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Thursday, August 15, 2013


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(UPDATED: August 19, 2013)

I can tolerate crosses, unlike skulls. Many people wear crosses either to show faith or to go with some edgy rocker-type outfit. Crosses have been one of the latest fashion statements of the past few years. However you sport crosses (if you do), there is something to love about the trend of crosses. This blog post is my own sort of look at the trend of crosses. What does wearing a cross or multiple crosses mean to you? What kind of impact do you think they offer?

Welcome to another post here on the stylish space of my blogging universe- "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"


AUG 19 2013 - added/edited a link in the blogging inspirations

--- Crosses in Fashion ---

Crosses are usually worn for one of two reasons. Some wear crosses to exude rock-type chic and edge. Some others wear crosses for show faith. There are religious and rocker reasons, then, for wearing crosses. The fashion crowd will likely side with crosses for edgy rock chic. I am not crazy over crosses, but I can very much tolerate crosses unlike most skulls. Maybe it's the faith aspect or whatever. Not that I am incredibly educated in religion, but I am a Christian.

Let me share something posted by one of my blogging friends regarding crosses as a trend. This will provide a little extra insight on wearing crosses as a fashion statement:

" This print seems to be controversial, because of its deep symbolic meaning. What does the upside down cross mean? Historically, it is the cross of St. Peter or Simon Peter. Peter was one of the original 12 apostles that followed Jesus Christ. When Peter was sentenced to death by the Emperor, he requested to be hung upside down. Peter felt that he was not worthy to die in the same manner as Jesus Christ did which was on a cross right side up.

...It's edgy, it's rock chic and really classy."

-Agnieszka (better known as "Aga") of "Aga's suitcase"

To read more of her post and for her own cross-laden look, you are invited to read this post: How to wear it ? - Cross trend (Aga's suitcase). This link will appear again later in this post.

I am not anyone educated or indulged in rock music, so I can't speak to the level of toughness and edginess of crosses. Crosses surely provide some edge. Crosses- like stars- can have a great edgy impact to an outfit if done a certain way. Some wear crosses for faith or to express faith. The reasons vary, but crosses are very much their own trend and their own style.

I hope this gives you all some insight on crosses.

--- Cross Examples ---

How about I cross your mind with some cross examples? I had a tough time trying to find examples from some other sites, so I mostly stuck to Amazon. The important thing is in educating my audience... so here goes:

cross tank
^ from: - This tank top has a big cross made out of many studs.

cross blouse
^ from: - This is a dolman sleeve blouse with a sparkly cross design.

cross leggings
^ from: - Show some serious rock edge by rocking a pair of cross-adorned leggings.

cross heel pumps
^ from: - Stilettos with crosses.

cross jeans
^ from: - These jeans have a cross design on the back pockets.

multiple crosses
^ from: - Multiple artistic crosses adorn this men's T-shirt.

big artistic cross
^ from: - This hoodie has a huge cross on it designed artistically with angel wings on it.

cross necklace
^ from: - Loads of crosses adorn this necklace.

dove and cross bag
^ from: - This tote features a dove and cross.

There are many ways to sport crosses, as you can see from this section.

--- Crosses Around the Internet ---

If you're a fashion blogger, if you wear something relevant to topics I discuss, and if I find your post... you might end up here with a link from my blog to yours. This section about crosses is no different. So here are bloggers who wear some kind of cross item or items (some may appear more than once):

How to wear it ? - Cross trend (Aga's suitcase) « a button-down shirt with many crosses on it.
"Mani(c) Monday: White Nails" (mioprincesslovespink!) « a cross ring.
"THIS TRIBAL SWEATER MAKES ME WANT TO ROCK" (Haute and Rebellious Blog) « multiple cross accessories worn.
"CROSS YOUR TEES AND DOT YOUR EYES - NEW AT WWW.HAUTEANDREBELLIOUS.COM" (Haute and Rebellious Blog) « a high-low/mullet tank dress with a huge cross.
"cross my heart" (indie.electronic.alternative) « a cross bracelet.
"Cross" (.a little princess.) « a cross necklace.
"The Patchwork" (Song of Style) « a cross ring and a cross bracelet.
"DARK RIDING HOOD" (Art In Our Blood) « a black shirt with a gold cross pattern.
"GENEVA" (Art In Our Blood) « a Baroque cross-adorned skirt.
(untitled post) (NORMALNAYA) « a sweater with golden crosses.
"GIRL DIVISION" (BORNTOBOTHERYOU) « cross necklace and cross shirt.
"Blue Pants" (Miss Kassandra Brooks) « cross bracelet.
"REMIX: ombré denim shorts..." (Nany's Klozet) « cross necklace.

"cross" on LOOKBOOK
"cross" on Chictopia

The focus was mostly on trying to find crosses in certain outfits. Unfortunately, just looking for "cross" can also mean for things like cross body handbags... which is NOT relevant to this blog post's topic.

--- Crosses: Final Thoughts ---

While I am not crazy over crosses, I've tolerated these more than I have most skull outfits. Some people wear crosses for any number of reasons ranging from edgy rock chic to showing some faith. Crosses are very much on point as a trend for many people who have something with a cross to them. If you like crosses, you are free to think however you please on crosses. Just proudly wear these cross-adorned clothes and shoes as you do your other items if you love crosses.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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That concludes the majority of this post on crosses.

--- Crosses Online ---

Normally, I try to offer as many different items for you all in case you want to look around online for relevant items based on a topic I post. But because I've had such poor luck finding appropriate items, I will only showcase these items below for this section. Remember that your involvement in shopping for items is voluntary- meaning you don't have to do so if you don't want to. What is most important in these situations is to offer as much relevant content as possible and as many different options as possible. Otherwise, I don't feature links to other sites. So take these, or leave them:

That's all from me. Happy shopping!

What do you think about crosses? Do you admire them more for edge or for religious-type reasons? I am glad you were able to find this post on "StyleSpace by JBM." And for that, let me thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I am personally not a fan of the cross trend, but I do like those cross stilettos. They're just cool and unique!!


John Marine said...

Oh, I am totally the same! I can't do skulls at all, but I find crosses okay, especially for religious purposes. For style purposes though, they are great for the edgy dressers!

John Marine said...

I have one skull scarf and one cross top, a few necklaces but for me its a fashion print. I am not against or for it really, If girls like it and want to wear it fine. But those cross leggings are a little much LOL

XO Chelsea

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