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Rock and Candy "Lulu" Sneakers

Meet "Lulu"- platform wedge sneakers. Made by Rock and Candy by ZiGi Brand, "Lulu" is not your average wedge sneakers. Rock and Candy designed "Lulu" to be a fashionable medium between sneakers and a funky pair of wedges. The urban girl who dares to be different will rock these shoes and pair them with any number of outfits. So how would you judge the "Lulu" platform wedge sneakers by Rock and Candy? Would these be the shoes you guys would buy for your girlfriend/fianceé/wife? With wedge sneakers trending in fashion, I'll discuss these sneakers and introduce them to my "StyleSpace by JBM" audience.

This blog post is based on a popular post on "John's Blog Space," and that version was entirely re-done specifically for this blog.

--- Rock & Candy "Lulu" Sneakers ---

Say hello to "Lulu" here:

Rock and Candy Lulu sneakers
^ from: www.heels.com - These are the "Lulu" sneakers from Rock and Candy. They come in many more unique designs than this pair would indicate.

Who is Lulu? Lulu is a pair of platform wedge sneakers from Rock and Candy. She is a girl who has a wild side while also being uniquely girly and fun. She's the kind of girl who thinks that a pair of sneakers doesn't have to be mundane and boring and ubiquitous. In fact, she fancies being wild and unique. If you don't think she's funky enough with a basic look to these sneakers, wait until you see some of the other varieties of these sneakers. There are "Lulu" sneakers from Rock and Candy (for example) with leopard prints. Only thing wrong with Lulu is that she wouldn't recommend athletic or physical activity with these sneakers. Those are times you'd probably want to have a pair of proper athletic shoes handy. After all, "Lulu" is all about fashion sneakers.

You may have your unique casual outfits, but try to imagine pairing these sneakers with some of your casual outfits. Can you envision wearing the "Lulu" sneakers with some of your go-to casual outfits where you usually pair them with sneakers?

(taken from John's Blog Space)
So what girl would dare rock these? Well, I'd say the girl who wants to have a cute and casual look while boasting an awesome pair of sneakers. These sneakers would be unexpected to wear if paired with... say, with a maxi dress or a maxi skirt. They may even be unexpected with some wide-leg pants. I think these are sneakers for the urban girl who wants to wear a unique pair of sneakers to go with some sort of casual outfit. Sneakers like these are for the urban girl who wants to stand out and stand alone with immense casual charm.

Specifications of the Rock and Candy "Lulu" Sneakers

(Source: www.dsw.com)

• canvas upper
• contrast oxford lacing
• 1 inch (2.54 cm) platform; 5 inch (12.70 cm) wedge heel
• synthetic sole

That gives you a little insight on the "Lulu" sneakers from Rock and Candy.

--- Rock and Candy "Lulu" Sneakers: My Thoughts ---

The "Lulu" sneakers from Rock and Candy are a funky and girly pair of sneakers. They very much encompass the kind of footwear a daring girl would gladly wear and pair with various outfits. I think any female even remotely into wedge sneakers would dare buy these if one can afford them. Regardless, if you would ask if I would take the "Lulu" sneakers over any of the popular hidden wedge sneakers popular today, I'd gladly pick the "Lulu" sneakers. I am not in love with the "Lulu" sneakers, but I'm sure any female with an eye for style will find some kind of outfit or outfits to stand out in while wearing these "Lulu" sneakers.

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That's all for this one.

--- Rock and Candy "Lulu" Sneakers Online ---

Here are various ways to score your own pair of Rock and Candy "Lulu" sneakers in case you enjoyed this blog post and want a pair of these for yourself (links may be edited in the future in case certain links don't work):

POPSUGAR Shopping.


Each featured link here links you to the specific retailer offering these. Visit these to find these shoes at the following sites:
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Rock and Candy "Lulu" in Leopard - Heels.com « includes video
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Rock and Candy "Lulu" - shopakira.com
Rock and Candy "Lulu" - Endless
Rock and Candy "Lulu" Sneakers - DSW
"Lulu" Leopard Print Platform Sneakers - Dolls Kill

I hope this helps out you all who love these shoes.

So what do you think about these sneakers? Do you love them or loathe them? Let me know by posting your comments. Thank you for reading!

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