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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Home Fashion

John Marine | 8:59 PM |
On "StyleSpace by JBM," I focus on fashion people wear. However, some feel being fashionable should be extended- to your home. Some people even take fashion to dressing up your house with stylish furniture and furnishings. Some fashion bloggers are even interior designers. A lot of people would feel that even your own home can be as stylish as you are. Here is yet another off-beat topic (at least in terms of fashion) from me to all of you. This blog post is a general discussion on home fashion. The material here is mostly general, so don't expect any real detailed post on any such element of home fashion here.

About the Label: "Home Fashion"

All posts under this label pertain to fashion regarding furniture, home accessories, and the like. This blog label discusses various pieces of furniture and such. These items aren't just restricted to those into interior design. In fact, this pertains to any and all accessories and home decor.

--- Home Fashion: General Thoughts ---

I just picked a picture to set the mood. In case I can't use it (for legal reasons, for example), I'll replace it. Anyhow... let's set the mood of this blog post:

home fashion
^ from: - Should style extend to home? Many fashionable types would gladly say yes.

Even home furnishings are an expression of one's style. Various pieces of furniture to how people accessories rooms are as much a fashion expression as any articles of clothing worn by someone. Everyone has their own kind of expression they want to make for their home and various rooms. The point of having certain expressive pieces around the home is to carry on one's expression and style.

While the bare necessity of shelter is as important as food and water to our survival, those who feel the need to express themselves through home furnishings have a multitude of options. Even if you have a junky room (like I do (HONEST!!!)) or even a junky house, you still do your best to try to dress up your home or room to express yourself and turn a boring space into a lively one.

The range of items and possibilities to dress up homes and rooms go into various rooms- even including the bathroom and the garage. If you have children, you obviously want your child/children room(s) to be expressive and unique. Maybe you want your bathroom to be fun with unique furnishings. Perhaps you're a college student who lives in a dormitory and want some fun furnishings to dress up that otherwise boring dorm. Maybe you're moving into a new apartment or home and want to have some new furniture to settle right in. No matter what, you certainly have a desire to make your space YOUR space.

Should Home Fashion Be Discussed or Featured More?

Why don't people discuss home fashion as passionately as fashion we wear? Well in my view, and to be honest... we don't take our home fashion with us. We normally don't think about peoples' homes and rooms when talking about how stylish one is. How can someone gauge someone's style based on their rooms or homes? It reminds me of an old MTV reality TV game show called "Room Raiders," where people find potential dates based only on their rooms. Stylish rooms and homes often determine if the person wants to date someone or not. While we don't incorporate our own rooms with our sense of style, it does provide some nice insight that even peoples' rooms and homes can be just as stylish and expressive as any fashion we wear.

Also, home fashion is different from regular fashion if I mention one word: trend. Most trend-hunting fashion types usually get the latest and greatest items to go with certain trending items. Not even buying some kind of furniture or some kind of furnishing is as trendy as getting (for example) the latest color styles or the latest in accessories. So if the trendy color for clothing and accessories was some sort of blue, one into home fashion would probably be tempted to find some home decor in the same trending color. And unless you go wear out and break furniture or other decor frequently, you're better off just finding stuff that will last around your house/room rather than continually shop for the latest and greatest even in home fashion.

It's your house. It's your room. Why not dress it up to be something special if you have such an eye for style? At least- that's the perspective an interior designer or any other fashionable type would suggest.

--- Home Fashion: Dressing Up Homes and Rooms ---

You need not be an interior designer to know the impact of furnishing some room or house with stylish furnishings. Simple additions like throw pillows, rugs, lamps, and more will easily dress up any space within home. Just like any great outfit, it pays to have any sort of furniture and home decor to fill any space. Because this is your home or your room, you obviously not only want items that will make any place look stylish, but you also want items that will last and endure. These elements allow you to enjoy any sort of home decor for a long time.

--- Home Fashion: Blogger Showcase ---

I mentioned that some fashion bloggers either are interior designers or have interior design interest. I want to validate that point by sharing with you some posts in regards to home fashion. Have a look at these fashion blog posts regarding home fashion insight:

"Transitioning into Fall at Home" (Song of Style) « home furnishings for the blogger;s home.
"the overwhelming Project" (Curves Ahead) « re-designing a home in expecting a baby.
"Baby Girl's Nursery" (Always Maylee) « a room being designed to welcome a new child.
"Clean and Simple" (By Details) « one of many posts from the blogger where she incorporates her personal style with insight in interior design.

These are only a few examples I can provide from bloggers that readily come to mind to me. Maybe I'll add more influences in future blog posts.

--- Home Fashion: Final Thoughts ---

For those who feel the need to be stylish with furniture and home decor, having a stylish-looking room or house is just as expressive as any clothing one wears. Much like the fashion we wear, any home or room can be dressed up beautifully and tastefully to compliment one's style- even at home. It speaks volumes to be able to creatively and expressively fill a room with various home decor and be able to style everything well. In addition to this, it also speaks volumes that designers are making various home decor to help offer enduring and stylish home furnishings.

So if you feel the need to dress up your home or room(s) with all sorts of neat items, feel free to shop around and seek various items to make your space YOUR space.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here is the original post of mine from "John's Blog Space" regarding this topic. This is for MUCH more in regards to home fashion:

"Home Fashion" (John's Blog Space)
^ The original post for which this StyleSpace by JBM post was based on.

That will conclude this blog post. I may edit this post to add resources and links in future blog posts to help further this topic's appeal.

Allow me to ask you this for discussion sake:

What interests you the most in regards to home fashion, of what level of importance do you think having a fashionable room/home is as much as looking fashionable with your clothes?

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John Marine said...

Grate violet is my favorite color

Thanks for sweet comments, dear! Love your choice!

John Marine said...

Great post, John! My house is pretty messy and simply designed because of all my kids, but I used to spend a lot of time on decorating. Aside from fashion, your home is an escape, so it's nice when it has a relaxing, cozy vibe. My old living room had a safari theme complete with a papasan chair with mosquito net covering - it was the perfect little reading nook...the room made me feel like I was on a retreat every time I was in it, and that was quite a great feeling!

Anyway, fun topic!


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