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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Unusual Lipstick Colors

John Marine | 9:29 PM | | | |
(UPDATED: July 4, 2013)

Most lipstick is either red or pink. For some fashionable types, these colors are too basic. A number of fashionable females dare try more unusual lipstick colors. To some, why does lipstick have to be just red or pink? So some wear other colors of lipstick of various shades. Would you dare test wearing lipstick of various other colors? For example, would you wear...

• lipstick?
• green lipstick?
• ...lavender lipstick?
• ...white lipstick?
• lipstick?
• ...yellow lipstick?
• ...(any neon-colored) lipstick?

This blog post is all about those unusual lipstick colors. Get some insight and feel free to offer your opinions on these different lipstick colors.

This blog post is named after a "John's Blog Space" post of the same name. Most of this post here on "StyleSpace by JBM" is simply an edited copy of my "John's Blog Space."


JUL 4 2013 - updated some text

--- Unusual Lipstick Colors ---

Let's set the mood:

multiple colors lipstick
^ from: - Can lipstick still be fashionable even if it isn't in red or pink? Many fashionable types certainly think so. Which lipstick color(s) would YOU wear?

colorful lipstick
^ from: - Would you dare wear lipstick colors like these?

When it comes to lipstick, it is an instant way to add some appeal to your face besides any makeup touches or hair styling. An element of fashion and beauty is in taking chances. Something unconventional and uncommon can be a brutal disaster if executed poorly; and trust me, nobody in love with fashion wants to be ANY kind of fashion victim. Going with different-colored lipstick is a very great fashion risk. Not many people are used to seeing lipstick other than some sort of red or some sort of pink. Your lips can make a huge impact on your look or outfit. If you are wearing lipstick, your face can look anywhere between stunning to downright ugly based on choosing a lipstick color.

Even celebrities like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha have embraced unusually-colored lipstick. Lady Gaga wore some turquoise blue lipstick before, and Ke$ha sported some blue lipstick herself once. Should you try different colored lipstick? Would you try different colored lipstick?

Personal Opinions on Unusual Lipstick Colors.

Personally, I get irked out over almost any lipstick that isn't red or pink (orange is okay). Vampy lipstick colors (such as and especially burgundy/oxblood) have proven to be stylish. I get even more freaked out seeing lipstick designs truly unlike the ordinary. This especially applies to lips where I just want to ask "what the heck is that on your lips?" I can find this to be a real turn-off often times. You can have the most beautiful hair and an angelic face; but if you wear lipstick, and if you choose a certain color of lipstick besides a red or a pink, you may have ruined the entire look/outfit. A proper color of lipstick can almost be as crucial for one's beauty touches as choosing a proper pair of shoes to complete an outfit. You don't want to ruin that sort of balance, do you?

With your insight on unusual lipstick colors, it is time to move on to a special look at unique and unusual lipstick colors.

--- A Look at Unusual Lipstick Colors ---

Let's look around online for some inspiration of colorful lipstick. Here is your look at what a difference going with an unusual color of lipstick can do for you. Have a look around and get your inspiration of unusual-colored lipstick.

Two makeup companies I am familiar with have dared tempt other colors for lipstick- Ka`Oir and Lime Crime. Both companies (among others) have offered lipstick in an almost virtual rainbow of colors, including red and pink.

NOTE: Please contact me if I am unable to use any of the following images because of copyright issues. I am providing these images for educational purposes for my readers. I will try to find replacement images if there are any I am unable to post in my blog.

Inspiration: Ka`Oir Cosmetics.

Let me lend you some inspiration from Ka`Oir Cosmetics. Take a look at one of their color offerings:

Ka'Oir Cosmetics
^ from: - This is a sample of one of the many different colors offered by Ka`Oir Cosmetics. This matte blue lipstick color is "Harlem Knight" from Ka'Oir.

So what do you think about this?

Inspiration: Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is a makeup line created by recording artist Doe Deere. This total girly-girl from Russia is one to believe that lipstick can be just as stylish in any other colors besides red or pink. Lime Crime even includes red and pink among its lineup of colors for lipstick. Here is a sample of Lime Crime:

Lime Crime lipstick
^ from: - This picture demonstrates some of the various lipstick colors offered by Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is usually the first one to come to mind for me in regards of different-colored lipstick. The beautiful Doe Deere believes in strong and popping colors for lipstick.

These two are two of the more popular brands online. To learn more about the respective makeup lines featured here, you are invited to visit the following links:

Ka`Oir Cosmetics
Lime Crime Makeup

Let's move on now.

--- A Look at Unusual Lipstick Colors: Blogging Insight ---

Here are a few fashion bloggers who sport some unusual lipstick colors. Unusual in the sense of a non-red or non-pink colors.

"Partied way too hard in a Zara skirt and Stanwells' Carthusia Perfume Ligea" (Lucy and the Runaways) « orange lipstick.
"Purple Lips!!!!" (Styles 4 Curves -For the Curvy Confident Woman) « purple/violet lipstick.
"Fun with Fashion: Playing Dress Up!" (Principessa Gabriella) « mint green lipstick for one of her outfits.
"lime crime permanent lipstick collection review, swatches" (miss kitty charms) « different colors of lipstick by Lime Crime.

If I find any more unusual lipstick color blog posts, I will place links to those posts in any future edits.

--- My Own Thoughts on Unusual Color Lipstick ---

Red and pink have been usual colors for lipstick. Many others, however, dare try to wear any number of colors for lipstick. Results for wearing colors other than red or pink can vary greatly. Some colors go well with others, and some others just look absolutely off. I would not recommend wearing such different colors of lipstick unless you really know how to pull off certain colors to go with outfits. Why take such chances with lipstick colors other than some red or some pink?

Not everyone can wear different and unusual lipstick colors and look great. Certain lipstick colors and lipstick patterns/designs can be total turn-offs for entire looks. So to me, try certain unusual colors at your own risk.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here is one more post regarding unique applications to lips:

"Violent Lips" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ find out what I think about Violent Lips- a popular adhesive to your lips to give you uniquely-styled lips.

"Unusual Lipstick Colors" (John's Blog Space)
^ my original post on unusual lipstick colors.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

--- Lipstick Sets Online ---

Interested in getting your own lipstick set? Consider this my gift to you in case you enjoyed this blog post. Some of these may feature lipstick colors besides red and pink. Help yourself:

lipstick sets on Amazon
lipstick sets on eBay

Thank you for your support!

What do you make of these unusual colors of lipstick? Do you think unusual colors of lipstick are trendy and stylish? Do you think such colors can be detrimental to certain outfits? Feel free to comment. Thank you for reading!

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That Cosmopop hue looks great in the picture! I would wear them all, except for Styletto, No, she didn't!, My beautiful Rocket and D'Lilac. :) It still leaves a few, right? :)

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I adore pink and red lipsticks :)

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i would def wear neon colors!! great post!

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