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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lip Art

John Marine | 9:44 PM | | |
Just like with nails, your lips can be given a creative touch. Can you be as creative with your lips as you can with nails? Absolutely! Does that mean the results are just as fun? Yes and no. This blog post looks at lip art and what I think about lip art. For those of you whom have done lip art for any number of outfits or photo shoots, I'll offer my thoughts on various lip art. You, of course, are free to share your own opinions as you see fit. I'd like to welcome all of you to "StyleSpace by JBM" and another post of mine in this non-traditional blog about fashion and beauty.

--- Lip Art ---

When talking about lip art, there is one example that sticks out to me. With that said, here are some examples provided ONLY for demonstration purposes:

Selena Gomez Kiss and Tell cover
^ from: (best I could find) - The cover of Selena Gomez's "Kiss & Tell" album features a heart-style design on her lips with rhinestones. This picture is only provided to demonstrate the appeal of lip art and lip designs.

Here is a quick video example of lip art:

^ "Sugar Lips : Lip Art Tutorial"

Lip art is an artistic impression of style. It goes beyond basic application of lipstick. Those with an eye for creativity try to offer artistic charm towards lipstick. There are some people who even go beyond lipstick and try to apply all sorts of things on the lips of others. For the most part, most styles of lip art are primarily like painting up your nails. For any true girly-girl, a girl obviously wants to have kissable and charming lips. A good shade of lipstick will do that for you. Does that fun factor of stylish lips become diminished when coming up with unique lip designs and lip art? Depends on who you ask. Most lip art basically is done for photo shoots and various model-type photos. I sincerely doubt there are those who would have different lip art as much as they would different nail art.

Personally, I get freaked out over certain lip designs. Maybe I'm too basic to where I prefer basic red or pink lipstick instead of those using their lips as their own canvas for all sorts of designs and styles. To me, certain lip art can be as much of a turn-off for a person's face as wearing the wrong kind of shoes or wearing some garment or accessory that kills an outfit. Honest truth- certain piercings on one's face (like nose or lip piercings) is a personal turn-off for me, but certain lip art designs can be just as much a turn-off, at least for certain pictures.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED... If you want to see videos of lip art on YouTube, I invite you to click on this link for some more lip art: "lip art" search results on YouTube.

--- Lip Art: Final Thoughts ---

There will be a lot of people who will probably disagree with me, but while lip art can be entertaining and fun, it can also freak me out incredibly. Some forms of lip art freak me out more than certain unusual lipstick colors. I have to applaud the creativity of colors to make such intricate lip art. Because I applaud such creativity, however, doesn't mean I appreciate all lip art. Certain lip designs and styles can really freak me out. As much as the wrong pair of shoes or a certain kind of accessory can ruin an outfit, certain lip art and lip styles are as much of a personal turn-off for me with someone's face as certain piercings (besides on the ears). So I really think some lip designs and lip art can be serious turn-offs or even freak me out.

If you're going to do lip art, please note that you are taking as much a chance on ruining your entire appearance as picking out certain clothes or certain shoes. The wrong element can ruin everything- even including whatever lip design(s) you want to go with. Always feel free to experiment different lip designs and lip art. Just know that certain lip art can be a total turn-off if done wrong or not as visually-pleasing. So experiment... at your own risk.

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I hope you freely enjoy all of my content including this blog post you just read and my older blog posts. Whether I agree or disagree with certain things, I am at least honest and professional in my opinions. I know I can't please everybody with my thoughts.

Here is the question I pose to you all who have read this post:

What are YOUR thoughts on lip art?

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