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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Fashion Credentials

John Marine | 6:36 PM |
This post has NOTHING to do with any trend or styles. In case anyone doubts me or second-guesses my involvement with fashion, I've created this blog post. It is simply commentary I feel has to be expressed to provide better perspective of my fashion blogging credentials and what I post about. No one provoked me or told me anything to make these points. But in case someone does, read me out with this post. I feel this needs to be posted to provide honest opinions and thoughts in regards to me and fashion. Agree or disagree at will.

--- My Fashion Credentials ---

Here are some talking points...

My Fashion Story.

In case you don't know about my story with fashion and how I got into fashion, let me briefly tell you how I got into fashion. My earliest memories of fashion date back to the mid-1990s, as I was mostly collecting sale papers looking at some of the garments offered for sale. These gave me an idea of what was hot among fashionable types. Because fashion is more versatile among females, and because I was mostly comfortable discussing feminine fashion than I do masculine fashion, that's why I mostly focused my fashion discussions around feminine fashion. Because I was looking at local sale papers for fashion insight, I didn't really know or care about what high-end designers were promoting at fashion shows. I eventually became more accustomed to the big name designers once I started learning more about them. I became fond of designers like Oscar de la Renta.

As I wanted to expand my fashion horizons, I joined LOOKBOOK and Chictopia. I mostly use LOOKBOOK to keep up with fashion from others. I basically use the two services to gauge the style insights of various personalities. That also means offering honest opinions on certain outfits. I will even say there are certain elements I don't like at all or all that much. Being around LOOKBOOK got me to appreciate various personalities such as Konstantina T. (SerialKlother), Olga Choi (My Blonde Gal), Perventina (Perventina), Jessica R. (Hapa Time), Annabelle Fleur (VIVALUXURY), Priscila Diniz (LOOK AT ME BR), Kryz Uy (Thirstythought), Anila, and others. Even mostly using LOOKBOOK to comment on fashion, there are those who wonder why I don't post any of my own looks. More on why I don't post any looks will be featured later in this post- so keep reading.

I never considered myself a fashion person. However, I do discuss fashion and do want to share my insights with others. My love of fashion is just a bit different from a lot of other people. Just because I discuss fashion doesn't mean I am an expert at it. I made the effort to showcase and feature fashion to where it constituted the creation of a blog. As any devoted type is aware, blogging is about devotion. It is pointless to create something like a blog if you aren't committed to or totally educated in a certain topic. So my devotion and attention to fashion are warranted.

Making of "StyleSpace by JBM."

When I created "StyleSpace by JBM," the intent was to discuss fashion. In no way am I any kind of expert in fashion. I don't give advice. I don't understand fashion enough to be anyone established on fashion. I used to be an active member of an online message board with those more in tune with fashion than I. When a lot of my own opinions were different from the mainstream, that's when I decided to take my fashion discussion to my blogs. At least here, I'm responsible for myself instead of being looked on through a microscope in regards to fashion. At least I can say I dislike something without feeling like half the world is disgusted over my views. Another thing about this blog is that I don't follow any sort of fashion shows. Not one fashion show has been covered in SS by JBM. I haven't analyzed one single show.

You can say, then, that "StyleSpace by JBM" is my fashionable space of discussing fashion. It is my own release and escape to discuss fashion.

Tastes and Styles.

Everyone has their own tastes in fashion. Some styles may seem more interesting than others. Some people love different kinds of styles. While I mostly fancy girly-girl and ladylike fashion often times, I do make an effort to be attracted to certain casual looks. I can't really do certain rock and edgy looks. You aren't going to see me too fond of some looks, even though I try to diversify my interests. I feel like if I'm going to be part of a community like fashion, I have to be mindful of and admirable of various fashions, and it is somehow counterproductive if I don't like certain rebellious styles. So...

• I will enjoy a pink floral dress with chic white sandals, but may dislike the look of a rock T-shirt with acid washed shorts and combat boots.

• I may love an entire outfit but dislike a certain choice of shoes or a certain accessory that ruins the entire outfit for me. An example would be a cute dress ruined by an ugly pair of wedge sneakers. Most of you know I have had dislike with wedge sneakers.

• I will enjoy an edgy outfit with a moto jacket and some fierce boots, but I may dislike a certain chic or cute outfit because of one or so elements that ruin it (like a stylish outfit ruined by a bad choice of shoes or certain accessories I dislike). For example- a beautiful palazzo jumpsuit outfit ruined by a handbag that has skull and crossbones studs or designs on it.

• Someone may look perfectly fine, but certain tattoos on the body or certain piercings anywhere except on the ears or on one's navel may not make me like one's outfit or looks too much.

While I have my preferences in fashion, I actually try to care about all styles and open myself to various styles. But sometimes, I just can't stick to being completely open about various fashion styles. I also try to feel like there's more to fashion than what I prefer and like. Like when I look at the hottest looks on LOOKBOOK, I often wonder if people care more about edgy and dark looks than chic and cute fashions- like if being stylish is dead.

Preference even boils down to trying to adore certain personalities. Like, I try to be open about certain people on LOOKBOOK and enjoy certain outfits. I don't fan anyone on LOOKBOOK unless I enjoy a majority of their outfits. In addition to following certain personalities, I also don't want to be about just the famous ones like Aksinya, Anila, Lidia, and others. I prefer diversity- famous types as well as not-so-famous types.

Why Not Look the Part or Post Outfits?

