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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Model Material

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Being a model entails fabulously showcasing yourself for all to see. Those who can take the pressure of being in the spotlight and engaged in interesting poses and situations are among some of the finest models. There are many models in many capacities. No matter what, models and modeling types are the ones providing the various poses and situations that make them the centers of attention. Even if not a proper model, having some sort of sense of modeling and of doing certain poses can help make people look and feel great when doing photo shoots and such. This blog post is all about modeling and fashion.

NOTE: Because of the fear of possible copyright issues involving the use of certain pictures from photographers and modeling agencies, I will not feature any pictures of actual models from certain websites. I will instead mostly describe whatever it is I am trying to describe regarding modeling.

WARNING: Some material in this blog post may not be suitable for all audiences.

About the Label: "Modeling"

Modeling is just as expressive as fashion. So topics in the Modeling category pertain to the realm of modeling and of various models who take part in various model shoots.

--- Model Material ---

Many people are familiar with shows like "America's Next Top Model." Being any sort of model is hard work, especially when dealing with the rigors of being involved in various interesting and risky scenes. Some modeling is fairly dangerous. Some modeling is very risqué. No matter what, one's beauty, as well as featuring certain advertised items or promoting oneself takes on many different roles and responsibilities. Is one willing to let himself/herself be involved in any number of possibly outrageous and unreal situations?

A model has to be able to express himself/herself in creative and engaging ways. As the center of attention, one has to be able to entertain or entice the audience. How this is accomplished varies from the individual and the ad campaign being expressed.

There are various modeling agencies worldwide that cater to models. You have online communities such as Model Mayhem, but you also have some of the more recognized brands such as Ford Models, Wilhelmina Models, and more. Some modeling groups even represent major companies- such as the Victoria's Secret Angels.

Petite Modeling.

Most female models are usually between what is considered average- 5'6" to 6'0". I've followed blogs of some beautiful petite women. But in regards to most traditional models, not many petites become accepted as models for certain agencies and certain shows. There are many short-statured women whom I have seen in person or online. Some fashion bloggers honestly disclosed their height. I can tell you that a lot of bloggers whom I've seen around the blogosphere are at 5'5" or shorter. But just because petites are short in height, it doesn't mean they can still be beautiful.

Petite modeling gives petite women a chance to showcase their loveliness in various model shoots and fashion shows even if they aren't the average height for a woman.

Plus Size Modeling.

As much as there are beautiful slim women, there are also many plus size women who are just as beautiful- if not more so than their slimmer counterparts. The common belief among many people is that plus-sized women have too much *excess baggage* to be considered beautiful. I remembered doing a blog post long ago on "John's Blog Space" on plus size fashion followed by a post here on "StyleSpace by JBM." I looked up some sort of model to show that plus size women can be just as hot as slim women; and when I did my research, I came across a beautiful plus-size model from here in Houston who goes by the stage name of Shay Shaunte'. The challenge here is the notion that having even a little too much body fat makes one *automatically* ugly. You have the common "does this make me look fat?" question some females ask. The most important thing about plus size modeling is in being confident of being curvy while still loving yourself and your proportions.

Even from there, I came across many beautiful plus-size fashion bloggers from around the world. I make mention to many of them in my blog posts.

When it comes to modeling, confidence is key regardless. The challenges are just more magnified if you're curvy, petite, or petite and curvy.

--- Modeling Advice in Videos ---

The power of modeling- you want to see it in action? Here are some videos I found YouTube that may interest you. These pictures are shown for educational purposes. The videos I selected are a combination of modeling videos and modeling advice. I invite you to view these videos in case there are certain bits that interest you or may apply to you.

Basic Modeling Advice.

This is what Kendall Jenner suggests in modeling:

^ "Kendall Jenner's Modeling Advice"

Modeling Types.

The beautiful Arika Sato provides a bit more insight on modeling. She is joined by Naima Mora. The main point of this video is mostly on modeling types and what certain types entail. A little personal insight is also offered by these two on their respective modeling experiences. Take a look:

^ "How to be a Model"

Male Modeling.

