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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nail Art

John Marine | 6:02 PM | | | | |
Why do nails have to be boring? Some types are creative enough to paint up their nails in unique ways. They don't want to just paint up their nails in a single color. In fact, some are creative enough to try various other colors, color styles, glitter, and more. If you fancy nail art, this post on "StyleSpace by JBM" will be to your liking.

--- Nail Art ---

nail art
^ from: (best I could find; links to article) - There are many ways to paint up nails. How do you paint up yours?

Nail art is one way to express yourself. Various fashionable types take their nails and color them. Some even make unique paintings and designs for unique nail art. Some who question the appeal of nail art would likely ask why one would paint up their nails if they are going to getting their hands and fingers dirty? What if someone with really fancy-looking nail art gets the nails all messed up after dipping into something or touching something messy?

Those with a sense of creativity are able to find many ways to style their nails with intricate artwork on each nail. I think it speaks to the level of detail people have in being able to make such big artistic pieces with such small nails. It never ceases to amaze me just how much others are able to dress up their nails with unique artistic pieces.

For more insight on nail art, here's a video for you:

^ "Easy Nail Art For Beginners!!!"

--- Nail Art Blogging Showcase ---

Let me show you some bloggers whom have done their own nail art. Feel free to follow their blogs if you love their work. Here are a wide variety of bloggers whom have done some sort of nail art. Some of these links point towards a series of posts from the blogger rather than just one post:

~multiple posts~ (miouprincess loves pink!) « the blogger's latest nail posts; mostly solid colors.
~multiple posts~ (Glam Fab Happy) « this blogger's latest nail posts; various artistic styles.
~multiple posts~ (Cupcake's Clothes) « all nail-related posts from this blogger; cute and whimsical nail designs.
~multiple posts~ (Bewolf.) « all nail-related posts; unique patterns and styles.
~multiple posts~ (Chamber of beauty....) « all NOTD (Nails of the Day) posts from this blogger.
~multiple posts~ (keiko lynn) « multiple posts from this blogger featuring various nail art from her.

These are among some of the bloggers I immediately think of in regards to nail art. They are all on the Blogger/Blogspot interface, so if you use Blogger/Blogspot, feel free to follow their blogs if you enjoy their work.

--- Nail Art: Final Thoughts ---

The creativity of dressing up your nails with intricate artwork and an interesting array of colors make nail art so fun. If I were a female, I wouldn't dare attempt nail art, but I do find artistic enjoyment in being able to stylize your nails about as well as the rest of your wardrobe. One simply can't go against trying to stylize nails in a unique manner. If you have the creativity, feel free to experiment nail art to your heart's content. Go with styles that are as expressive and vast as your imagination.

My question to you...
What do you think about nail art?

As always, I admire your input, commentary, and reactions. They would be appreciated for this topic as much as any other topic I focus on here with "StyleSpace by JBM." Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I think nail art can be extremely fun. I'm always impressed by the talent of creating art on fingernails! Great post!


John Marine said...

Oh, I love the fun strawberry art. I have a friend who's super into nail art but I never had the patience to do all those intricate designs. And I also pick the polish off within a day haha. But thanks for all the links--I love Keiko Lynn so I'll have to check that out! Hope all is well with you, John!

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