a choli) and a sari petticoats. What I love most about saris (or most kinds of Hindu clothing in general) is the array of colors and patterns. When wrapped completely and complimented with the choli and the petticoat skirt, saris can be absolutely beautiful on women.

There are many styles of saris (such as Lehenga saris) for many different occasions (such as for India's Diwali). Just for the purpose of this blog post though, I wanted to provide just a basic introduction to saris.

Draping Saris/Sarees.

You have to fold saris/sarees in a certain way to be able to wear them. Here is one video discussing the process for which to fold a sari. But remember- this is one of just many different videos discussing how to fold a sari/saree:

^ "How to drape an Indian saree"

There are MANY ways to fold a sari/saree. All I did was show off one such way to do so. You may look elsewhere online for more advanced and more interesting methods of tying a sari/saree. It is also possible to wear a sari/saree even if you're pregnant.

For more information on wearing/draping saris and other resources regarding wearing them, I have included this section below:

Sari/Saree Resources.

I am not any kind of expert on this topic. So rather than pretend my research before the post fully paid off, I figured I'd share some resources with you in case you want more insight. You may look at the material below this paragraph to help you to learn more about saris than what I provided in this introductory section. To learn more about saris, here are some resources online I pulled up for you all:

"How to Wear a Saree" (ProKerala)
"Trend Alert: Drape Your Sari With a Twist" (iDiva)
"New ways to drape a saree" (Times of India)
Saree draping styles from Lakme

I hope this all helps you and gives you extra insight on this topic.

--- Sari/Saree Inspirations ---

Here are some bloggers wearing their saris/sarees. This is a chance for you to see saris being worn. Follow their blogs if their work interests you:

"Colorful Cotton Sari for summers..Sari Love [#7]" (My Unfinished Life) « blue/purple/crimson sari. Also includes multiple saris worn by Sushmita.
"Desi girl" (Chappals vs Stilltoes) « Anupriya in traditional Hindu clothing, including a sari/saree.
"Feeling traditional" (Bong's Belleza) « a jade green and royal blue sari.
"Fashion Trend - Ethnic Indian Designer Saree" (Stylish by Nature) « a beautiful white sari/saree with black and gold accents worn by the blogger herself.
"Fashion Trend - Indian Saree with Halter Blouse by" (Stylish By Nature) « a muted yellow sari with white, dark green, and red accents.
"Here Comes the Bride" (Shotcouture) « a wedding sari worn by the blogger (extra note: this is an old blog I'm linking to. If you want to visit Pratishtha's newer blog, which mostly is a food blog, click here: The Breakfast Projekt).

There lies your sari/saree insights.

--- Saris/Sarees: Final Thoughts ---

The sari is a fabulous outfit for Indian and Pakistani women. It is the most beautiful sort of traditional outfit an Indian or Pakistani woman could wear. The colors and patterns make them truly lovely to wear. There are many ways to drape a sari. Regardless of the method, any woman who wears these beautiful garments look amazing. These are some wonderful garments worn beautifully by those who wear them.

So to all the women out there who wear saris, proudly rock those saris!

--- Saris/Sarees Online ---

Here are a few sites I found online that sell saris in case you want to buy your own. Have a look around:

saris/sarees on eBay

Indian Saree and Blouse Design
Saris/Sarees on Utsav Fashion
saris/sarees on
Saree world

Happy shopping! :)

You know, I may do a few more blog posts regarding other Hindu garments. I may do so based on traffic and interest to this blog post and this topic.

What do you think about saris/sarees?

Let your thoughts flow here and thanks for reading!

Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Very educational post. One thing though: Pakistan is a mostly Muslim country, not Hindu.

I have always loved saris. Such beautiful, vibrant colors and they look wonderful on every woman!


John Marine said...

beautiful tradition :)

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