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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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(UPDATED: July 16, 2017)

The one-piece pants that have trended in recent years are jumpsuits. Initially, I thought I blogged about jumpsuits before here on "StyleSpace by JBM," but apparently not! Until now, of course. Anyhow- a jumpsuit is a one-piece pant suit consisting of pants attached to a top. They can be thought of as pant alternatives to dresses- especially long dresses. These garments can range from fashion jumpsuits to jumpsuits worn for certain occupations (such as welding). Much like rompers got a modern revival, jumpsuits also have gained a modern revival. This blog post is all about jumpsuits.


I am defining jumpsuits as one-piece pants that extend below the knees. If you want to read about one-piece shorts (rompers/playsuits), I invite you to read this blog post instead:

"Rompers/Playsuits" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ my blog post on rompers/playsuits.

Otherwise, enjoy your read on jumpsuits here on StyleSpace by JBM!


JUL 16 2017 - edited look and added widgets

Jumpsuits at a Glance

Do not fall into any sort of fear or premonition that jumpsuits are ugly. In fact, I think some jumpsuits can be just as fun as a dress or any pair of pants. Some people just look at jumpsuits like only babies should wear them. That is entirely not true. Jumpsuits can be great to wear ranging from casual wear to a vast variety of evening jumpsuits. They can be enjoyed by various females from little girls to adults, and not to mention jumpsuits being wearable among petites and plus size females. About the only problem area I see with jumpsuits mostly are with tall females. They can be a total no-no for taller women.

What gives jumpsuits their beauty is in providing a slimming silhouette along with a chic pair of pants. Just like a dress is often flattering in providing a stylish top along with a skirt portion, a jumpsuit often provides a flattering top combined with a stylish pair of pants. Some of my favorite jumpsuits offer a stylish silhouette or offer a dress-like appearance (preferably wide legs or palazzo pant legs). Most jumpsuits I dislike have either boyfriend-like pant legs or harem-like pant legs.

Jumpsuits can be just as wearable as dresses. So if you love dresses, you may be able to find a jumpsuit that you can love as much as some of your favorite dresses. It is not likely you will find a jumpsuit you will love as much as or more than a certain dress. However, you can still find and wear a lovely enough jumpsuit that will be as wearable as your favorite dress or even your favorite pair of pants.

Jumpsuits in Pictures

Let's see some jumpsuits in pictures. You may visit the links to find these items online in case you're interested in them; but be warned- they image source links only take you to where I got the images from. You'll have to look around online if you're wanting to shop online for certain featured items. Just be sure to use certain search terms I may use to describe these images.

^ from: - Excluding its belt, this Michael Kors jumpsuit is the jumpsuit at its most basic. Jumpsuits may or may not have sleeves and/or straps.

denim jumpsuit
^ from: - The denim diva can enjoy denim jumpsuits like this one. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: It was tough to find a denim jumpsuit, since most of the denim jumpsuits I looked up are overalls. This was the best I could find and use to demonstrate a proper denim jumpsuit.)

strapless jumpsuit
^ from: - A jumpsuit can have shoulders and sleeves, or they can be completely strapless like this one.

cropped jumpsuit
^ from: - Not all jumpsuits extend down to the ankles. This jumpsuit's legs extend to about mid-calf.

harem or dropped crotch jumpsuit
^ from: - Fans of harem pants can enjoy jumpsuits such as these.

palazzo or wide-leg jumpsuits
^ from: - Jumpsuits with wide-legs can be great pant alternatives to dresses.

plus size jumpsuit
^ from: - If you think you are too curvy to wear a jumpsuit, think again! Curvy types can be just as fabulous in a jumpsuit as any other slim and slender lady.

versatile jumpsuit
^ from: - Some jumpsuits can be versatile to wear for a night out. Trade the casual daytime shoes for a pair of foxy night shoes to be set straight. Some jumpsuits can even serve as coverups for swimsuits.

Now for a kind of jumpsuit that... well, isn't going to win you any style points or get you Hype or Hearts on LOOKBOOK:

workwear jumpsuit
^ from: - Hard workers wear jumpsuits too. This is a coverall jumpsuit for those blue collar folks.

I hope this gives you some insight.

Jumpsuits Around the Internet

Here are blog posts featuring bloggers sporting jumpsuits. Remember- jumpsuits in this context relate to one-piece pants, not one-piece shorts (rompers). Take a look around (some bloggers may appear more than once):

"Polka Dot jumpsuit" (Maytedoll) « a polka dot jumpsuit paired with a blazer.
"Denim Jumpsuit" (Maytedoll) « a denim jumpsuit.
"WHITE SUMMER AND THE BLACK HALTER JUMPSUIT" (Haute and Rebellious Blog) « a halter jumpsuit.
"Black Jumpsuit" (tini-tani) « a harem-type jumpsuit.
"Polka Dot Jumpsuit" (Sara's Sweet Style) « a jumpsuit that looks like a dress at first glance.
"GREETINGS FROM AMALFI" (FETISH TOKYO) « a casual floral jumpsuit.
"2013/07/26 palm" (xoxo HiLAMEE) « a tropical-style jumpsuit.
"Printed Black and White Jumpsuit" (She Said He Said) « a printed jumpsuit.
"Wide Leg Jumpsuit" (She Said He Said) « an elegant, one-shoulder, wide-leg jumpsuit.
"My Royal Wardrobe" (Lynne Gabriel) « a royal blue jumpsuit with many accessories being worn.

"jumpsuit" on LOOKBOOK
"jumpsuit" entry on Chictopia

Does this give you enough excitement about jumpsuits?

Jumpsuits: Final Thoughts

Jumpsuits can be thought of as pant alternatives to dresses. They are about the best way I can market jumpsuits to you all. Many jumpsuits offer the one-piece comfort and style that make them wearable ranging from casual days to dressy nights. Feel free to enjoy the appeal that is associated with jumpsuits. The real appeal to me mostly lies in the different pant types that make up jumpsuits. Even if you're petite, curvy, or curvy petite, you can still enjoy jumpsuits and even enjoy wearing jumpsuits. Get out there and proudly wear your jumpsuits if you love them!

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Thank you for your support of my work. Remember- I have MUCH more to share with you than just these topics.

Jumpsuits Online

You may do some shopping online for jumpsuits with this section (completely voluntary), or you may skip ahead to the conclusion of this blog post.

If you want your own jumpsuits, you may look around online. Since you're here, I want you to find a jumpsuit that you'll probably and hopefully love to wear. So please be sure to help support my work by finding some items that may interest you based on what you've read in this blog post. Think about it for a moment- you've expended your energy and bandwidth and time to be here. You've (hopefully) enjoyed my post on jumpsuits. Why not complete the experience by shopping around for some jumpsuits? Why not complete the cycle of the information process? Take a look at these items and complete your experience. Thank you!


These are various jumpsuits you can find across POPSUGAR Shopping (formerly ShopStyle). Look around and find one or more jumpsuits that tickle your fancy. Different styles, different budgets, all awesome jumpsuits. So have a look:


Here are some jumpsuits you can buy on Amazon. Do a search to find more from them:

Other Sources.

Where else can you find some jumpsuits? These are some of many different other sources. Many of these were meant to be results for jumpsuits for women:

women's jumpsuits on Amazon
jumpsuits on eBay
jumpsuits on Shopbop
jumpsuits on Neiman Marcus
jumpsuits on NORDSTROM

Happy shopping, and thanks! :)

What do you think about jumpsuits? What makes a jumpsuit stylish to you if you love them? Share your thoughts and thank you for reading!

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