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Blouses With Bows

Most blouses are beautiful to begin with. Adding a bow to a blouse makes it even lovelier. This look can be great for office environments or for certain special occasions. A bow is a tremendous compliment to a blouse. If dressing classy is your trade, a lady can't go wrong with a blouse with a bow. This blog post offers a look at blouses with bows.

The premise of this blog post is mostly on classy, office-appropriate blouses with bows. That was the main focus here. However, I may feature some outside of the realm of office-appropriate blouses with bows.

--- Blouses With Bows ---

If wearing blouses is part of your wardrobe, then you can already attest to how lovely wearing a blouse can be. They can be as stylish to wear as almost any feminine dress. They instantly add class and style to your outfit. But what happens when you add a bow to it? Adding a bow to a blouse is almost the equivalent of adding sugar or creamer to coffee- you enhance it substantially. A bow to a beautiful blouse sweetens the outfit.

Bows themselves can range from cute to stylish. When a blouse has a bow to it, the result can be quite lovely. What I consider the most beautiful of blouses with bows are what are called pussybow blouses. These are beautifully feminine blouses with big and dramatic bows across the front. Most wear blouses with bows as their top. However, they can also go under jumper dresses, cardigans, vests, jackets, and the like.

Picture and Video Insight.

Let me show you some pictures to showcase what adding bows to blouses can do. Hover your mouse over the images to learn the product name:

bow blouse
^ from: www.amazon.com - Adding a bow to a blouse can elevate its style.

blouse with bow
^ from: www.amazon.com - This cute blouse has an equally cute bow across the front.

I actually couldn't find very many good examples for you all, but these were some of the best I could find relevant to this topic. I'll make it up to you by showing you some video insight on blouses with a bow. This beautiful lady is wearing a lovely outfit. More relevantly, she is wearing a blouse with a bow:

^ "OOTD: Bow Blouse and Magenta Blazer"

These bows add extra style to outfits. You just saw some examples with this part of the blog post.

Blogging Insight.

These bloggers have worn blouses with bows in their posts. Have a look at how some of them styled blouses with bows:

"Mustard Bow Blouse and Leopard" (Stylish Petite) « a mustard yellow blouse with a bow.
"Business Casual" (Style Cassentials) « a beautiful royal blue blouse with a bow.
"Feminine Suiting" (Style Cassentials) « a black blouse with white polka dots that has a bow.
"Feeling Blue" (Arum Lilea) « a white blouse with a bow.
"Spice" (Stylishly in Love) « a blouse in a muted orange color for both the blouse and the bow.
"Dots and More Dots." (Maytedoll) « a more casual outfit with a cream-colored blouse with a bow.
"70's Inspired" (Maytedoll) « a more casual blouse with a bow at the front as part of a '70s-inspired outfit.

This is as much insight as I can give all of you on blouses with bows. If you are a fashion blogger with an outfit relevant to this topic or any other, feel free to contact me and direct me to your post. I may feature that post in future edits to my blog posts.

--- Blouses With Bows: Final Thoughts ---

A blouse by itself can be lovely. Add a bow to a blouse, and its style is enhanced. This is a very classy look that can also be pretty romantic. There is something about adding and tying these dramatic bows to enhance a blouse. Any female looking to become beautiful can do little or no wrong by adding a bow to a beautiful button-down blouse.

What do you think about blouses with bows? I hope you enjoyed this blog post of mine. Thank you for reading!

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As you're probably aware by now, I love bow blouses! They're feminine and retro, but they also have such a modern feel! In fact...I think I need a few more. ;-)


Ah, you honestly pick the loveliest trends. The bow are a very nice addition (: That pretty blue top is so pretty!


I can not say No to bow blouses!! Lovely!


Anything with a cute bow makes me smile. I adore your choices especially the last one. Great picks John!




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