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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trench Coats

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For cold weather, a trench coat will keep you warm. They are heavy and warm for taking on cold days and nights. Trench coats are classy and stylish. For this post on "StyleSpace by JBM," I will focus my energy on trench coats. I will share my thoughts on trench coats and what makes them so stylish for the coldest of days/nights. And who knows? Maybe you'll find a trench coat you like here.

--- Trench Coats ---

A trench coat is fabulous to wear for both males and females. For males, you can be classy with it with a casual or classy outfit. For females, they can have feminine cuts and cues to make them chic to wear. They can come in solid colors or even in some patterns. They can be rather short or very long.

Notoriously, trench coats have a surreal aspect to them. During the horrific Columbine High School mass shooting in 1999, there was a so-called "Trench Coat Mafia" who was responsible for the shootings. The ones who perpetrated the Columbine High School shootings all wore black trench coats. From a fantasy standpoint, I usually think of detective Dick Tracy in regards to trench coats for men; and I usually think of villainess Carmen Sandiego in regards to trench coats for women.

Trench coats can be styled in a number of ways. Most females usually compliment trench coats with outfits consisting of jeans and pants. Perhaps they will wear shirts and blouses along with those bottoms. The same appeal applies to skirt and dress outfits. Tall boots are usually worn with trench coats. Besides boots, warm tights to go with skirt/dress outfits and trench coats usually are worn. For males, jean and pant outfits are worn with trench coats. In fact, I'd say that trench coats for males are about as game-changing as blazers for females. So if you want an instant kick of style, why not consider a trench coat?

--- Trench Coats in Pictures ---

How about we look at some trench coats? Here are some trench coats to get you interested. Hover your cursor over each item to learn the name of each featured item:

long trench coat women
^ from: - Here is a classic trench coat for women.

long trench coat men
^ from: - Here is a classy trench coat for men.

short trench coat women
^ from: - This short trench coat can be just as stylish as a longer one.

feminine trench coat
^ from: - Some trench coats have feminine cues which make them fun (and even cute).

double breasted trench pea coat
^ from: - A good pair of jeans or pants will nicely compliment a trench coat.

Is this enough inspiration for you?

--- Trench Coats: Blogosphere ---

Here are some bloggers whom wear their trench coats. Follow any blogs that you think are great:

"Pink Lady" (Maytedoll) « pastel pink trench coat with a dress.
"Review: J.Crew Icon Trench vs. Wool Cashmere Icon Trench" (Stylish Petite) « trench coats worn by a petite.
"Autumn Warmth..." (Bewolf.) « a black trench coat paired with a classy-type outfit.
"Modern Trench Coat" (Nany's Klozet) « a short trench coat.
"Trench coat" (Kolorowa dusza) « a casual blue trench coat.
"Go Gadget Go!" (My Silk Fairytale) « a trench coat paired with a skirt outfit.
"Leather trench and oversized sunglasses" (Shopaholic vs Fashionista) « stylish trench coat with sunglasses and mid-calf boots.
"Classic fall...." (Chamber of beauty....) « a trench coat as part of a casual outfit.
"A DOWNPOUR" (FETISH TOKYO) « trench coat with dress and lace-up boots.

I may include a few more in edits. It becomes tough trying to find some blog posts when some blogs don't have any real search feature to them.

--- Trench Coats: Final Thoughts ---

If you want to stay warm and look stylish, go out and get a trench coat for those cold days. They will keep you warm and make you look stylish. Dress warmly to take on the cold weather. Then, wear a trench coat to enhance your style for the coldest of days. I have absolutely no problem with trench coats.

--- Trench Coats Online ---

I hope I can find you some trench coats after you've read this blog post here. By the way... I've learned the POPSUGAR Shopping is now officially "ShopStyle by POPSUGAR." So have a look:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

For feminine trench coats:

For masculine trench coats:

Other Sources:

First, male trench coats followed by female trench coats. These are a few trench coats to get you started:

And for more trench coats...
trench coats on Amazon
trench coats (men) on eBay and trench coats (women) on eBay
trench coats on Shopbop
trench coats on Neiman Marcus
trench coats on NORDSTROM

Happy shopping! ;) I would appreciate your business if you found something here (or in any other post) that you love. Feel free to support my work any way you can. Of course, your support is voluntary.

What do you think about trench coats? Share your thoughts here. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Wow! So beautiful! Love love love!!!

John Marine said...

Nice post. I love trench coats, but I haven't had one in a while. I'd like to grab a two-tone one this spring - maybe khaki with black sleeves.


John Marine said...

I actually bought a very elegant one in dark blue this fall, love them! :X Have a great day!

John Marine said...

Oh, I just love trench coats! And I totally agree that they're stylish for both men and women. I didn't realize that it was so difficult to find posts for your lovely compilations so I made sure to add a search bar (: I always love peeping at all the style inspiration!

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