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Friday, June 21, 2013


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Plus-size specialist Torrid makes some of the most stylish and cutest fashions for plus-sized females. Their lineup includes both casual fashions and dressy fashions mostly for Juniors and Young Adults. Even some curvy bloggers I follow have worn items from Torrid. This blog post is my sort of post talking about Torrid. I'm pretty sure there is a certain audience who would appreciate me talking about this brand.

PLEASE NOTE: The views expressed in all of my posts regarding specific brands are all personal opinion. I am not sponsored or paid to discuss specific brands I discuss in blog posts. They are all personal opinion and provided for educational purposes.

You can visit to visit Torrid's official home page. This link will appear again later in this post.

--- Torrid ---

^ from: (hover over image for image credits) - The logo for Torrid.

Finding great-fitting, great-looking clothing is a goal anyone into fashion has a a challenge. Plus-size females surely have this challenge in heart. Many different retailers don't offer fashions for all sizes- including plus-size females. Sure, a curvy female may want to lose weight to slim down her size and become more slender. But in this day and age, and in a time where more and more females are body conscious, feeling unable to find good-fitting and great-looking clothes becomes its own struggle for curvy females. It makes some curvy types feel punished for not being slim and slender. So rather than nag on someone or feel sad about not being slim, you accentuate your curves and wear clothing that makes you feel good. If there is one that does offer great fashions for plus-size females, one company to look towards is Torrid.

Here is some brief info on Torrid.

Torrid in General.

Torrid is owned by Hot Topic. The company was created in 2001 as a specialist in plus size fashion. It is a brand that makes clothes for plus-size Juniors and Young Adults for sizes up to 5X.

Torrid is best known as a specialist of fashions for plus size figures. They do offer other such items not specifically for plus size figures. Torrid provides plus size ladies with cute and fun fashions. These fashions include a vast array of tops, bottoms, dresses, footwear, and accessories. In addition, they also offer lingerie and swimwear.

For those who want to model for Torrid, they have a service where aspiring models looking to sport Torrid's items can model for Torrid. One must be in the Southern California area to participate. More information on modeling for Torrid can be had here: .

My Own Thoughts on Torrid.

I think Torrid offers some of the cutest and most stylish fashions for Juniors and Young Adults. Their fashions are just as fun and as stylish as fashions for slimmer females. Any young curvy female who wants to wear comfortable and great-looking clothing can look to Torrid as one of the better retailers of plus-size fashions.

A Video Sample of Torrid.

This was the 2009 Torrid House of Dreams Fashion Show. This is a little insight of fashions offered from Torrid:

^ "Torrid House of Dreams Fashion Show"

Next up is a little extra Torrid insight from bloggers I follow.

--- Torrid in Pictures ---

So what does Torrid offer on the fashion front? I'll share with you some examples. Have a look (NOTE: click on the image source links to shop for the items from the sources where I got these images from):

Torrid top
^ from: - This is a feminine black top with tattoo designs on it.

Torrid tank top
^ from: - Who needs shoulders? Bare arms when it's hot... while looking hot! :)

Torrid dress
^ from: - Can't curvy girls wear cute dresses too? This is a lace dress from Torrid.

Torrid hot dress
^ from: - A dress like this is not bad if you want to glam things up a bit or go on a hot date.

Torrid skulls
^ from: - Torrid may offer cute clothes, but they are still every bit as hard as their Hot Topic-owned counterpart. Torrid has lots of rock-influenced, skull-laden clothing and accessories like this item. Even though I dislike skulls, at least know Torrid has plenty of skull items to please those of you who love skulls.

Torrid skinny jeans
^ from: - Torrid skinny jeans for curvy ladies.

Torrid bootcut or flared jeans
^ from: - If you prefer jeans with wider legs, how's this for you?

Torrid shorts
^ from: - A curvy girl can even enjoy wearing shorts from Torrid.

Torrid maxi dress
^ from: - This is a sleeveless maxi dress from Torrid. Even plus size ladies can look fabulous in sleeveless tops and dresses.

Torrid romper or playsuit
^ from: - Torrid also has some rompers/playsuits that may tickle your fancy.

Torrid swimsuit
^ from: - For the curvy girl not afraid to wear a swimsuit at the beach...

This section was just a snapshot of Torrid's offerings.

--- Torrid Around the Internet ---

I mentioned Torrid as a plus size fashion specialist. However, not all of Torrid's offerings are for plus-size figures. Since some of my blogging friends and those I follow have some kind of Torrid items, I want to share with you a few items offered by Torrid as worn by various bloggers. I am not providing any of this just to promote the brand. I am simply posting these for educational purposes. Take a look:

"Favorite Winter/Fall Fashion!" (Principessa Gabriella) « old post with multiple Torrid items in multiple outfits.
"I Am Torrid: Spring Preview and Blogger Event" (Curvy Girl Chic) « a feature showcasing the blogger wearing Torrid items.
"Adventures in Traveling: Cape Cod, Massachusetts" (Style Cassentials) « various Torrid items, including a swimsuit.
"OOTD: My Favorite Jeans" (WaitUntilTheSunset) « skinny jeans from Torrid.
"Pop of Color!" (Nany's Klozet) « even though she isn't plus size, she wears a necklace from Torrid in an old blog post.
"Miami Design District!" (Nany's Klozet) « even though she isn't plus size, she shows a handbag from Torrid.

"Torrid" on LOOKBOOK

Enough insight?

--- Torrid: Final Thoughts ---

A goal for almost anyone into fashion is to look and feel his/her best. When it comes to plus-size females, one company that makes it happen is Torrid. I often times wonder if plus-size fashion is more about wearing great clothes for one's size or having the confidence to look and feel great despite their size. Torrid and their fashions will very much appeal to and compliment the most fashionable of plus-sized females. Any plus size female looking to dress cute or stylish would be foolish to pass up on Torrid.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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To learn more about Torrid, visit: today/tonight. Get social with Torrid! Here are some extra links if you enjoyed this blog post:

Torrid on Facebook
Follow Torrid on Twitter!
Torrid on YouTube!

--- Torrid Online ---

Get yourself from items from Torrid. Here are some online for you:


You can visit Torrid's home page at to see all of the various items they offer.

POPSUGAR Shopping.


Torrid's Amazon Store

Happy shopping! :)

Again- this is all personal commentary, and I am not paid to make this post or to post what I did. I am providing this as an extra element of topics I offer here on "StyleSpace by JBM." Did you enjoy this post? Make sure you're subscribed to my blog using FeedBurner, or look around to connect with my blog through Bloglovin. Thanks to all of you for reading my blog post. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Great post! I like Torrid for fun casual pieces and swimwear. I usually find that their more professional or dressier items are not high enough quality for their price tags, but I have recently found a couple of cute, high-quality blazers from there.


John Marine said...

I love to shop at Torrid whenever I can afford it. They do offer a variety of cute clothing for the more curvy girl. My only thing is that sometimes, an item can be a bit pricey...but that's just my opinion. Overall, Torrid carries amazing pieces and as long as I can afford it, I will continue to patronize them.


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