I mostly had this post exclusively regarding female modeling. However, I can't forget my own guys who want to model. Us guys are obviously attracted to beautiful and/or sexy women who model. But what if you're a male who wants to win the hearts of many females? Here is a video on modeling for us males:

^ "How To Work As A Male Model"

Here is a bonus video on male modeling, showcasing the best and worst aspects (WARNING: some bad language towards the end):

^ "A male model lifestyle: The Pros and Cons"

That's all.

--- How Far Are YOU Willing to Go? ---

Some model shoots are simple. Some others... are more dangerous. Some modeling involves some risqué elements- mostly nudity. How far would you be willing to go in being a model?

Simple Modeling.

Let's look at some of the simple modeling elements first. I am going to define "simple" modeling as basic modeling that doesn't involve showing a lot of skin or doing something dangerous. This is usually involving things like modeling for sale papers, magazines, websites, etc. These can be fashion models or simply modeling for certain companies and entities. These are some of the simplest modeling deals that do not involve any serious or risqué behavior or images. All the modeling is done tastefully and with class. You may have some models that have appealing bodies and curves, certain tattoos and piercings, and things of that nature; but most of this modeling is all tasteful.

Dangerous Modeling.

You read about what I call as "simple" modeling, so what is more dangerous? Well... have you ever tried doing a modeling shoot with a snake around your neck? Have you modeled with or taken pictures around any possibly deadly and vicious animals? What about playing with fire? How about trying to shoot in dangerous situations (like being many feet off the ground)? The risk-reward of such modeling shots is great, but so are the consequences. These daredevil modeling acts can really wow people who view such images. One's ability and courage to take on such difficult and risky model shoots are often the ones who know how to evoke emotion.

The rest of this blog post involves a few things that may be discomforting to show to my general audience. If you are not reading the full post, click "Read More" to continue. I am providing this Jump Break to keep this post as world-friendly (safe for work/school) as possible).

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Risqué Modeling.

(This part and its content may not be suitable for everyone.)

This style of modeling requires complete confidence in yourself. How much so? Confident in showing lots of skin. Some models are confident enough in their bodies and expressing their bodies in a revealing way that they take part in these more risqué model shots. Some models are confident in doing model shoots with no clothes on or (especially for women) topless photos. Modeling that involves nudity is mostly artistic and tasteful.

Only certain models actually dare doing nude model shoots. For example, if you visit modeling sites like Model Mayhem, there are some models that specifically state if they are open to or are okay with doing nude modeling. Not every model is willing to do naked modeling assignments or photo shoots.

Modeling in risqué situations are extreme showcases of confidence. This is the case of a person confident in one's body to showcase it in revealing and provocative pictures- for both females and males. What I have labeled as risqué modeling involves tasteful nudity or partial nudity. Sensitive body parts are either covered or exposed in certain model shoots. Some models have taken part in nude modeling. Some of the ones that come to mind for me are Jenny Chu, Candice Swanepoel, Demi Moore, and Kate Moss among others.

Candice Swanepoel Naked in 'Vogue' Brazil - See Her Sexy Shoot

Fetish Modeling.

Fetish models specialize in dangerous alternative-style modeling worlds different from what models are basically into. They wear unusual clothing and model in some rather risqué poses. The clothes they wear are mostly skin-tight and/or very revealing. The main purpose of such models is to fulfill the certain viewing desires of certain people. These desires usually involve sexually-stimulating, sexually-arousing images and situations. For example, a fetish model could enjoy having photos taken of them having whipped cream or chocolate syrup on their bodies. Some fetish-type models may even model around in super-tight clothing and wear outrageous shoes.

There is some sort of modeling for everyone- both male and female, both clothed and naked.

--- Should You Model? ---

Is modeling something you want to do and maybe even be handsomely paid for? Here are some questions to ask yourself and wonder:

• Are you willing to wear certain clothes and take part in certain functions to help express your style?

