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Thursday, December 19, 2013


John Marine | 10:55 PM | |
Even the best looks and outfits mean nothing without quality photography. A lot of fashion bloggers have various methods of photography. Some are alone and use a tripod or a webcam. Some others have people photograph them. Some others just photograph anyone randomly or candidly. Regardless, quality photography makes every fashion post come alive. This is a brief post regarding the importance of photography in capturing outfit posts.

--- How Important is Photography? ---

What I have found to be key factors in photography of outfits is usually how well one can capture another's beauty in a picture. When you think about it, capturing one's looks in a picture can be just as important in fashion as putting together a nice outfit. A well-photographed, well-structured outfit often equates to timeless pictures.

Take it from someone who has taken lots of pictures as well as shot some video- photography is everything. Especially if you are going to showcase your style through a variety of pictures, it is best you have either great photography skills or someone dedicated at taking the best possible pictures of your outfits. Some fashion bloggers even have certain professional photographers represented in pictures. Some fashion bloggers have friends, family, and loved ones who take pictures of others. The pictures themselves may be raw or be edited just for fun. Regardless, great photography makes a huge difference in showcasing fashion in a special way. Some have natural photogenic talent; some others don't. Some are photogenic in terms of not being shy about being photographed in pictures; some others aren't as friendly with cameras.

One other thing to keep in mind is that you will have pictures you either love or hate. That is human nature in any form of picture taking or video shooting. Lord knows I've had a bunch of pictures I've loved and loathed- even pictures of myself I've loved and loathed. To convey the best showcase of fashion style, taking the best possible pictures and/or video is paramount. One of the worst feelings is having a perfect shot or a perfect pose... all ruined because it is either too blurry or not photographed in an acceptable and presentable way. You could try to edit the image as best as you can; but 4 out of 5 times, you feel disgusted that a better picture could have been taken. These pictures can be taken from anything ranging from cheap electronic cameras, camera features on smartphones and portable media players, webcams, proper video cameras, camcorders, and even to professional options like DSLR cameras. What matters the most is getting the best-possible pictures to showcase one's fashion style the best possible way.

So, yeah... photography is a BIG deal in regards to capturing outfits in posts and pictures.

--- Photography and Fashion ---

Let's talk fashion and photography. You don't think photography is a big deal in portraying fashion? I'll have you think again with this blog post and this section. I want you to Follow each blogger I feature here in case you like their work. All or most of these are Blogger/Blogspot blogs, so if you use the Blogger/Blogspot platform, I hope I've introduced you to some new bloggers. Here are some talking points...

Using the Environment.

One aspect of beautiful photography is in using the environment to create subtle touches to enhance outfits. For example, a female wearing a light pink outfit while walking through a field of white flowers. I have provided a few examples of using the environment to make looks a bit more touching. Here are some examples:

"Ann Taylor Vintage Crochet Lace Dress + Polka Dots " (Stylish Petite) « muted pink colors in the setting complimenting her handbag and pumps.
"LAVENDER LOVE" (Haute and Rebellious Blog) « lavender cut out dress while around lavender flower petals.
"Pastels & Neons" (Kolorowa dusza) « pastel and neon outfit around many flowers on trees.
"The Phone Booth" (Lynne Gabriel) « a black outfit with red accents both with the outfit and with her surroundings.
"A fragile dream." (Dora Fashion) « dark Autumn tones to compliment an outfit.
"Falling Leaves" (Burst of Color) « the blogger plays around in a Fall/Autumn setting.
"Autumn Sunset" (Cupcake's Clothes) « with a setting sun, it provides an interesting hue to her outfit.

Shining in the Rain (or Snow).

If it is raining, go home and wait until the rain passes. Right? Well, some don't! Some tend to embrace the rain and make some nice blog posts. Lighten the mood and take a look at these bloggers in the rain... and even in snowy weather:

"Look: Total Black" (Aibina's Blog) « all-black outfit while in the rain.
"Kiss the rain whenever you need me" (My Blonde Gal) « beautiful floral dress outfit while in the rain.
"Denim in the rain..." (Nany's Klozet) « a denim outfit while in the rain.
"Passion of Rain" (Hummingbird Girl) « a double umbrella in the rain.
"Ladylike" (Koko Luxe) « a dress outfit featuring one post in pouring rain.