I mostly wear T-shirts and jeans. I'm not in any way fancy or stylish with my style of dress. There's nothing special about my style of fashion. I don't really care if I'm not wearing the most stylish pieces or sporting the latest trends. Since there's nothing special about me or my wardrobe, I don't do outfit posts. I just don't do these posts. Also, I don't really shop often for clothes or shoes.

People on LOOKBOOK even ask me or suggest to me that I should do outfit posts or ask why I don't do outfit posts. My answer is simple- I am not "fashionable" material. I'm not wearing any clothes from any big-name designers or shop at any major stores for my clothes. Also, I am not stylish enough to be on the same wavelength of other fashionable males. I care more about having clothing to wear rather than wear certain clothes and go with certain outfits that makes me even remotely stylish. I don't have any kind of passion to show off how I look. "StyleSpace by JBM" is not- and never will be any kind of diary or journal of my fashion. It is a blog about all things fashion or is a blog with items that are still somehow related to fashion. These are the premises and foundations of what my fashion blog is all about.

Simply put- I don't do outfit posts. I don't have to document what fashion items I pick up. If this disqualifies my blog as a true fashion blog, then... oh, well.

Is This Still a "Fashion" Blog?

Despite not being any sort of expert in regards to fashion, I do still want to discuss fashion. There are reasons why I call this blog as a non-traditional fashion blog. Okay- I'm not good-looking enough to post any of my own outfits. That's why I say that "Fashion by He" is one of my fashion blogging inspirations. Does "He" share "his" fashion style with others? No. But does "He" enjoy talking about fashion? Absolutely- and that's whether you agree or disagree with "his" points. Same goes with my fashion blogging. I'm involved with fashion and don't have to be extremely involved and indulged with fashion to be considered a true "fashion blogger."

Another thing present in a lot of fashion blogs is some sort of link to retailers and designers. Instead, I mostly chat about certain designers from time to time. I offer thoughts on certain items. Also, I don't focus or spend much time on the most popular designers. I don't really care if I don't always discuss the likes of Louboutin or Prada. I don't have to exclusively feature luxury designer brands just to gain attention.

So is this a fashion blog? Absolutely. It's just not traditional or uncommon in approach and execution.

Thanks to All Who Supported My Visions.

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog and came away with good impressions. I hope you can understand my posts and my contributions to this blog. I thought long and hard about making a proper fashion blog rather than just randomly talk fashion in my main blog- "John's Blog Space." This post you've just read simply documents my fashion interests and the level of devotion I have in regards to fashion. It may not be total and deep devotion, but it is just enough to where I can properly showcase my fashion knowledge and appreciation properly. You can find much better blogs and sites elsewhere on fashion, but I'm thankful you at least gave my own blog a chance. I even appreciate those who link to my blog and even follow me on FeedBurner and/or Bloglovin'. I admire you all who add "StyleSpace by JBM" to your Press pages or in your blogroll.

As always, please continue to support my work any way you can if you enjoy my blogging material.

Even with the fallacies and faults I've expressed in this blog post about me and my fashion credentials, I do enjoy posting about fashion here. If I didn't, then I wouldn't have put so much effort into all of my posts here. So now you know my thoughts and my credentials regarding fashion and why I post so much about fashion here. I felt all of this needed to be said because I want people to know about my thoughts on fashion and the level of dedication of my work. Kind of like an angry release.

Regardless, keep reading "StyleSpace by JBM." Like the old song goes- "don't stop 'till you get enough." And I hope you don't get enough any time soon. Thank you for reading! :)

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John Marine said...

Love this post!!! I always secretly wanted to be a belly dancer - I've thought about taking classes but never got around to it. I love belly dancing fashion too and I have on occasion incorporated some of these type of pieces into my everyday fashion.


John Marine said...

i can tell you put a lot of effort in your post. I also don't think you need to explain or justify your blog to anyone. People are free to read or not and to take what they want out of your posts. I don't think having an interest in fashion means you have to like everything just because someone decided it was fashionable. I abhor most wedge sneakers and while I don't mine an occasional skull, I think it's easy to look like you're trying to hard to look touch when you go for too much spikes, skulls, etc. In my opinion, the "edgy" look has gotten so mainstream that it is no longer edgy.


John Marine said...

I think the best thing about blogs is that they versatile and unique. There is a different kind of drive behind every one of them. I certainly like your blog as it is...a series of well researched articles.

I've started my blog posting outfits. I don't do that anymore because simply I don't have time to do it at this period of my life. Does that means that my blog is not a fashion one? I don't think so. You don't have to do outfit post, you can do whatever you want...that's the beauty of blogs. Personally, I like lifestyle blogs. They're like magazines, covering different topics and areas...but more personal (and less commercials then magazines).

John Marine said...

Interesting post!! I love your blog!!!


John Marine said...

I totally agree with you about the hot looks on Lookbook--I feel exactly the same way when I see a slew of dark looks on the front page. I realize that fashion is completely subjective, but sometimes I feel that the true spirit of style--expressing yourself and conveying your aura--is fading to trends. Also, yes, Oscar de lat Renta is one of my favorite designers :)

This is one of my favorite posts of yours, John. I admire you for sharing these thoughts and I strongly resonate with your fashion philosophy. I think that it's completely cool that while you don't partake in posting looks yourself, you can still be so immersed and engaged in the fashion community. It's safe to say that you're an ideal, dedicated and insightful reader. I always appreciate your thoughts on my writing and outfit.

Have a wonderful weekend!

John Marine said...

I totally love your work and point of view. In fact I have some loggers hows fashion sense I admire a lot but them as fashion material are not that flattering. I wish them be more like their thoughts only. Thanks for your story! i didn't know about it much

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