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Monday, October 28, 2013


John Marine | 9:36 PM |
On October 28, 2012; I joined LOOKBOOK. I actually can't believe it's been one full year because it's passed so fast... which also describes my life, but that's another story for another time. I figured I use this blog post to share what one year on LOOKBOOK has been for me. So if you want to know about my LOOKBOOK experience and some of my thoughts, you've come to the right place.

For more information on LOOKBOOK, visit This link will appear again later in this post.

--- LOOKBOOK Thoughts ---

As I somewhat celebrate my first year on LOOKBOOK, I figure I offer my thoughts on my time on LOOKBOOK.

LOOKBOOK at a Glance.

One of the premier online mediums for showcasing fashion, LOOKBOOK offers an outlet for fashionable types to share and comment on fashion. It features a good number of different fashion outfits from people worldwide. These fashionable types range from not really popular ones to some of the ones whom are almost essentially LOOKBOOK heavyweights. This is where you come across some of the LOOKBOOK heavyweights from all around the world like Kryz Uy, Flavia Desgranges van der Linden, Jennifer Grace, Lua P., Anila, Konstantina Tzagaraki, Christina Caradona, Adam Gallagher, Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn, and Anouska Proetta Brandon among many others. You will also find many more fashionable types from many other parts of the world.

So what styles fly on LOOKBOOK? Many! You'll find styles from both males and females (guys and girls in LOOKBOOK terminology). You may find those who mostly dress up in handsome and stylish outfits. A lot of girls will have some cute looks served up. Some girls were born with glitter in their veins, and they'll share their glamour being all dolled up in chic fashions. Some will just play it casual and show you some fashionably casual outfits. Or what if you're the one who says "cute is for kids?" Well, there are many edgy, Goth, and punk type fashions ready to blow your mind. Types like Lua P. and Bernadette F. surely will please you if you're mostly into very edgy fashions.

If you post an outfit, you're assured at least three things: (1) comments, (2) Hype, and (3) Love. You are free to comment on one's looks. You might even get replies to your comments from either the person himself/herself or another LOOKBOOK member! Hypes on LOOKBOOK are like "likes" on Facebook. The more Hype you get from others, the better. Vastly Hyped outfits may even find their way onto the front page among the top looks. So if you post a great outfit that many people Hype, you may be among the current hot looks! You know you're doing great if at least one of your looks is on the front page. Love (or which many call "Hearting") is for looks you absolutely love. Be careful using this feature because you can only give one Heart for a look within a 24-hour period. Once you give a Heart for a look you love, you can not give a Heart for another look until about 24 hours. I even refused to post a comment about a look I loved until I was able to give a Heart again. Then again... some don't mind if you are unable to Heart a look. I know because I told Konstantina T., that I would heart a look of hers, but she said that just commenting on it was good enough.

You can give all sorts of hashtags to define a certain outfit. These hashtags can also be used as entries for certain contests and promotions on LOOKBOOK.

And there is a basic look at LOOKBOOK.

--- My Own LOOKBOOK Experience ---

Let me share with you my LOOKBOOK experience and what being on this service has meant to me.

My Time on LOOKBOOK.

It has been valuable for me to meet and interact with many different fashionable folks on LOOKBOOK. Even more so to learn of other blogs from these LOOKBOOK members.

Now for what I get commonly thrown at me on LOOKBOOK: how come I don't have any looks to share. Some people would probably say that it would be pointless to join LOOKBOOK if you don't have any looks of your own to share. Last I checked, I am not required to have at least one outfit to share. There are reasons why I don't do outfit posts. The biggest reason- I just don't do any. I am not fashionable at all. I don't even think I am anything handsome enough to even share an outfit post. I am an active comment maker on LOOKBOOK. I am just not fashionable enough, nor am I seriously qualified on the fashion front to share and discuss fashion. I appreciate that others may or may not like my commentary on fashion, but I am in no way anyone qualified in fashion to share any outfits.

What LOOKBOOK Has Taught Me.

One thing LOOKBOOK has taught me more than anything else is just how many fashionable and fashion-savvy people there are in the world. Once I started finding fashionable people that I like, I started following their blogs (granted they have a blog). Best of all was that many of the ones I follow are here on the Blogger/Blogspot platform.

Sometimes looking around on LOOKBOOK, I try to find an internationally diverse array of people whose style I like. I've found so many different stylish folks I like from places like Brazil, Spain, France, Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Italy, Russian Federation, Egypt, South Africa, Israel, India, Singapore, Philippines, all among many places. I don't want to just meet a certain clientèle of people whose style I like- I also want to connect with as many fashionable types from as many different parts of the world as possible. LOOKBOOK has helped me in this respect, and I am certainly thankful to come across so many personalities worldwide.

I have even used LOOKBOOK to promote "StyleSpace by JBM," which you are reading right now. Since this is a fashion blog, it makes sense to promote a fashion blog in a fashion community like LOOKBOOK.

To Anyone From LOOKBOOK Reading This...

Welcome to my fashion blog- "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!" I am John Marine of Houston, Texas, USA. I am the guy posting some of the interesting comments you probably liked reading. I am the one trying to unintentionally give rhymes ("...[adjective] smile and [adjective] hairstyle" for example), witty comments, and sometimes attempt alliteration. I am more than pleased to know you and to follow your style.

Looking Back on One Year on LOOKBOOK.

So this is where my time on LOOKBOOK has given me as of this blog post:

• 66 Fans
• 290 Fanned
• 0 Looks
• 0 Topics
• 0 Hearts
• 0 Karma
• 0 Average Karma

It's been a wild ride. I hope it's a wild ride I can continue to be a part of.

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John Marine said...

I've joined Lookbook fairly recently but I think I like the same things about it as you do...just seeing so many people across the world and their outfits...there is something democratic about these sites that appeals to me, the fact you don't have to be in a fashion industry to be a part of fashion community...same goes for fashion blogs.

John Marine said...

Hi John! Nice to meet you! First of all I'd like to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, appreciate it! I think your article is very well written and true. I agree with you, you don't have to share looks instead you can simply share your opinion. By the way, I like your comments on Lookbook, I think they are very accurate! Have a nice day John:)


John Marine said...

Thanks for the info on Lookbook. I had not heard of this site before. It sounds like a good way to get your own name out there (whether through commenting or posting) as well as discover new style from all over the world.


John Marine said...

I have a Lookbook page too, but haven't really posted on there in a while. :) I rarely find time for all of these. :)

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