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Saturday, August 24, 2013


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A necklace can add extra style to your outfits. They are surely a classy staple among females in office settings. Necklaces can also be fun to wear for some casual looks. Even some males wear necklaces, and there are some unisex necklaces. No matter who you are, it is time to dress up your neck with a necklace or two. This blog post is all about necklaces. I will be sure to offer a whole lot of insight on necklaces since there are so many kinds that appeal to so many senses.

--- Necklaces ---

The best way to dress up your neck is with a necklace. Necklaces can come in many varieties ranging from simple to statement-making. They can be casual or classy. They can be priced very low or have very exorbitant prices. There are necklaces for both males and females, even though you'll mostly see females sport necklaces as part of their wardrobe.

More casual necklaces can be comfortably worn to go with a casual outfit. Some casual necklaces are either bought from certain stores, and some even are made by others in a do-it-yourself (DIY) manner. Some necklaces are even kind of hand-me-downs. Imagine having a vintage style necklace as part of your wardrobe. Some people into upcycling and other eco-friendly fashion practices simply make some of their own repurposed or guilt-free necklaces. These more casual and inexpensive necklace can be quite personal in one's style.

Fancier necklaces capture the appeal and the personality of its wearer. A considerate gentleman would love to woo a lady with a charming necklace. (I can already sense my female audience nudging their boyfriend/fiancé/husband as I mention men and necklaces.) :D Anyhow... there is nothing like a fabulous necklace for females. There are many kinds of fancy and dressy necklaces. A simple pearl necklace has its own appeal and charm. Even more so are necklaces that are layered or have any number of fabulous gems and metals to make it. Fancier necklaces help make a woman feel more confident and dazzling as she walks about. They add extra class and style to a classy woman.

When worn with any sort of outfit, a necklace adds some great attention to you and adds to your appeal and charm. Casual necklaces offer a nice touch to a casual outfit. More fancy necklaces exude class and elegance while also expressing one's beauty. No matter what, it is undeniable how much charm a necklace can provide in both the necklace itself and to one's style.

--- Necklace Examples ---

To showcase the range of styles necklaces can offer, this section features many necklaces. Hover your mouse over the images to learn the name of each item from where I got the source images from. Some of these items may appear as future topics for "StyleSpace by JBM."

^ from: - Here is a very basic necklace. Nothing too fancy or over-the-top.

So that's a basic one. Here are some more necklaces for you...

pendant necklace
^ from: - This is a pendant necklace with a lovely big gem.

pendant necklace
^ from: - Pendant necklaces usually have a large dangling pendant or something similar. The most popular kind of pendant necklaces are usually dog tag necklaces.

inspirational necklace
^ from: - There are some necklaces that exude inspiration or celebrate friendship, like this pendant necklace.

fancy necklace
^ from: - Some necklaces can be very expensive. This one has a retail price of $19,850 US Dollars! That's about as much as some of today's economy cars! By the way... it's the most expensive necklace offered when I looked up from the source image.

bubble necklaces or bib necklace
^ from: - Bubble-style necklaces have become popular lately. A bubble necklace like this one is a kind of bib necklace.

name necklace
^ from: - Stylishly show your name with a lovely personalized necklace.

word necklace
^ from: - Love. Because life is too short to be a hater. Necklaces can be a stylish way to promote a message to the world.

layered necklace
^ from: - Sometimes, one necklace can look like one is wearing multiple necklaces. This is a layered necklace. Layered necklaces- as the name suggests- is one necklace that features multiple layers as part of its design.

cluster necklace
^ from: - A cluster necklace is very chunky and really makes a statement.

statement necklace
^ from: - Keep calm and make a statement. Big and chunky necklaces will provide plenty of statements.

chain necklace
^ from: - Chain necklaces can range from small chains to large chains.

necklace men
^ from: - I mentioned that there are necklaces for men. Here is one example here in this picture.

These are only so few examples of necklaces.

--- Necklaces Around the Blogosphere ---

A necklace can do a lot for one's appearance. These bloggers will surely let you know that is 100% true. The main point of me featuring these posts is to showcase the necklaces these people wear. I'm going to feature a LOT of posts from a lot of bloggers. So take a look and see the full range of styles a necklace can provide. Some bloggers may appear more than once in this section:

