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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Peasant Fashions

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(UPDATED: July 23, 2017)

Peasants usually make up the lower end of the social scale. It can be sad to be on the lower scale, but man- it can be pretty stylish! :) Peasant-type fashions offer feminine charm for such casual pieces. I will share some peasant fashion insight for you all to let you see just what a difference wearing certain peasant garments can make for your wardrobe. All you'll see here are peasant garments as well as my own comments and thoughts on peasant fashions.


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Peasant Fashions for Females

Various peasant fashions are very casual and soft. I think peasant fashions are casual, soft, and stylish. They very much follow in the world traveler vibes most commonly associated with Bohemian chic. What sticks out at me about these peasant fashions is just how easy and breezy these clothes can be while also being immensely beautiful. Perhaps not beautiful in the case of something elegant or chic, but these casual items are very much carefree and soft.

Peasant tops, skirts, and dresses are worn by many females ranging from little girls to women. Most peasant tops are usually worn with denim shorts or denim jeans of cropped or full-leg variety. Footwear also varies with any sort of peasant garment. Since these are warm weather clothes, the standard issue applies- sandals, ballet flats, and booties are among some of the usual footwear choices with these peasant garments. How would you style peasant garments?

Most of these peasant garments speak to the volume of the whole Bohemian, world traveler, wanderlust kind of style. Time for more discussion of these fabulous peasant garments. Read on.

Peasant Fashions in Pictures

So here is a look at peasant fashions. You might agree with my views on peasant garments from the previous section after seeing some of these pictures. (NOTE: if you see an item you like from the image sources, you are free to visit those sites to find the items there as I was preparing this blog post):

Peasant Tops and Blouses.

Have a look at these various peasant tops, as I'll be sharing individual thoughts on various peasant tops. These consist of tops and blouses. Check it out:

peasant top
^ from: - A peasant top has the perfect combination of feminine and casual in design.

The most basic of peasant items is a peasant top. Most peasant tops are very cute to wear with any number of casual bottoms. Many of these feminine peasant tops are comfortable and even feature some stylish accents and details to make them stand out. The most popular of peasant tops usually have floral embroidery accented across the tops.

These peasant tops would be best to wear with a pair of denim shorts or some nice jeans. As long as the peasant top isn't too floaty or airy, a pair of slim shorts or jeans/pants will look just fine. I would prefer sandals, ballet flats, or wedge shoes to go with a combination of a peasant top. Try these combinations:

• white peasant top + denim short shorts + brown gladiator thong sandals
• white peasant top + cuffed cropped pants or jeans + ballet flats

peasant blouse off-shoulder
^ from: - Peasant tops can be cute, but some others can be sexy and romantic. This off-shoulder peasant blouse is immensely feminine.

off-shoulder strappy peasant top
^ from: - Those not as confident going strapless can try a cute ruffled peasant top like this one.

The feminine appeal of peasant tops also lend themselves to off-shoulder designs. These can very easily be tops to wear for when temperatures get a bit too warm and when the wearer wants to show off her shoulders. These strapless and off-shoulder peasant tops can surely provide a fashion kick while still being immensely feminine.

Peasant Tunics.

Prefer peasant tops that hang down further? Enter peasant tunics... like these:

peasant tunic
^ from: - This is a very basic peasant-style top with floral embroidery. Peasant tops with embroidery, to me, are peasant tops at their most basic.

A peasant tunic offers peasant appeal in a long top. These can easily be worn with a pair of jeans or casual pants. Don't overlook shorts to go with a peasant tunic. Any number of casual footwear can compliment both a peasant top and either shorts or jeans/pants. I would stay away from sneakers with a peasant tunic, but surely sandals and flats are fair game.

To conclude this part of the post, here is something a bit extreme in length:

long peasant tunic blouse
^ from: - A long peasant blouse such as this one is both feminine and dreamy. I specifically chose a white one so you could properly see the details of this peasant tunic.

Here is a rather long peasant tunic that still remains stylish to wear. My inclination would be to have some skinny jeans tucked into some tall boots to go with a very long peasant tunic like this. I wasn't sure about featuring this item because it can be tricky sometimes to wear a tunic as a dress. I still wanted to feature this as part of my discussion of peasant-type fashions.

Peasant Skirt.

peasant skirt
^ from: - Peasant skirts can be perfect for warm weather because of their airy comfort.

Even though they are very casual, a peasant skirt can be just as beautiful as any elegant or chic skirt. The airy appeal of these peasant skirts make them wearable with any number of chic shoes. I would prefer wedge espadrilles with these skirts. Metallic and/or jeweled sandals also make a statement with peasant skirts. If you fancy country-style chic, try some cute ankle-length cowboy boots or maybe some riding boots.

Peasant Dress.

long peasant dress
^ from: - This is a long peasant dress.

short peasant dress
^ from: - Here is a very feminine off-shoulder peasant dress.

chic peasant dress
^ from: - This peasant dress is a chic peasant dress from Anne Klein.

A peasant dress combines the feminine appeal of a dress with the cuteness peasant tops provide. The end result is a wearable and fun dress that is immensely chic.

I hope I've given you some immense peasant loving here.

Peasant Fashion: Final Thoughts

Peasant tops, dresses, and skirts offer a perfect balance between comfortable and feminine. These casual and airy garments offer abundant chic to those who wear them. They are great to wear with almost any number of items. The stylish girl will find a way to incorporate a cute peasant garment or two into her wardrobe while also looking and feeling comfortable. One basic peasant outfit would be to wear a peasant blouse with some denim jean shorts or some jeans along with some casual sandals. But no matter what, at least know that peasant-style tops and bottoms are airy enough and carefree enough to be worn with any sort of outfits in these warm weather times. So pick out any peasant garments that interest you and rock your style!

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Peasant Fashions Online

I have some items for you in case you want to get yourself some peasant clothing. So take a look around.

POPSUGAR Shopping.

All peasant garments here. So feel free to scroll through this item below to find whatever peasant items may interest you:


Be the Bohemian beauty you always wanted to be by checking out these peasant fashions:

Other Sources.

More peasant loving for you! Here are a few peasant garments for you all to get this section started:

And here are more peasant garments for your pleasure:
all peasant fashions on Amazon
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Happy shopping! :)

Feel free to share your comments on peasant clothing. Until next time, thank you for reading!

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