"Snow!" (Kolorowa dusza) « a stylish cold weather outfit while out in falling snow.
"Ne giydim ? 2 kombin birden :)" (Tugba Tunckaya) « falling snow with a coat outfit worn two different ways.
"The ?hronicles of Narnia: winter is back" (gvozdiShe) « gorgeous gown in a snowy setting.
"Red Queen" (gvozdiShe) « gorgeous gown in a snowy setting.

Having Fun and Being Natural.

Nothing makes an outfit shine than being playful and creative. Why not have fun with fashion rather than just be all serious? Here are a few blog post examples featuring the bloggers being playful with their clothing... and a bit silly. Have a look at these:

"Dope" (My Lyfe ; My Story) « the wearer with creative poses while sporting an interesting sweatshirt.
"Light As Air" (cute & little) « this petite blogger twirls in her maxi dress.
"Hula Hoop Clothing" (Hummingbird Girl) « blogger plays with a hula hoop.
"Simply Burgundy" (Style Cassentials) « a post that includes a silly outtake.
"Simply Beautiful!" (Chamber of beauty....) « an elegant and beautiful dress and some equally beautiful poses and pictures.
"FESTIVE PEACOCK" (FETISH TOKYO) « a skirt outfit with the blogger being happy and playful.
"new look: 'happy birthday Candy girl'" (Glam Fab Happy) « silly and cute poses for a lovely outfit.

That covers many of the different talking points on photography in fashion blogging. If you have an interesting blog post relevant to this topic (or any other here on SS by JBM), please contact me via E-Mail. I may add your blog post in an edit if I like what I see!

--- Photography: Final Thoughts ---

No matter what kind of outfit post one makes, poor photography can ruin everything. Sometimes, it is the photography that makes an outfit stand out more so than the outfit itself. It is therefore imperative to get as good of photo shots as possible to let the world know of your fabulous style. You made the effort to share your style with the world- the least you can do is have solid photography to help portray your style in lovely ways.

Some people do their fashion photography using various cameras. While "StyleSpace by JBM" is a fashion blog, I want to do something a bit different for those of you who would like to support my work. It is the Holiday season as of this post. If you want to get yourself or someone else a new camera, I can help you out here. You were kind enough to visit this blog post. Why not help yourself to a little something in thanks? Click on the link below to shop for some cameras and camera accessories online:

cameras on Amazon

Your cooperation is, of course, voluntary. I appreciate any and all support of my work from my visitors.

How do you feel about photography and fashion? Post some comments; but remember- no spam. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

photography is a major aspect in any fashion post,whether it's a magazine editorial or a blogger post. The right photograph can really showcase the outfit or accessory,it makes a world of difference! I'm always wishing I knew someone with a talent and love of taking photos...! And I think a common factor in all the popular blogs is great photography.

John Marine said...

Oh, I resonate with the feeling that you could've taken a better photo so much. But most of the time, the imperfect one ends up being the best! Blogging is good for my perfectionist tendencies--I've slowly learned to let go.

Aw, always happy to see one of my links too. Thanks John! Have a wonderful weekend and lovely holiday season!

John Marine said...

Great post...this is one area that I really wish was better about my blog. I wish I had a better camera, better photographer, better location(s), etc. I'm working on learning more about my camera and trying to find time to take pictures in optimal lighting conditions, but it's definitely a work in progress.


Eesh said...

Yes! I absolutely agree. Although I don't normally take "fashion photos", I tend to get a bit lazy with having to take my SLR around with me and sometimes just opt for my digital cam which isn't as awesome as my SLR. So this is an area I need to work on as well.

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

John Marine said...

it's so true, photography makes a HUGE difference in fashion blog photos, but the problem is so many people (like myself!) don't have access to a professional photographer or equipment and have to make do as is, since blogging is a hobby.

I think for people capturing ootd photos it can be especially tricky, as those aren't staged photos and often are taken at some point during the day. I personally like to read blogs where the photography is good and it's obvious the person actually wore the outfit, not just dressed up for the blog. One blogger who when she she was with her bf did this well was fashion toast. her photos always seemed so natural -even if they were staged.

thanks for the links, I'm off to check off some of the photography examples :)

Emmett - Hippie Lace

John Marine said...

I couldn't agree is photography that makes you really enjoy the outfit.

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