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Friday, July 12, 2013

Attention to Booty :)

John Marine | 10:54 PM | | |
(UPDATED: July 13, 2013)

Want to look good from behind... with your behind? "Attention to Booty" was a post I made for fun on "John's Blog Space" regarding enhancing your backside. I am now bringing my popular JBS post to "StyleSpace by JBM." Those who think their butt is their biggest asset might like this post. Those who maybe want to enhance their booty might also like this. Those who don't care about having a good-looking backside should butt out from this post. This blog post is all about getting attention to your butt (or any word you know best to represent one's butt- like "tush," for example).

This post is based on a topic from "John's Blog Space" of the same name. Don't feel disgusted or irked that a guy like myself is devoting an entire post to females' backsides. I will have fun with this topic while also being professional. I'll be showing a lot of backside images, so if you don't like this topic, you're free to butt out. ;)


JUL 13 2013 - added Cross Promotion material (after my "Final Thoughts")

--- Attention to Booty: Basics ---

I have always considered three B's in regards to females- belly, butt, and breasts. This post obviously focuses in on the "butt" aspect.

Two aspects of having a nice-looking backside is in having good-fitting bottoms as well as simply having a nice backside to begin with. Having an appealing backside can make a world of a difference with various outfits and styles. That is if you feel your finest asset is your... butt.

When you talk about enhancing one's butt, this entails a number of different things. There are some males (and maybe some females) who dislike females who have a flat booty. There is a sensual and romantic appeal of having a fabulous-looking butt in much the same way there is sensual appeal in having copious breasts or even a flat and sensual belly. Wearing a certain pair of bottoms (or even a one-piece outfit) has to mean you want to look and feel good from top to bottom.

Is there any practical purpose for discussing butts? Sure! Think about shopping for various bottoms. Any pair of bottoms can only look bad if one doesn't have as good of a backside to wear them. Imagine the feeling when a hot girl wears a pair of jeans as hot as she is. Such a pair feels great on her legs while her backside looks amazing. What good is a pair of jeans, pants, shorts, bikini bottoms, panties, or any other bottoms if you don't have a good-looking backside to compliment the butt part of your bottoms? So this can be a big deal for certain females who want to have fabulous-looking backsides.

--- Attention to Booty: Inspiration ---

When I did my "Attention to Booty" post on JBS, it was inspired by a designer named Kelly Nishimoto. She created a pair of pants called "Cute Booty." These are lounge-type pants with a satin/silk drawstring to them up front. The appeal of these Cute Booty pants was obviously in making a girl's butt look cute. This was done with comfortable pants that have attention-grabbing pockets. They were worn by certain celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Nicolette Sheridan, and Demi Moore among others.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: I may do a blog post about Kelly Nishimoto and her designs. For now, if you want to know more about the "Cute Booty" collection and various other collections of Nishimoto's, visit Remember- I may make a future post on Kelly Nishimoto and her designs. So if I do get around to that, stay tuned to "StyleSpace by JBM!"

--- Attention-Grabbing Details ---

What helps draw attention to your backside? Here are some of many different touches:


flap pocket butt
^ from: The right kind of pockets can instantly add attention to your butt. These are the famous back pockets of True Religion bottoms.

Bottoms with interesting and appealing pockets often provide the attention-grabbing detail to one's butt. What I think are the most appealing are either flap pockets or cargo flap pockets. Both of which provide some attention to one's backside. Embroidered pockets can also grab some attention to your butt. Sequined pockets (like on some Miss Me Jeans) also attract attention to your butt.

Spandex (and Other Stretchy Materials).

spandex bottoms
^ from: Spandex does a booty good.

Stretchy bottoms such as gaucho pants and yoga pants have been notorious for making butts look fabulous. These stretchy bottoms can range from shorts female volleyball players wear to wide-legged pants and palazzo pants.

Various Other Active Bottoms.

stretchy sweatpants
^ from: - How do you like the rear view? Various active bottoms can offer fabulous views from behind.

Active bottoms in general offer booty-enhancing appeal. These bottoms are mostly meant for comfort and performance when performing in actual physical activity. They also sort of provide a guilty pleasure of making your backside look hot. Some actually do wear such bottoms for active purposes, and some others just wear them either for comfort or to look cute.

Bottoms With Graphics/Words on the Back.

message butt
^ from: (best I could find) Simply trying to read something across the butt is its own attention-grabber to your backside.

When someone tries to read a message or see a graphic posted on the back of some bottoms, that is a good (albeit sometimes cheap) way to get attention to your backside. This is common if you would see something like "Juicy" on a pair of Juicy Couture track pants or "LOVE PINK" on a pair of Victoria's Secret PINK bottoms. Such bottoms with messages across the butt offer a "Ha ha... made you look!" situation.

Booty Pop!

There is a product on the market that allows you to have a good-looking butt if you don't have one. It's one of those informercial, "As Seen on TV" kind of things... you know where I'm getting at. It is a padded underwear called "Booty Pop." Even if just to get a few cheap views to my blog post just for mentioning this product (I don't believe in getting ANYTHING cheap), so be it. More info:

When clothing fails, there is always one aspect sure to get your butt some attention:

Exercise and Good Eating!

Having a great body and being fit can help your butt look nice for when wearing certain bottoms. Need some resources to help you exercise to get your butt looking good? Here are few resources for your butt to help you get your booty in shape:

Brazilian Butt Workout (thehautebunny)
Best 10 Exercises to Tone Your Butt (Fitness Magazine)
Butt Workout: 20-Minute Glute Exercises (Women's Health Magazine)
6 Moves to Resize Your Butt and Thighs (
"How to Get a Cute Butt - Best Exercises for Your Butt" (Seventeen Magazine) « for you Juniors and Young Adults who want a hot booty. :)

So you can always get into shape to get your butt looking great. Not that this is serious, but I have to give this disclaimer:

WARNING: Do not start any workout or diet plan without first consulting your doctor or physician.

And there you go. Plenty of ways to make your butt look good!

--- Attention to Booty: Final Thoughts ---

All of us have our finest assets and what makes us look and feel our best. It has been comical for me talking about girls' ("girls" used loosely) butts throughout this blog post and in my original blog post from "John's Blog Space." The fact is that there are some females out there who don't feel their greatest asset is their butt. In fact, some others fear having butts that look too big, let alone those who feel their butt looks flat. Even if you don't think (or care) about your butt being your best asset about yourself, it is still important to find and wear clothing to make your body look good. The trickle-down effect of this is looking and feeling hot in what you wear. After all- any clothing that exudes confidence is always worthy of love. Anything to help bring out the best in your looks is always welcome and always appreciated. We all want to look good- up front, on the sides, and from this blog post... from behind.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

(ADDED: July 13, 2013)

I am sorry I didn't even think about these blog posts in case you enjoyed this entry! Here are more topics for you to enjoy reading if you liked this blog post:

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Usually when I do my own cross-promoting of my blog posts, I often think about similar posts that may be of interest to you because (1) I want more people to view my old posts, and (2) I want you to see more posts of mine because I feel I can draw more value from them than what most people usually do. So I always pick certain topics relevant to what you've just read. Please look at my past blog posts in case the one you are currently reading was interesting to you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and hoped you could find some entertainment value (and some educational ones) for this post. What are your thoughts about having a good-looking backside? Share your comments in this post. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

great post! :)

John Marine said...

As bad as high heels are for the joints, feet, and back, I do think they help keep the booty firm!
Great post for those who want to accentuate their butt!

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