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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Combat Boots

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(UPDATED: August 18, 2013)

Ready to fight? It's go time! Combat boots offer toughness and character that almost no other kind of shoes can offer. Males enjoy a wicked pair of combat boots to compliment their style. Females wear such boots to toughen up girly looks or to simply dress tough. For many people, there are nothing like military-type combat boots. Many others usually look to Dr. Martens for tough combat boots. No matter what, there are a pair of combat boots to suit your style. This blog post is about combat boots- the real kind and of the softer variety.


AUG 18 2013 - added some more inspirations

--- Combat Boots ---

Combat boots are fairly unisex for the most part. They exude a cool factor that is equal for both males and female. There is nothing "cute" about even the most feminine looks for combat boots. Even feminine combat boots adorned with floral prints or hearts are still fairly tough despite any cutesy designs. Combat boots usually are reserved for soldiers as part of their uniform. They need a tough and rugged pair of shoes while in combat or in some other roles. Among us fashionable types, many seek any sort of garments or items to bring toughness into our own style. So enter fashion combat boots.

At their heart, combat boots are tall lace-up boots with a rugged profile. They instantly exude character to people and to their outfits. Most people often associate combat boots with the Goth and punk crowds. Some even associate them with females trying to be tough or trying to toughen up otherwise cute looks.

Combat Boots - Male.

The guy looking to battle would find comfort in a pair of combat boots. For males, a pair of combat boots is usually complimented by some jeans or some shorts. There are some males who may tuck in jean legs into a pair of combat boots. The boots-tucked-into-jeans look isn't as common for males as it is for females, though; but the look is done. Combat boots are very common among most Goth and punk style males.

Combat Boots - Female.

It's rare I do this, but here is a bit of music to get you in the mood for my female audience to get into combat boots. Click on the link below to listen on YouTube:

Musical influence: "Battlefield," by Jordin Sparks

I just thought it was cool to maybe offer some music to help spice up my topics. Anyhow, moving on...

Most girls who wear combat boots either tuck them into jeans or downplay girly looks. For example, you may commonly see a cute dress worn with a tough pair of combat boots. Almost as if a girl NEEDS to look tough or needs to avoid being too cute. A nice touch loved by some females who wear combat boots are certain designs and patterns on the inside of the shaft of the combat boots. The shaft of some combat boots can be folded down to show some of the interior for a girly touch to a tough pair of shoes. The most common combat boot looks for females usually are with skirts and dresses. I commonly see dresses paired with combat boots. They can also be styled with jeans for a tough jeans-tucked-into-boots look. Some others will even pair combat boots with shorts or even paired with tights (opaque and fishnet varieties).

So combat boots will do the trick in offering up a degree of toughness for a certain outfit. Of course, I always believe anyone should dress however they please. If you don't want to wear something tough because you feel you have to, then just stay with a certain theme and don't ruin it. If you want to go head-to-toe cute and girly, don't be under any pressure to toughen up if you don't want to. Just wear clothing the way you feel most comfortable and what you feel exudes your character the most.

There is your insight on combat boots. Time to move further.

--- Combat Boots in Pictures ---

Here is a further look at combat boots.

combat boots
^ from: - The Dr. Martens 1460 boots are the most popular combat boots.

combat boots men
^ from: - This rugged pair of combat boots is for men.

combat boots women
^ from: - Feminine combat boots.

chic combat boots
^ from: - This pair of combat boots have no lack of chic appeal. Chic meets tough.

girly combat boots
^ from: - Combat boots are tough, but they can still have a girly touch.

There are your picture inspirations of combat boots.

--- Combat Boots Around the Internet ---

I found a number of blog posts featuring combat boots and combat-like boots. I try to feature male and female versions, but the majority of items here will be female bloggers sporting combat boots. I have also included a very good piece from Chictopia that might interest you as well. Without any further hesitation, here are your online inspirations:

"Skating Skirt and Sketchbook Swirls" (Burst of Color) « modest combat-type boots.
"Bike Day" (Preppy Petite) « rose pink combat boots.
"Love is a Battle Field" (Deconstruction) « combat boots paired with a long top and a cute skirt.
"Girly Meets Tough" (ULIMALI) « combat boots with a dress.
"FALL-ified!" (Nany's Klozet) « studded combat boots with a dress and a jacket.
"velvet" (Glisters and Blisters) « wedge combat boots.
(ADDED: August 18, 2013) "The Graffiti and This Rocker Chick" (Lynne Gabriel) « combat boots with a cropped top and skirt.

combat boots on LOOKBOOK (Guys)
combat boots on LOOKBOOK (Girls)
combat boots on Chictopia

Those are some of different blog posts I've found regarding combaat boots. I hope this helps you all gain some inspiration on combat boots.

--- Combat Boots: Final Thoughts ---

Combat boots are all about toughness with their rugged profile. Anyone looking to toughen up and show some character can do so wearing a pair of combat boots. Any time is a good time to be ready for battle. If you want to talk fashion with combat boots, be your own fashion soldier and lead your own charge against whomever gets in your way.

I am in no way crazy over combat boots. However, I don't hate them, and I wouldn't recommend any sort of outfits to be paired best with combat boots. It is your call if you want to rock these boots as part of your wardrobe and as part of your outfits. Wear combat boots proudly with your outfits and with your style.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here are a few other topics related to combat boots and some of the themes I have expressed in this post:

"Dr. Martens (or Doc Martens)" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ Dr. Martens make the most famous combat boots- the 1460. More about this brand and their shoes are featured in this blog post.

"Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' Boots" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ Even though they are not true combat boots, the "Lita" booties from Jeffrey Campbell have a combat boot-like look and feel as one of the premier "it" shoes of fashion. This blog post is a look at the ever-popular lace-up booties that combine combat boots with the chic appeal of any average pair of booties.

"Let's Talk About Boots" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ Various talking points about boots are featured in this blog post. Let's talk about boots, baby! :)

I hope this post has been to your liking. You may either choose to do some voluntary shopping for items in the next section based on combat boots, or you may skip it and go to the conclusion of this post.

--- Combat Boots Online ---

Looking for a pair of combat boots online? Let me help you! Please use the items in this section to help you in finding your own pair of combat boots:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

For females:

For males:

Other Sources...

combat boots on Amazon (males and females)
all combat boots on eBay (males and females)

Happy shopping (if doing any)!

What do you think about combat boots? Thank you for reading, and feel free to comment!

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John Marine said...

I wore combat boots a lot in high school, and I still sort of like them but sometimes they feel too young to me. Maybe it's because I wore them in the 90s? I think they're cute with dresses for a hard and soft look.


John Marine said...

Aw, I'm so in love with that floral pair of combat boots! Quintessentially girl meets grunge (: I noticed one of my links too--thanks for being such a lovely supporter. I agree that combat boots aren't my favorite choice of shoe, but if you need that extra punch they can be great!

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