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Dancing Heels

Dancing and heels don't usually go together. That is, unless you are talking about certain heeled shoes that you can dance in. Ballroom and salsa types have certain heeled shoes that can withstand the rigors of dancing without the heel breaking. This blog post highlights on those shoes. Maybe you are a ballroom-type dancer and want to be assured that you can dance away in a pair of heels. Or maybe you aren't some trained dancer who just wants a stylish pair of shoes you know you could dance in... if you wanted to do so in those heels. Either way, I got you covered in this one!

A Special Hello...

I want to say hello to any and all of you female ballroom-type dancers who may be reading this blog post. Since I am discussing dancing heels, I hope I can do you proud with this blog post regarding dancing heels.

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--- Dancing Heels ---

The appeal of heeled shoes is unmistakable. Nothing draws attention quite like a beautiful pair of shoes with stylish heels to them. Just the idea of being able to dance freely and stylishly in a pair of heeled shoes is enough to charm almost any girly-girl. Part of the appeal of dancing in heels is in the fact you're wearing shoes with durable heels. The heels are high enough without being too much a hindrance when dancing in them. The most popular showcase of dancing in heels can be seen with some of the female contestants who compete in "Dancing With the Stars." Most dancing-friendly heeled shoes are mostly of the kitten heel variety. After all, who could honestly dance ballroom style in very high heel shoes?

Heeled shoes made for dancing can be for ballroom dancing or theatrical roles. Let me give you some perspective in regards to dancing in heels. These ladies are all dancing salsa style:

^ "Girls Salsa Styling & Shines"

Almost makes you want to try salsa dancing, eh? :) The main thing I wanted you to take away from this section is that heels can be hot to wear not only for outfits, but also to dance in.

--- Dancing Heels in Pictures ---

Are you females intrigued about dancing in heels? Maybe I can spur your interest some with some dancing-appropriate heeled shoes. Take a look at these to keep this conversation flowing:

dancing heels pumps
^ from: www.amazon.com - While these pumps would look great with any sort of outfit, at least know you can ballroom dance proudly with these pumps.

dancing heels mary janes
^ from: www.amazon.com - Many of you may know I personally love mary janes as my favorite feminine shoes. This pair of mary jane pumps were made for dancing.

dancing heels sandals
^ from: www.amazon.com - This pair of sandals would EASILY compliment a cute sundress. But these, like all other aforementioned heeled shoes in this blog post, can be your dancing shoes apart from being stylish sandals!

Initially, I did NOT want to discuss this final item because I was planning on a more specific blog post related to this. However, this is as much a pair of dancing heels as any other. So let me share this with you. You may also want to think of this as a preview of a future topic here on "StyleSpace by JBM":

dancing heels go-go boots
^ from: www.amazon.com - Go-go boots may just be the most popular dancing heels.

Was this good enough for you all?

--- Dancing Heels: Final Thoughts ---

The focus of this blog post was on shoes engineered for dancing or are dancing-style shoes. The dancing focus was primarily on ballroom-type dancing. Most females wouldn't be very adept at or be comfortable dancing in heels. If given the opportunity, however, and with a proper set of heels to dance the night away in, it is certainly possible to enjoy dancing while sporting a nice pair of heels. Proudly wear your dancing heels as you dance the night away... or just wear a pair of dancing heels to just look hot/cute/sexy/chic/elegant. :)

--- Dancing Heels Online ---

Let me see if I can help you find some heeled shoes that you can/could dance in. Take a look at these items I have for you all.


Will you find your own dream pair of dancing heels with this item below (or for someone else)? It's up to you:

Other Sources...

Here is really the only resource I can provide for you all in case you want to shop online for some dancing heels (relevant to this blog post). Take a look and feel free to help yourself if this post interested you:

And here are more dancing heels that may interest you:
dancing heels on Amazon

Here is a good spot as well: dancing heels on eBay

Happy [voluntary] shopping!

I hope you all got to enjoy this post regarding dancing heels. You can certainly enjoy dancing while in a pair of heeled shoes. Happy new year to all of you and thank you for reading!

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Hi dear! I love to say that I wish you Happy new year! Love medium hight heel and thanks so much for your detailed comment to my 2013 year looks post!


Medium height heels are great for comfort and style any time. Love the black and gold heels you featured.



Oh, love the gold and black pair! I wondered how people danced in heels haha. At the dances I've been to, most people go barefoot or switch into flats. Maybe it's time to invest in a pair of these! Happy 2014!



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