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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Polish Fashion

John Marine | 7:11 PM |
(UPDATED: September 1, 2015)

Poland and Polish folk have been one of the most popular countries to become fond of my blogging material. As part of a new topic for "StyleSpace by JBM," I want to focus on fashions of certain locations; and for this one, I will discuss fashion-related issues with Poland. A majority of bloggers whom I've encountered represent Poland. So I figured I share some love for Poland and of fashionable Polish folk. This post is mostly a general digest rather than anything really detailed.

Note and A Special Hello...

Hello to all of my Polish readers/visitors as well as everyone viewing this from Poland.

To avoid any sort of copyright issues regarding hotlinking images of certain bloggers, I will not be using any sort of pictures from any of the given bloggers I will feature later in this post.

About the Label: "Locations"

The "Locations" label relates to fashions of certain cities, countries, or regions. It is a look at fashion based on these factors and relate to people within the given area or city.


SEP 1 2015 - added another link, edited content

--- Polish Fashion ---

Poland is usually one of the most-visited nations of my main blog- John's Blog Space. Since joining LOOKBOOK, a vast majority of LOOKBOOKers I've come across (and have came across me) are from Poland. So I wanted to offer this post to highlight on and showcase Poland and their fashionable folk.

I decided to focus on Poland first in showcasing fashions from a certain location because of the fact I've come across so many different Polish folk online that I wanted to do them justice by showcasing their style here. The centerpiece of Polish fashion is in Fashion Week Poland, which has been held in the city of Lodz since 2009. The Fashion Week Poland show on October 20, 2013 marked the ninth-ever Fashion Week Poland event. Some of Poland's more popular designers include the likes of Berenika Czarnota, Gosia Baczynska, and Krystof Strozyna among others.

Do you want to know what Fashion Week Poland is like? Take a look at this video I found:

^ "8th FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland 20.04.2013 Lódz"

You now have a little insight on Polish fashion. Let's meet some Polish fashion bloggers now!

--- Polish Fashion Around the Internet ---

These are either people from Poland or of Polish descent. Get to know some fine folks from Poland with this section! Click on the headings to each featured blogger or personality to visit their official blogs or sites:

Ania and Klaudia, of "Fashion by Ania and Klaudia."

Ania and Klaudia are sisters who run this fashion blog. I respect Ania for her cool personality and cooler style. Many of her outfits entail very casual looks as well as very charming outfits.

Gabriela, of "Kolorowa dusza."

Gabriela is a beautiful blogger. Her smile brings sunshine, and her long curly hair is heavenly beautiful. A lot of her outfits are very casual in nature. She has one of the most refreshing faces and some of the coolest casual style of almost any blogger.

Wioletta, of "MARY KATE FASHION."

Wioletta is a popular figure on LOOKBOOK. Her unique and charming looks often times make the hot looks on LOOKBOOK's main page often times.

Aga, of "Aga's Suitcase."

Agnieszka- better known as "Aga"- runs the blog "Aga's Suitcase." She is a super-cute Polish blogger with a sweet smile and nice-looking hair. Aga has very diverse fashion style as she smiles sweetly sporting several outfits.

Dominika, of "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.".

Dominika was one of the first Polish bloggers I came across in my early times blogging. Her blog hasn't been updated in just over a year (as of this post), but I would hate to leave her out of my discussion of Polish fashion and of Polish bloggers.

Anna of "Hummingbird Girl."

One blog and one blogger showcase very magical and bold fashion style. That blog is "Hummingbird Girl," and that blogger is Anna. There is just something about her outfits and style which make her vastly unique. From Poland and based in England, "Hummingbird Girl" is a blog featuring the expressive and magical beauty of Anna and her various outfits. She is honestly her own trendsetter with her own unique style.

Milex, of "Milex and his world... I mean Style.."

Milex is a Polish male who has some unique, often androgynous style. His many styles and outfits are complimented with great photography. Feel free to visit this fellow's fine blog.


Tamara's style is very vibrant, very bold, and very unique. She will play with various colors and various patterns to come up with some of the most mind-blowing outfits anywhere in the blogosphere. Prepare to be captivated when you visit her blog or see her LOOKBOOK pictures.

Ola, of "by ola".

With her cute face, sweet smile, and lovely hairstyle, meet Ola of "by ola." She puts together some very casual and chic outfits in her posts.

Monica/Monika, of "Moda by Monika"

Born and raised in New Jersey, Monica is a Polish-American fashion blogger who has a unique sense of style. A lot of her outfits are mostly casual, but she does have some classy and chic outfits. Be sure to have a visit to her blog to check out her style, as well as her many unique musings.

Kasia and Magda, of "Quintessence of Beauty".

(ADDED: January 8, 2014)
I am not sure if they are sisters or friends, but Kasia and Magda are two Polish fashionistas offering their style insights in "Quintessence of Beauty." I Followed Kasia on LOOKBOOK and eventually found her blog. Kasia is a sweet-faced cutie with some rather charming style. She boasts a sweet smile and has some lovely hair. Magda is an equally charming lady.

I actually forgot to include this blog in my initial blog post.

Emilka, of "Dreaming with fae creatures".

Recently, I came across a lady on LOOKBOOK whose beauty fascinates me. Her name is Emilka (better known as Emily). She has a balance of cute and angelic beauty with her outfits and her looks. Emilka's hair is very long. Her face is cute with such a pretty smile. Despite her Japanese-influenced outfits, Emilka is from Poland. Feel free to visit her magical blog to look at her amazing sense of style.

Ariadna, of "! I Have Nothing to Wear!"

(ADDED: September 1, 2015)
If you want to meet one of the most enticing ladies in the fashion realm, meet Ariadna Majewska of "! I Have Nothing to Wear!". This Polish beauty romantically (and tastefully) showcases her style across her many outfits. Her outfits usually consist of various skirt and dress outfits. However, she also incorporates some shorts outfits as well. Ariadna is showcased in a romantic and appealing manner which makes her enticing from multiple angles. Prepare to be drawn to her loveliness in unfathomable ways when you visit her blog or her other different online accounts.

Finally, here is a look at Poland in the LOOKBOOK community:
Poland (Guys and Girls)
Poland (Guys)
Poland (Girls)

Among some of the most popular Polish personalities on LOOKBOOK are Wioletta Mary-Kate, Pam S., Juliett Kuczynska (MAFFASHION), and Kasia Gorol (Jestem Kasia) among others.

That concludes this look at Polish fashion as well as Polish bloggers and the LOOKBOOK Polish community.

I hope I've done the Polish audience proud while also introducing other fashion lovers to Polish fashion and Polish personalities in fashion. Remember- I will be doing more "Locations" posts to discuss fashions of multiple other countries and cities. Stay tuned to StyleSpace by JBM for more! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

Interesting post, and great round-up of Polish bloggers. Always nice to discover new bloggers!


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Interesting post. Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones! :X

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love love love this post

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This is so cool! I always thought polish fashion was very interesting!

John Marine said...

Oh, I've always loved Gabriela and Wioletta's lookbooks. Thanks for sharing their blog links--I took a good look around haha. I'm absolutely enamored. Polish fashion all the way! Happy new year, John!

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