"Loft Dip Dot Pleat Front Blouse + Green Ponte Skirt" (Stylish Petite) « classy necklaces to compliment an office-appropriate look.
"Striped Textured Fit & Flare Dress + Kate Spade Grove Court Satchel" (Stylish Petite) « a pearl necklace compliments this dress outfit.
"Pier Avenue" (Curvy Girl Chic) « a tropical-type necklace complimenting a Summery outfit.
"Day-to-night Dress Up" (Style Cassentials) « a bib necklace with a web-like design.
"Skirt Week: Drama Queen" (Style Cassentials) « a chain-like necklace as part of a dramatic all-black outfit.
"Mini Bubbles" (Always Maylee) « a white bubble necklace.
"Leather and Lace" (Burst of Color) « a beautiful pendant necklace with a gem heart.
"Statement Necklaces" (Sara's Sweet Style) « the blogger features statement necklaces from some of her past blog posts.
"Glamour Girl" (Sara's Sweet Style) « a golden chain necklace.
"Broderie and Gingham" (Cupcake's Clothes) « a very cute necklace with two cats on it.
"Paisley Dress and Sequined Heels" (Hummingbird Girl) « a bold metallic necklace.
"Fairy Lace up Shoes" (Hummingbird Girl) « a bold necklace.
"Statement Necklace" (She Said He Said) « bold and chunky necklace with a hot outfit.
"OOTD: Wearing My DIY Green Polka Dots Blouse" (Plumpy's Indulgences) « a long and bold necklace.
"Fatshion Faceoff: Statement necklace" (WaitUntilTheSunset) « a long, bold statement necklace.
"Evening Look # "Crystal Waterfall"" (Glam Fab Happy) « a colorful layered necklace made by the blogger's own jewelry line.
"Fab Stylin’ for Less with Marshall’s" (Lynne Gabriel) « a cluster necklace as part of a delightful dress outfit.

There are your blogging insights. Hope you enjoyed looking at these necklaces and their style.

--- Necklaces: Final Thoughts ---

No matter what kind of necklace interests you, at least you know you have something stylish and fashionable when you wear a necklace. Adding one or multiple necklaces will instantly provide some appeal to your outfits. You will more commonly see females sporting necklaces more than males. However, even males can enjoy the sort of appeal and charm that necklaces provide. No matter how you wear your necklaces, wear them proudly! One can almost never go wrong with a necklace... unless it it something horridly ugly, of course.

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Thank you for reading about necklaces. Thank you also for interacting with my content. You may either go to the next section or head straight to the end of this blog post.

--- Necklaces Online ---

Help yourself to a necklace or two. Here are a variety of links for you all. Please feel free to support my work any way you can while also helping expand your own wardrobe. I would appreciate your business if you did find something you love here in this section. Remember- if you want to shop for any items you see in my blog posts, please note that while I'd appreciate your business, it is voluntary (meaning optional). You can simply move on to this post's conclusion if you are uninterested in this section.


Remember that if you're familiar with ShopStyle, it has become POPSUGAR Shopping for quite a while now. Anyhow, less talk... more necklaces!

For feminine necklaces:

For masculine necklaces:

Other Sources...

Get yourself more necklaces from any of the following other sources, which range from average retailers to high-end retailers. This line of items will get you started:

necklaces on Amazon's Jewelry Store
necklaces on eBay
necklaces on Shopbop
necklaces on Neiman Marcus
necklaces on NORDSTROM
necklaces on Saks Fifth Avenue
necklaces on Bluefly
necklaces on NET-A-PORTER
necklaces on
necklaces on Bloomingdale's
necklaces on Claire's
necklaces on The Icing

Happy shopping! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post on necklaces. What do you look for in necklaces? What do you like about necklaces? Comment away and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Who doesn't love a great necklace? I think necklaces, more than any other piece of jewelry, can really set the mood for an outfit. I love the chain necklace you featured. Chain necklaces look great with office and edgy looks - a hard feat for one necklace to pull off! :-)

Thanks for including a couple of my posts!


John Marine said...

Ah, totally in love with those mint baubles and the gold flowers! What lovely picks (: I also totally laughed at that text in italics and blue. So funny! I noticed one of my links here as well--I admire your such thorough posts so much! It must be rather difficult to compile so many looks from various styles. Props to you!

John Marine said...

I literally have been on the hunt for the best rhinestone statement pieces, no joke. Love the shopsense choices, shopping! I use them too, but how do you get rid of the scroll bar, mine is staying on, I wonder if it is because of the size of the box the items are in... i will have to figure that out. Thank you so much for featuring my blog, love a chunky necklace!

XO Chelsea

John Marine said...

Hi John! I adore your necklace picks especially the ones with the teal rhinestones. They're very elegant and pretty, yet there is something quite playful about them. I love wearing necklaces but I have a hard time finding ones that fit just right. A pretty necklace can really elevate an outfit. Thanks for the inspirations. Love this post!


John Marine said...

I like how much time you put into each of your posts, you do research and really delve into your topics. All these are great necklace choices!

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