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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Feminine Head Shaving

John Marine | 2:28 PM | | |
Previously, I blogged about side-shaved hair and my thoughts on that look. I now will discuss women shaving ALL of their hair. Short hairstyles and long hairstyles have their own beauty. What if you're a female who prefers a completely shaven head? This blog post is devoted to the females who shave their hair off. Not part of it, like in a similar post; but ALL of it.

--- Head Shaving for Females: Insight ---

In one sense, shaving all of your hair is certainly different, especially for a female. You see so many females proudly showcasing their hair whether short or long. A completely shaven head can make you look boyish. However, you can have a shaved head while still being immensely feminine. Spanish fashion blogger Marta Purriños comes to mind here. If you've ever visited her LOOKBOOK or her blog "Addict be Iconic," Marta has a shaven head of hair while still being immensely stylish with her outfits. If you want some insight on Marta and her shaven head, I have this video to share with you. Take a look at her shaven head and her sense of style:

^ "Addict be Iconic"

If you want to visit her blog, go to: Addict be Iconic.

More Insight.

On John's Blog Space, I blogged once about beautiful women from Africa and of African descent. One such lady had a shaved head. Tanzanian model Flaviana Matata competed in Miss Universe with a shaved head in 2007 and was one of the first to compete in Miss Universe with a shaved head. Infamously that same year, Britney Spears shaved off the hair on her head. It was to cover up drug evidence according to a search I did researching this topic.

If you want some more insight on what having a shaved head can look like, take a look at these ladies:
Photos: Bald Women Singers Who Look Great, From Jessie J to Kellie Pickler (Popdust).

Benevolent Purpose of Head Shaving.

I normally hear of heads being shaved primarily for battling cancer. This is primarily to help raise funds. Certain organizations have raked in five-figure and even six-figure funds from shaving heads. Even though this blog post is about females with shaved heads, Chandler Parsons of the NBA's Houston Rockets recently shaved his head in support of a 10-year old battling cancer.

What do you think so far regarding females shaving their head?

--- Should You Females Go With a Shaven Head? ---

It is one of those unique touches. I prefer females to have their hair intact, but it is certainly possible to be stylish and unique with a shaven head. Just because I have this sort of preference doesn't mean one still shouldn't overlook this style if one is considering it. In the case of females shaving their hair off, it all depends on how one is willing to style themselves with a shaven head. Are you trying to be boyish with your style? Are you wanting to mix femininity with the masculine appeal of having a shaven head? As much as having a shaven head is one style statement, be sure to compliment that with some unique styling of your own. Don't just shave off your hair just 'cause- compliment your style accordingly.

As with any sort of style, be sure to make the most of your style with any sort of trend or style you go with. That even includes if you want to go shave off all of your hair.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

This is the only other relevant post I can provide. Have a look and comment on this post if you haven't seen it already:

"Side-Shaved Hair" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ Keep your hair intact and just shave a side of your hair. For some, it is a nice touch. To some others, it is not all that hot. Find out what I think about shaving only one side of your hair rather than all of it or none of it by reading this blog post of mine.

"Fashionably Benevolent" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ This blog post of mine called "Fashionably Benevolent" is a look at fashion for charitable causes. I brought up this blog post since I mentioned some people shave their heads for charitable causes.

Thanks for supporting my work.

What do you think about females shaving all of their hair off? Can it be a stylish look? Would you females shave off all of your hair? Share your thoughts here, and once again- thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Great post
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John Marine said...

A shaved head isn't for me, but I think it looks absolutely fabulous on some women. We are not our hair, so whatever hair style a woman chooses, if it works for her, then I'm all about it!!


John Marine said...

Thanks for visiting and love your sweet comments!

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Great photos <3
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