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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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The one-piece appeal of bodysuits allows one to enjoy being covered up top and at the bottom. These can either be swimsuit-like bodysuits or bodysuit shirts and blouses. One is all or mostly covered depending on how the bodysuit is styled. If you fancy the bodysuits I am discussing, then you might like this blog post, which is all about bodysuits. Now before going any further, the discussion is on fashion bodysuits; NOT lingerie bodysuits or shapers. You will see what I mean as I go along with this post.

--- Bodysuits ---

Bodysuits are one-piece tops complete with a top portion and a bottom portion attached. They are more like (and I am not trying to be funny) onesies for grown-ups. Many think of leotards or something in regards to bodysuits. And of course, you have your '80s lovers who have fond memories of such one-piece leotard-type outfits. One of the advantages to wearing a bodysuit is that you don't have to worry about any kind of pulling down your top/shirt when leaning over backwards or something. Another comfortable advantage is in not providing any discomforting peek of your butt crack if bending over or leaning forward.

The comfort of wearing a one-piece item like a bodysuit lends itself to a number of ways to style them. Since you're covered (unless wearing some kind of skimpy bodysuit), one may likely go with some denim jean shorts or maybe some chic skirt. Some may even dare going to office environments pairing a bodysuit with some dressy pants or a dressy skirt.

--- Bodysuits in Pictures ---

How about I show you some pictures of the bodysuits I'm talking about? Take a look (hover mouse over the image to learn full name of product from each image source):

bodysuit T-shirt
^ from: - This bodysuit is shaped and styled like a basic T-shirt. Only difference is that this is a one-piece top.

^ from: - A bodysuit like this one can be worn comfortably as a top to compliment almost any sort of bottoms you wear with it.

jersey bodysuit
^ from: - Here is another bodysuit that could likely be passed as a regular top tucked into some bottoms.

bodysuit shirt
^ from: (best I could find) - This bodysuit features a classy top with an attached lingerie bottom all in one garment.

Are you fashionistas daring enough for THIS bodysuit:

strapless bodysuit
^ from: - This strapless bodysuit is backless and with a very deep neckline.

Do you now see the ways a bodysuit can be styled? I actually had a tough time trying to find pictures for you all because most bodysuit images I found were either onesies that babies and toddlers wear, or they were lingerie and shapers.

--- Bodysuit Blogging Inspiration ---

A few fashionistas dared try wearing bodysuits as part of their outfits. I found these examples for you to showcase wearing a bodysuit as a top (NOTE: Some bloggers may appear more than once):

"IMAGINATION!" (SerialKlother) « a black strapless bodysuit paired with a skirt and pumps.
"Mermaid like" (Something Fashion) « a bodysuit with a stylish skirt and peep-toe pumps.
"vedette giveaway" (Tuolomee) « bodysuit as part of a classy shorts outfit.
"Denim & Stripes" (Native Fox) « a striped bodysuit with long sleeves.
"Monochromatic Blush" (Native Fox) « a blush-colored bodysuit.
"7 For All Mankind x Smashbox" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « a fierce outfit with a black bodysuit.
"501s & Bodysuits" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « a white mesh bodysuit.
"An Affair in Red Square" (Hapa Time) « a blouse bodysuit as part of a classy chic look.
"Odd One Out" (Only the marvelous) « a black bodysuit worn with a black high-low skirt.
(untitled post) (NORMALNAYA) « "Freak of Nature Day of the Dead" bodysuit with shorts.

If I find more, I may edit this post feature more bodysuit posts and outfits.

--- Bodysuits: Final Thoughts ---

It is very interesting how one can take a bodysuit and pair it with a number of different bottoms and some kind of outerwear. I've done a number of posts on different kinds of one-piece outfits- rompers/playsuits, jumpsuits, overalls/dungarees, and one-piece swimsuits. Bodysuits can be every bit as fashionable as any other sort of one-piece garment. Style them appropriately if you love them, fashionistas!

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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That concludes this blog post. You can go to the next section or skip ahead to the next section.

--- Bodysuits Online ---

If my post on bodysuits was to your liking, perhaps you're interested in getting your own bodysuit(s). I can help you by offering you these items. Your business is always appreciated if you wish to shop for items based on what you see in my blog posts. Here you go:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

Be warned that while I tried not to discuss lingerie-type bodysuits, they are offered in this widget:

Other Sources...

I have honestly struggled trying to find relevant items in case you want your own bodysuit. So I am only providing these links:

bodysuits on Amazon (Women)
bodysuits on eBay

Happy [voluntary] shopping! :)

What do you think about bodysuits? I did the best I could to bring this to you all. I hope my efforts paid off. Thank you for reading!

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Kendra Alexandra said...

I personally love bodysuits but almost never wear them. I guess, to each their own!


Blog: Stolen Inspiration
Instagram: KendraAlexandra
Facebook: StolenInspiration

John Marine said...

I had a couple of bodysuits in high school that I just LOVED! Your post made me nostalgic, and also made me think I might need to nab another one soon!


John Marine said...

Loved the green bodysuit, although it's a bit too plunging for me. The color and style is gorgeous. Nice picks John!


Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

I never wore a body suit! But love to see it on others! Hahaha <3

John Marine said...

Good post! You actually reminded me that I own two of these and haven't really worn them. :) I like the black and shirt-model ones.

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