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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


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You can't see me! Camouflage is usually worn to blend into certain environments, and it is also usually worn by soldiers. In fashion, camouflage usually consists of traditional military-type camouflage. Another style of camo is hunting camo for all of you outdoor sport types. Camouflage in fashion and in accessories is what this blog post is all about. Love you some camo? Well hopefully, all the tender loving camo care (TLCC?) you can handle will be included in this blog post.

--- Camouflage in Fashion ---

Camouflage is usually and commonly associated with military-type camouflage. Camo for soldiers is commonly the sort of black/green/brown. There are also other kinds of camo worn by various soldiers. Other camouflage examples include designs for desert camo (lot of brown colors), Marine camo (lot of blue colors), and urban camo among others. For the girly-girl, there is also pink camo. You know... pink camo for girls want to tell other girls that they can't see them.

Sports teams may even wear camouflage in support of troops. For example, there are times when the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball wear special uniforms adorned with camo in support of the men and women of our Armed Forces. In 2011, the USS Carl Vinson played host to a unique NCAA college basketball game between North Carolina and Michigan State. Many soldiers were on hand in San Diego, CA to see these college basketball game as well as President Barack Obama. The players wore unique uniforms adorned with camouflage. The colors of the basketball uniforms were unique to the two schools- the light blue colors for UNC and the green for Michigan State. There was a college basketball game in 2012 held at an Air Force base in Germany. This game involved the University of Connecticut and Michigan State University. Both teams were dressed up in camouflage uniforms as they played for American troops stationed at the Ramstein Air Force base.

Anyhow, I don't necessarily think people wear camo to show they're soldiers or support the military- though there are those who are proud of members of the military. By the way- that is absolutely NOT a problem. I also support and honor all of the men and women serving in the American military. Doesn't matter if it's the Coast Guard, the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Force... I salute all my men and women protecting the United States home and abroad. But back to the discussion of camo. Most people wear camo for the pattern and for the colors. I would commonly see green camo pants and jeans as far as camo garments are concerned. I've sometimes seen camo shorts. Often times, camo bottoms are usually paired with combat boots for that soldier look, or often with some other tough shoes. Some try to dress up camo. Ever seen camo jeans/pants worn with high heels or some other fashionable shoes? Even I think it is cool for a female to pair some cargo camouflage jeans/pants with some zip-up booties or some high-heel pumps. Some go with camo footwear- even a basic pair of flip-flop/thong sandals adorned with camouflage patterns. There are also other camo garments like camo shirts, camo jackets, camo scarves, camo skirts, camo dresses, and the like. There are even camo accessories for various smartphones and tablet PCs.

There are so many ways to wear camo and be seen in camo. Here are two little examples of camouflage prevalent:

Traditional Camouflage.

The most common camouflage you'll see is the traditional black/green/brown Army camo. This is what you will commonly see people wear. It isn't just females who wear camo- us males also rock camo as well. Not me, though. In recent times, there has been digital camouflage designed much the same way as traditional camo, but with more sharp edges.

Hunting Camouflage.

When researching this topic, I also found out about hunting camouflage. I have not seen a single episode of the extremely popular Duck Dynasty, but it is what I can immeidately refer to as far as pop culture with hunting camo. You don't see hunting camo unless you see someone hunting or something. Camo is otherwise more common with military-type camo.

I do just want to make mention of hunting camo just to add to the conversation.

--- Camouflage in Fashion Pictures ---

How do you rock camouflage? How can you rock camo? Let me share some examples:

Traditional Camouflage.

Here's all the camo loving you can handle:

camo shirt
^ from: - This is a basic camouflage T-shirt.

camo pants
^ from: - These women's camo pants are an example of how stylish camo can be for females. Fashionable types would wear anything from combat boots to some kind of chic shoes or boots.

camo dress
^ from: - This dress has camouflage print.

camo jacket
^ from: - Here is a twill cropped jacket colored in camouflage.

camo leggings
^ from: - Because girls love leggings... do camo leggings like these tickle your fancy?

camo tank top
^ from: - Besides traditional green, camouflage can be fashionable in other colors.

pink camouflage
^ from: - Pink camouflage! You happy now?

camo heels
^ from: - Put some camo on your feet! Wonder what kind of military would allow these camo pumps be worn...

camo handbag
^ from: - Camo doesn't hurt for bags and accessories, either.

Hunting Camouflage.

