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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why So Mean?

John Marine | 1:33 PM | | | |
Fashion is one way to express yourself without saying anything. Some people wear fun novelty T-shirts with funny messages. One thing I've never understood is... why so mean? You know, some garments have mean (and even vulgar) messages or images on them. It all makes me wonder why even present yourself in this sort of way with these sorts of clothes. Keep in mind- I understand the comical aspect of various sarcastic T-shirts. I get that. However, what I don't understand is what would get somebody to wear some clothing with really offensive and/or hateful material on them. This blog post is a commentary piece where I simply ask... why so mean?

WARNING: Some material in this blog post may not be suitable for all audiences. Namely, some vulgar language.

--- Why So Mean? ---

Musical influence (click to see YouTube video): "Mean" by Taylor Swift

Mean messages. Vulgar language. Middle fingers. Sure- not everybody dresses pretty and cute. But at the same time, I never really grasped why one would express themselves in such foul ways. I don't know... I feel like certain things I'd wear would send either the wrong message about myself or would get me to not be as liked among others. I am more of an old-fashioned kind of person. So I don't wear any sort of offensive (even if comical) clothing in my wardrobe. I also don't have any mean message pictures in any of my online accounts.

I am a positive person! ^_^

One such place to look around online for mean message material is usually LOOKBOOK, where some people post outfits with vulgar language or with any objectionable content. Some outfits- especially among girls on LOOKBOOK- have some stylish outfits... only to be offset by something offensive or vulgar. Like one outfit (I'm leaving peoples' names undisclosed) had a cute-looking and charming outfit, but the collar of her blouse had "F***" on one side and "you" on the other side. Sometimes, this is almost like the moment I see a skull design or skull accessory as part of someone's outfit- an instant turn-off. I could mostly remember in the mid and late 2000s of girls wearing message shirts with messages like "If I throw you a stick, will you leave?" and "boys are stupid... throw rocks at them." While fashion is expression, I just don't dig mean message or vulgar language material in fashion. Do you really need to wear something hateful or mean? Yeah- it's just clothes, but I would think you'd have to have some kind of respect and not present yourself as anti-social.

So now that you have some insight on what I am discussing, how about I take things further with a look at various examples? That's where the next section comes in.

--- Why So Mean? Examples ---

I apologize for any bad language that may be featured in these pictures and examples. Take a look (I will replace any images and make any edits in case I am unable to use them (for copyright reasons)):

mean funny tee shirt
^ from: - This shirt says "My imaginary friend thinks you have serious mental problems." It is a novelty T-shirt, but why so mean?

sarcastic message women
^ from: - Another novelty T-shirt, but with a sarcastic message I disagree with involving females.

my mom says I'm pretty so fuck you
^ from: - My mom says I'm pretty, so... you can read the rest of the message. It's nice your mother says you're pretty, but... do you have to curse out people you don't know? Why so mean?

fuck off blouse
^ from: - Australian designer Black Stitch created this sleeveless blouse. It may be cute and stylish to wear from the outset, until you see the "f*** off" on the collar.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED... Find out how one blogger styled this shirt by looking at this blog post: "Imma end this now before things confuse you" (style2bones)

Now for some more blogging insight.

• Here is a little sarcasm. Leandra Medine (better known as "The Man Repeller") famously wore a shirt saying "All bloggers post the same stuff." You can see that post here among one of her many outfits in this post: "The What I Wores" (Man Repeller).

• A Polish designer called K YOU is famous for making some message clothing and accessories with bad language. One of their offerings has a message of "My mom says I'm pretty so f*** you," just like I mentioned earlier in this section. Here are some of their many offerings (English version): K YOU.

(untitled post) (NORMALNAYA) « a dress with pixelated middle fingers.

Again- why so mean? I don't get it.

--- Why So Mean? Final Thoughts ---

I know there is a comical aspect of this. I know there are people who actually wouldn't lower themselves to being so antisocial towards others by wearing these items. My only problem is just that I've never understood why be so mean towards others through the means of fashion. I don't have a "mad at the world" mentality to where I have to exhibit that mindset into my fashion and into my social media.

This is why I try to post on various aspects of fashion; not just on certain things in fashion I like. As much as there are fashion bloggers who try out certain fashions and trends they aren't even comfortable with, I often try to incorporate many things about fashion into my discussions because the average person who loves fashion and visits "StyleSpace by JBM" would want the "anything and everything" focus on fashion. That even includes people who prefer and love vulgar language and skulls and stuff. So I have to cater to and address such things.

But let me ask one more time... why so mean? What have I (or anyone else) ever done to you?

Why so mean? This concludes another unique blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM." What do you think about all of this? Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Yeah I don't get it either. I get the comedy aspect of it but I don't think anyone over 25 should be walking around with teeny bopper mean sayings on their tee shirts. It's just not cute. But then again, I just like presenting myself in a classy way at all times.

John Marine said...

I don't care for these types of messages either. Many of them are mean, and they send a message to others of immaturity, cattiness, and general meanness. Not very fashionable, in my opinion.

On the other hand, skulls have an occasional place in my wardrobe. I don't see anything sinister with them. :-)


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