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Monday, September 16, 2013

Plunging Necklines

John Marine | 7:42 PM | |
(UPDATED: September 24, 2013)

Dare take the plunge? Deep necklines provide ultra-feminine and extremely daring touches. A lady confident in her body and in her charm will wear such garments. Garments with such plunging necklines are elegant. They aren't for those wanting to look "cute." Such garments with plunging necklines are meant for those who want to be sexy and charming. While these garments can be sexy, there is an exact science for looking sexy while remaining classy- not trashy. This blog post is a look at plunging necklines and what makes them so attractive. Either plunging necklines or deep necklines, whichever you prefer.

WARNING: This topic may not be suitable for all audiences because of its subject matter. A Jump Break is provided to offset possibly objectionable material later in this post. You are reading this post at your own discretion.


SEP 24 2013 - edited table at Jump Break

--- Plunging Necklines ---

When gazing upon garments with plunging necklines, these garments offer vast elegance. You will commonly see a lot of women who will wear appealing and elegant dresses at various formal functions. Some of the dresses and jumpsuits may feature deep necklines offering various degrees of cleavage. If viewed from various angles, plunging necklines can offer daring and risqué views of one's cleavage. Some plunging neckline garments may even offer the equally enticing "side boob" view.

Where can you find plunging necklines? They can be found in tops, dresses, jumpsuits, and even swimwear. Their applications can be found in everything ranging from casual wear to the most formal of occasions. A number of female celebrities have shown off their elegance with some plunging neckline garments. Celebrities the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Lea Michelle and various others have worn something with a plunging neckline. If you dare take the plunge, be ready to have immense confidence in your own body and your own personal charm.

Some plunging neckline garments can be softened by wearing certain tops underneath. The only plunging neckline garments I'd recommend wearing a top underneath would be certain deep cowl neck tops and some halter tops with deep necklines. Wearing a bra or a bikini top underneath is usually as discouraging to most people as wearing leggings underneath a mini skirt. The comfort factor may be there, but you take away from the beauty of a certain garment or look in the process.

Plunging Necklines: Classy vs. Trashy.

A classy application of plunging necklines is when you are wearing something that elegantly exposes your chest and body. You want to be able to showcase your upper body in the most elegant of ways. The garment with the plunging neckline itself has to be something that is appealing and stylish. Doesn't matter if it's a top, a dress, a romper, jumpsuit, or whatever- the garment in question has to offer an elegant and charming view of one's chest and even one's cleavage.

Then... there's trashy. Trashy plunging necklines mostly are in the form of not showcasing your neckline and chest in an elegant way. In other words... more like sleazy streetwalker (or what my British friends would call "slags") style garments. Some of these trashy garments may even be mostly ultra-sexy lingerie that may have some kind of plunging neckline.

Understandably, something like plunging necklines are best left for older females. This style is too risqué for younger females to try. We often times frown upon certain styles and details worn by celebrities that are too young for certain outfits. Plunging necklines are too elegant a touch for certain younger fashionistas to try. So leave this touch for the daring, more mature female. I actually personally think the best application of a plunging neckline is with formal garments and very dressy garments.

--- Plunging Necklines in Pictures ---

Let me show you a range of garments where plunging necklines make up its design. This is where you get to see pictures of what I have been trying to discuss. All items featured are for educational purposes. Here are samples of plunging neckline garments of various kinds...

plunging neckline formal long dress
^ from: - Be elegant with it! This is a dress showcasing the elegance provided by plunging necklines.

plunging neckline formal short dress
^ from: - The plunging neckline of this V-neck dress is a bit more modest and not very deep.

To keep this blog world-friendly (my term for "safe for work"), I will cut this post off here. Some of the later pictures may be a bit too bold to show you here. So I will be cutting this post off here to keep the blog world-friendly. If you are not reading the full blog post, click "Read More" to continue your experience of this blog post. Disregard this portion of the post if you are reading the full blog post. Or if you like what you've seen so far in this blog post, feel free to connect with me using this table:

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plunging neckline nightclub dress
^ from: - For the frisky nightclub girl, plunging necklines take on a very sexy tone.

plunging neckline sheath dress
^ from: - This dress boasts a deep V-neck design up front.

plunging neckline romper or playsuit
^ from: - Enjoy deep necklines even with a romper/playsuit.

plunging neckline jumpsuit
^ from: - If you don't fancy dresses, try jumpsuits. Jumpsuits have the same seductive appeal of a plunging neckline.

plunging neckline top
^ from: - Tops can have plunging necklines. The plunge in such tops can range from mild to wild, the latter [obviously] describes this one.

plunging neckline swimsuit
^ from: - Make some waves with a plunging neckline swimsuit at the beach or at beach parties.

plunging neckline bodysuit
^ from: - As part of a recent trend, a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit with a see-through deep neckline are often worn as tops. This is a somewhat modest way to showcase a deep neckline.

NOTE: I want to discuss a similar topic regarding swimwear as tops. That will come in a future blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

You now have some insight on the appeal of plunging necklines.

--- Plunging Necklines: Final Thoughts ---

It takes a great deal of confidence and love of one's body to properly showcase plunging necklines. This style certainly has its risky (and even risqué) appeal to it, but the risk-reward pays off by offering immense elegance. Pulling off such looks can be elegant. However, one can easily be trashy with sleazy garments with plunging necklines. Showcasing a plunging neckline should be an elegant exposing of your neckline and your cleavage. So keep it classy and elegant!

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If you are interested in getting some garments that have plunging necklines (or perhaps even plunging backs- though not the point of this post), take a look at these items and shop around. They consist of all kinds of items that have plunging necklines:

What do you think about plunging necklines? Post your thoughts here in my blog. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I like this look for a night out. I wore an adorable cheetah top with a see-through plunging neckline this weekend. Nice post, John! :)

John Marine said...

I love a plunging neckline for evening. Wrap-style and crossover tops are a great way to keep the overall look classy and covered up, while still taking the plunge! Great look!


John Marine said...

The one from the red romper looks ok to me. Don't have one of these in my wardrobe. Just haven't found the perfect version yet. :) Have a good week!

John Marine said...

i love plunging neckline pieces mostly on other people and not on myself because im always scared that my business will be on display for everyone to see, however wrap dresses for work are what I tolerate because my bra is always there underneath for support!!! As long as theres nothing hanging out im really ok!!!

Great post John :)

John Marine said...

great post!! :)

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