• Are you willing to engage in certain campaigns, ads, and photo shoots no matter how risky or risqué they may be?

• Are you willing to expose yourself in ways ranging from cute to sexy? And, are you willing to do so whether fully clothed, scantily clad, or even naked?

• Do you feel beautiful enough and presentable enough to properly engage in and come along with memorable modeling shoots?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, then you should consider becoming a model. This is your chance to expose yourself in the most expressive of manners.

--- Modeling Around the Internet ---

Whether or not these are proper models, I want to share with you some people whom showcase their modeling craft and their personality in their blog posts and on other sites. Take a look at these links. My fellow bloggers and blog readers can Follow any such blogger whom they deem interesting. So take a look around:

"Holiday photo shoot for" (The Haute Blonde) « former AMIClubwear model Kassandra Brooks.
"California Motel" « blogger and model Elaine.
"" SHERWOOD FOREST " / Part 2. " (Dora Fashion) « Hungarian beauty Dora in an angelic outfit.
"I wanna to race with you ." (Dora Fashion) « Hungarian model and blogger Dora with a unique post featuring a motorcycle.
(Anila on LOOKBOOK) « LOOKBOOK model Anila and her edgy and dark fashions.

I will probably find some more models in the blogosphere and elsewhere in other sites.

--- Modeling: Final Thoughts ---

The ability to model is a showing of confidence in one's body and talent to showcase himself/herself in various advertisements, photo shoots, and more. Modeling is a task that can yield itself to lots of exposure. One's success in the modeling realm lends itself to your visibility. The ability to showcase yourself in various settings from normal to dangerous shows the range of appeal to attract a specific range of interested persons. The ones who can take advantage of this range are the models whom are able to adjust and adapt accordingly to various modeling tasks. One should definitely consider modeling if he/she feels he/she is marketable across a variety of modeling and photography roles. While modeling can be fun, it can also be dangerous and even a bit raunchy. Some models are open to doing nude modeling. This requires even more confidence than most regular modeling shoots. Paramount to any level of modeling is confidence. Without confidence, one will never prosper either in modeling, fashion, or almost anything to be honest. Also important to remember is to just be natural and let your own creative style flow.

Get out there and promote your looks and personality in a variety of awesome modeling shoots! Be that top-class model you know you are!

A Special Note...

I wanted to add child modeling to this discussion, but I decided not to. I have to carefully introduce any topics regarding babies or children. I didn't feel right discussing child modeling when I've discussed certain aspects of modeling mostly among those at least 13 years of age. I may discuss these topics and more in my main blog- John's Blog Space.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

This is the only other post I can recommend to my readers:

"Photography" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ My post on Photography involves fashion and photography.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.

--- Modeling Online ---

I will feature only so many agencies and such for modeling. Take advantage of these resources to start your modeling career or see models. Some may offer certain types of modeling and certain categories of modeling. These include (but are not limited to) petite modeling and plus-size modeling. Take a look at these links and get noticed, or just visit to see various models represented:

Model Mayhem - perhaps the world's most popular site for models.
iStudio - another social networking medium for modeling.
Ford Models - a very popular modeling agency. NOT to be confused with the Ford Motor Company.
Wilhelmina Models
Elite Model Management
That Look Models - modeling of various kinds, even including petite modeling.
Affinity Models and Talent
Neal Hamil Modeling
Close Models (United Kingdom) - United Kingdom modeling.
12+ UK - United Kingdom modeling for plus-size women.
Agencee Plus (English) or Agencee Plus (French) - a French modeling agency. Includes plus size modeling.
BGM Agency - an Australian modeling agency specializing in plus size models.
BELLA model management - Australian modeling agency for plus size models.

I will try to find more resources for you all in the future. Or, you may suggest me resources by contacting me online.

I would like to thank all of you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM." Please take care and feel free to share your mind on any of my blog posts in any of my blogs. Thank you for reading!

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