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Friday, February 7, 2014

Belly Dancing Chic

John Marine | 9:53 PM | |
Belly dancing is both sensual and fun. What most belly dancers today wear and use in their routines help them to look and feel their best. Have a little Arabian Nights inspiration in you? If so, this post regarding belly dancing chic may tickle your fancy. This is a post mostly focused on items worn and used by belly dancers. There are no shortage of things to discuss on this topic.

This blog post mostly pertains to the fashion aspect of belly dancing. These are not all belly dancers wear, but some of the more common pieces. I therefore don't want to spend much time about the belly dancing routines themselves or anything like that.

--- Belly Dancing Chic ---

Wearing cropped tops usually allows one to show off the midriff in a stylish way. But if you want to entertain others by romantically showing off your lovely midsection, look no further than the realm of belly dancing. Belly dancers exude artistic and sensual appeal. The ability to shimmy and shake to a fabulous song is something magical. And if you think it is just slim and slender ladies taking part in belly dancing, think again. I've even seen curvy women as well as pregnant women belly dancing. It is something for all to enjoy. A lot of people tend to look to Colombian recording artist Shakira in regards to belly dancing among popular figures.

When it comes to belly dancing chic, some of the many cues for outfits mostly feature bold colors and bolder accessories. Most of the bold accessories are metallic coins and certain metallic accessories used by belly dancers.

--- Belly Dancing Inspiration ---

Time to get you excited on this topic. Let this video get you inspired. This is an old video featuring a demo reel of one of my personal favorite belly dancers, the beautiful Neena Nour:

^ "Neena"

If you liked that one, here is another one for you:

^ "Arabian Belly Dance - This Girl is insane!"

Would you like to see some belly dancers? Let me introduce you to a few that come to mind for me. Click on the links in the headings to visit their official websites or any fan pages.


I consider Dolphina as sort of the queen of belly dancing. She has a lineup of workout videos called "Goddess Life." Anyone femme looking to become a belly dancing goddess can do so by looking up the beautiful Dolphina.

Neena Nour.

Neena Nour is one of the most beautiful and most divine belly dancers today. She has amazing flexibility and amazing beauty.

Annwyn Amar.

I discovered Annwyn Amar during the heyday of Myspace. Nicknamed "The Gypsy Rose," Annwyn is a beautiful lady with divine style in her belly dancing.

These are just a few of the many different belly dancers out there.

--- Belly Dancing Clothing ---

This section takes a look at some of the more common items a belly dancer wears.

Belly Dancing Tops.

belly dancing bra top
^ from: - Most belly dancing women wear bra-like tops adorned with chains and other bits.

belly dancing cropped top
^ from: - Certain cropped tops and cropped tie-front tops also are worn by belly dancers.

Believe it or not, in the history of belly dancing, here are two facts: mostly men were belly dancing, and actual exposing of one's belly wasn't allowed in the past. Times CERTAINLY much different in this day and age.

Belly Dancing Pants.

belly dancing harem pants
^ from: - Harem pants can be quite common as pants to wear for belly dancers. Some of these pants can have slits and may even be sheer.

belly dancing pants
^ from: - Besides harem pants, certain other flowy and fluid pants may be worn by various belly dancers.

Before I begin discussing harem pants, please note I am NOT discussing the fashionable harem pants which I've so despised. I am talking about REAL harem pants. Think of Princess Jasmine of Disney's "Aladdin" movie. Harem pants can have slits in them to show some leg, or they can be sheer.

Belly Dancing Skirt.

belly dancing skirt
^ from: - Skirts are common among belly dancers. Some may have high slits or have tiered designs.

Most female dancers today often wear skirts. These are long skirts worn by belly dancers and are usually adorned with coin belts. Some belly dancer skirts have slits to elegantly show some legs even while dancing.

Coin Belt.

belly dancing coin belt
^ from: - When worn, a hip scarf with a coin belt is a nice attention grabber while belly dancing. This picture shows a coin belt hip scarf when taken off.

The jingling noise you may hear may be from the belly dancer's coin belt, which offers a little extra style to a belly dancer.

Isis Wings.

belly dancer Isis wings
^ from: - Isis Wings are perhaps the most dramatic prop used by belly dancers.

Isis wings provide the most dramatic touch for those who use them in their belly dancing routine. To show you HOW dramatic, here is a video I have included this video demonstrating Isis Wings in a belly dancing routine:

^ "Victoria Teel's Isis Wings Solo"

Beautiful, huh?

So you now have a little insight on what belly dancers wear. Other items include various headdresses, finger cymbals, and swords (for balancing).

--- Belly Dancing Chic: Final Thoughts ---

The art of belly dancing is a very sensual and creative form of dance. The clothing worn by today's belly dancers are as much of a statement-maker as any belly dancing routines they may take part in. One has to appreciate looking and feeling as stylish as the belly dancing they do. If you have found interest in belly dancing or have belly danced before, then you can really feel happy knowing wearing such items are gorgeous on your body as you shimmy and shake the day/night away. Belly dancing is something you should try out if you want to show off your belly while dancing to such enticing Middle Eastern music.

So shimmy and shake your belly to your heart's content, belly dancers!

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This blog post on belly dancing fashion is over. Thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM" and another one of my posts in this non-traditional fashion blog.

Thank you for reading this blog post on belly dancing chic. This post was actually one of many posts I had planned on making for quite a long while for "StyleSpace by JBM." It wasn't until now that I decided to finally release this topic for this blog. So what do you think about belly dancing and the clothing belly dancers wear? Post comments (not spam or anything suspicious) to keep this topic interesting. Until next time, thank you for reading!

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