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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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(UPDATED: August 24, 2013)

In just the right places, cutouts can provide dramatic appeal and alter the character of an outfit for the better. Or, they may destroy an otherwise perfectly fine outfit. Cutouts on garments and shoes provide unique touches to various outfits. Where the cutting out is done could make a garment better or worse. When it comes to cut outs in shoes, they can make certain average shoes take on a different character. This blog post is all about cut outs in garments and shoes.


AUG 24 2013 - added another blog post in the Inspirations section

--- Cutouts ---

Cut-outs offer peeks of skin while one wears such garments. You will usually see cut out tops and dresses. The individual cut outs offer plenty of feminine charm. These cut outs offer some seductive charm, especially for those not afraid to rock the look. Tops with cut outs usually offer some cold shoulders and peeks at one's arms. They can turn most basic tops into not-so basic tops. Primarily dressy blouses offer the best cut out appeal. A number of dresses can surely offer seductive appeal. Usually, dresses with cut outs elegantly show one's midriff. Such cut outs can be minimal or even have large cut outs. Cut outs can be huge in warm weather times as they allow for you to cool off a bit as your body is exposed in parts.

I often find cut outs to be chic on blouses and dresses. Floaty blouses with elegantly-cut shoulders and arms are often tremendously chic. Dresses with either exposed shoulders and arms are chic including those that allow for some midriff baring. Only the daring diva should try cut out garments and shoes. These take a great deal of confidence to wear.

As one would imagine, as much as cut outs can be stylish, they can also be trashy or slutty if done wrong and in the wrong places. Cut outs are elegant and need not be done in any sort of trashy manner. It is easy to overstep the boundaries of classy and trashy thanks to a poorly-designed cut outs on garments.

Cutouts for Garments.

Where cutouts can drastically change an outfit is usually with chic tops and dresses. Some dresses that really benefit from cutouts are those that allow for some skin to show. The one thing to be careful of is for certain cutouts to make a dress seem trampy and trashy. The same logic could also apply to certain tops.

Cutouts for Shoes.

Some shoes have various openings and cut outs to offer a different kind of character. What could have been a pair of ankle boots could have so many cutouts that they become sandals.

For a little more professional insight on cutouts, take a look a this: Cutout clothing for spring: exposing the right amount (

--- Cutouts in Pictures ---

Allow me to show off some cut out garments and footwear to show what I've explained so far. (NOTE: You may visit the sites where I got these images from in case you want to shop for certain items. The images do NOT link you to the exact product, but they do link you to where I got the images from. I will find replacement images in case I can't use certain images from certain sites.)

cutout blouse
^ from: - Show some shoulder with a hot cutout shoulder top like this blouse.

cutout dress
^ from: - This dress has a slight cutout on its right side.

cutout tee shirt
^ from: - The most basic of T-shirts can even boast some unique character with cutouts.

cutout booties
^ from: - A pair of booties can be like a pair of sandals with the right amount of cutouts.

cutout swimsuit
^ from: - This one-piece swimsuit has multiple cutouts to be a unique swimsuit to wear on the beach or to beach parties.

Feeling frisky, fashionistas? How about some sexy cutouts like this one:

cutout club dress
^ from: - Be sexy with it! Nightclub dresses like this one offer hot cutouts for divas as fierce as the women to wear them.

No matter how you slice it, once you make the cut, you can make any average outfit take on a unique new character.

--- Cutouts Around the Internet ---

What difference can cut outs make? Find out from these bloggers (some may appear more than once):

(CRITERIA: "cut," "cut out," or "cutout")

"Orange Cutout Maxi" (Haute and Rebellious Blog) « an orange cut-out maxi dress.
"CUTOUTS AND PETITE FLOWERS" (Haute and Rebellious Blog) « a floral dress with cutouts below the bust line, also some boot-like sandals with cutout designs.
"Cutout Dress" (Ivonne Stacy Style) « a dress with cutout details on the sides.
"Casual in White Jeans" (Style Cassentials) « a peach-colored tunic with a cutout design in the back.
"Bike heels and a maxi!" (Nany's Klozet) « a sleeveless blouse with cutout detail.
"Enchanted City" (Lynne Gabriel) « a studded dress with cut outs.
"Law of Attraction" (Camille Tries to Blog) « lace dress with cutouts.
"4th of July Outfit" (Rachel's Lookbook) « a red, white, and blue outfit with a cutout on the back of the top.
(ADDED: August 24, 2013) "OOTD: wearing my DIY green polka dots blouse" (Plumpy's Indulgences) « a green polka-dot blouse with cutouts on the shoulders.

"cutout" on LOOKBOOK (Girls, obviously)
Chictopia page on cutout fashion

This will hopefully provide some various cutout inspirations for you. Are any of you fashionistas reluctant to try cutouts?

--- Cutouts: Final Thoughts ---

Add some unique charm to outfits by cutting out parts of the outfit or the shoes. These subtle subtractions from garments and shoes offer differing levels of open-air appeal. Cutouts that expose midriff take a great deal of confidence to wear. Many different cutout elements offer elegance. Some others, however, can appear to be trashy for the most part. Regardless of the cutout elements, cutouts are very feminine and expressive. Everything from big heart designs at the back of tops and dresses to various cutouts in shoes help to exude the appeal of cutouts in a variety of garments and shoes.

Proudly wear your cutout garments and shoes, fashionistas!

--- Cutouts Online ---

It isn't recommended to cut out parts of your garments unless you're really crafty. So go buy some cutout pieces, like what I'm about to share with you here in this section. Your business would be appreciated if you shop around using these items:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

For cutout clothing:

For cutout footwear:

Other Sources...

Here are more sources you can look up for cutout garments. The majority of content featured here was mostly meant for US Women's sizes:

cutout garments on Amazon and cutout footwear on Amazon
all cutout fashions on eBay
all cutout fashions on Shopbop
cutout fashions on Neiman Marcus
cutout fashions on NORDSTROM
cutout clothing and shoes on Overstock
cutout shoes (women) on DSW
cutout fashions on Zappos

Happy [voluntary] shopping! :)

A little cutting out doesn't hurt. Just ask many a fashionista about cutout garments and shoes. I hope this blog post was an enjoyable one for you. Please take care of yourselves and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I love cutouts. They're fun and add such character to even basic, simple pieces!
They're a great way to show a little skin without revealing too much - I find them sexy!


John Marine said...

Love green on first pic!

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