Examples of hunting camo:

male hunting camo
^ from: - Here is some hunting camo for males.

women hunting camo
^ from: - Women's hunting camo pants.

women chic hunting camo
^ from: - Women's hunting camo... with a fashionable twist.

Duck Dynasty hunting camo
^ from: - Get your Duck Dynasty on with this!

There's your look at camo. You like?

--- Camouflage Around the Internet ---

Time to share camouflage around the Internet, including the blogosphere. Get your camo inspiration from these people who sport their camo. These are all about Blogger/Blogspot blogs. So if you like their work, feel free to follow their work. Some bloggers may appear more than once to exhibit different looks.

"Kardashian Kollection Camouflage Jeans and Hogwarts Graphic Tshirt" (Camilascloset) « camo jeans with boots.
"Impossible" (Stormia) « camo leggings with booties.
"Feminine Camouflage" (She Said He Said) « camo skinny jeans.
"Polka Dots and Firmoo Glasses" (She Said He Said) « camouflage designer glasses.
"Camo" (Sara's Sweet Style) « long camo top.
"This Dizzy Dreamer" (A Flower Child) « leggings with camo patches.
"#shoecult Camo Kicks" (Hapa Time) « camouflage fashion sneakers.
"HIS AND HER KLOZET: "coco, piña, parcha"" (Nany's Klozet) « two looks on two people: she wears camo pants, and he wears camo shorts.
"Toughen Up" (ULIMALI) « Army parka in camouflage.
"Paradox in Spring" (Lucy and The Runaways) « camo jacket with a magenta dress.
"Graffiti Beach San Diego and Online" (A FASHION NERD) « camouflage overalls.
"Camo" (My Silk Fairytale) « camouflage button-down shirt.

These links are based on search results:
"camo" on LOOKBOOK and "camouflage" on LOOKBOOK
Camouflage entry on Chictopia

These are your blogger influences regarding camouflage. You may contact me via E-Mail if you have any relevant looks you think I should check out or add in edited blog posts.

--- Camouflage: Final Thoughts ---

The majority of those who wear camouflage mostly sport this style for its pattern. The diversity of colors in one garment more than make up what makes up the appeal of wearing camo. There is a toughness to camo that makes it fashionable among many people. You don't have to be a soldier, a hunter, or be in any such way involved with any military to enjoy camouflage.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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Please don't forget about my other posts in this blog! I want you to enjoy more content from me than what you've just read. You're in my restaurant (metaphorically speaking)- I'm just here to fill you up with goodness. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of blogging goodness. So stay as long as you like! And also remember you can never get full off of my blog posts. Plus- you don't have to worry about counting calories or anything here.

Anyhow- thanks for reading this post! :)

--- Camouflage Online ---

You may check this section out or skip it. This is the kind of topic and the point of the post where I must welcome my audience who would like to score some items online relevant to this blog topic. So go get yourself some camouflage goodies if you enjoyed this post. Your business would be appreciated, but shopping for items online from this post is voluntary.

POPSUGAR Shopping.

For feminine camouflage items:

For masculine camouflage items:

For camouflage footwear (females only?):

Other Sources...

More camo lovin'! There are separate links because I used two different search terms to build these links. I tried to find the best one to deliver the most results and most options to you all. Note the quoted text in each featured link. Those are the search terms I used to find the best possible material for you all. So have a look around:

"camo" on Amazon (clothing) and "camo" on Amazon (Shoes)

"camo" on eBay (Men), "camo" on eBay (Women), "camouflage" on eBay (Men), and "camouflage" on eBay (Women)

"camo" on Shopbop (females only)

"camo" on NORDSTROM

"camo" on

"camo" on

"camo" on

"camo" on

"camo" on Revolve Clothing

Happy shopping! :)

I just want to make a note again from earlier... I support and honor all of the men and women in the military who serve and protect the United States home and abroad. Thank you all. Anyhow- what do you think about camouflage? Comment away and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Oh, John! Great post! I love this print, I have amazing romantic style italian silk dress in camouflage. It is fantastic polar combination - silk and military.

John Marine said...

Thanks for links tomorrow I learn them)! So bright!

John Marine said...

You can either love or hate this print, I guess. I have a few items in it, but more discreet patterns. :)

John Marine said...

I'm not a huge fan of camouflage, but I think in small amounts, it add a cool touch to casual outfits. I like it when it's mixed with rock-n-roll tees or slightly edgier jewelry.


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