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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pumps

John Marine | 12:50 AM | | |
Annabelle Fleur of VIVALUXURY often wears these popular bow pumps from a designer named Aminah Abdul Jillil. Annabelle's style has inspired me to discuss these pumps. These are high-heel pumps with a huge bow across the ankles. How do I feel about these pumps? You're about to find out in this blog post.

I haven't done one of these posts in a while- where I simply take a specific garment or shoe and offer some simple thoughts on it/them. Anyhow... welcome (back?) to the stylish space of my blogging universe- "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"

--- Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pumps ---

Before I begin to describe them, allow me to introduce you to the pumps I will debate on:

Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pumps
^ from: - These are the bow pumps designed by Aminah Abdul Jillil.

These bow pumps by Aminah Abdul Jillil offer two powerful feminine attributes- a high heel and a bow design across the ankles. Both of which, are offered in a romantic and sensually sweet pair of shoes. They also have feminine attributes of a closed back and a pointed-toe design. These are made of suede. A pair of pumps like these are very dressy. They would easily compliment skirts and dresses that extend to the knees or go just below the knees. They could also compliment a pair of cropped jeans or pants. Even though they are in black, other colors are offered. They are also offered in colors like red, orange, cobalt blue, dark pink, and purple.

Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pumps: Specifications.

Here are specifications on these pumps:

(taken from:
• 5 inch heel
• 1/2 inch Hidden Platform
• Cushion Insole
• Asymmetric Toe Shape
• Suede Upper
• Leather Insole
• Leather Outsole
• Adjustable Magnetic Snap Closure
• 2 inch Thick Ankle Strap
• Fits true to size

Blogging Insight.

Here are some bloggers sporting these pumps in blog posts. You may follow these bloggers if you adore their work. All of them are Blogger/Blogspot blogs. Take a look:

"STUDS & STRIPES - KENZO DRESS & VALENTINO ROCKSTUD CLUTCH" (VIVALUXURY) « the pumps in black with a dress and a motorcycle jacket.
"Red Valentino" (Song of Style) « the pumps in red paired with a stylish dress.
"Song of Style Instagram Outfits" (Song of Style) « one outfit features these pumps in red with distressed white jeans.
"Get Ready With Me: Big Fluffy Curls, Makeup +Outfit | HOLIDAY Edition!" (The Fashion Bybel) « the pumps in black paired with a chic top and skirt outfit.
"winter floral" (Atlantic-Pacific) « the pumps in black paired with a colorful jacket and skinny jeans.

Follow their blogs if their work interest you.

My Opinion on These Shoes.

I LOVE these pumps! These pumps are romantic and charming. Their appeal is undeniable. Nothing is more romantic than high heels and ankle straps, especially when the ankles are complimented with a gorgeous bow. They are powerful pumps sure to make a statement. The female who prefers to wear a delightfully sweet pair of pumps would be hard-pressed to find a pair of pumps more stylish than these. The bow pumps from Aminah Abdul Jillil are sure to please the ladylike and girly-girl types.


For More Information...

To learn more about these shoes, visit the designer's official site at, or visit this site on the bow pumps to shop for them from the site. The pumps retail for about $195 US Dollars.

What do YOU think about these bow pumps from Aminah Abdul Jillil?

Let me know what you think by posting your comments to this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I love them too!

John Marine said...

You have written a very good article covering many aspects of models. There is honestly just one part of modelling that I have some kind of opinion on...I'm completely against child modeling as I see it as something that contradicts human rights (and that is child labor). Apart of that, everyone should do what they're comfortable with. Modelling often gets a bad rap, but like in any business there will be people who won't be nice to you and as an adult you have to accept it and deal with it (children on other hand cannot deal and cannot be expected to deal with those kind of expectations, pressure etc that is why people who have been child models have often suffered from anorexia)

I will refer to a few more things you have mentioned..Most plus size women I have seen look average size to me.Can we honestly call someone who wears a size 6 plus size? Does that makes any sense? I'm also surprised at how many celebs lie about their height...I mean it's not like we're blind so who are you fooling (and why?) Every body shape has its advantages and disadvantages. Tall people appeared slimmer because they have long extremities.... petite people are usually more shapely. There are many sports that are suitable for only petite people and the other way what is the big deal with height these days?

John Marine said...

Those are really lovely shoes! I'd love to have a pair in my closet!!

John Marine said...

I've never desired to be a model, but I do respect it as a profession. I think it involves a great of work and dedication to make it in the modeling world.

You touched on some great points here. Just as straight models don't represent the average woman (taller and thinner), petite models are much taller than the "average" petite and plus models are much smaller than the "average" plus--size woman. I'm longing for a day when all models become more representative. I just want to see more diversity! :-)


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

oh those are charming indeed. Unfortunately the images in your blog are not available for me but it was easy to google them. Take care!

John Marine said...

love the shoes

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