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Friday, January 31, 2014

Cheerleader Chic

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GO TEAM GO! Cheerleaders are the energetic and upbeat persons who aim to keep their team and fans energized. Their unrelenting passion to will on a team yields to their appeal. Some of the best cheerleaders even compete in cheerleading competitions. This blog post is a look at cheerleaders from a fashion perspective. The post mostly is about certain items worn by cheerleaders.

This post is one of the more informative types of posts I wanted to do in regards to fashion. It is one of the things that makes my fashion blog different since I discuss something that ultimately links to fashion. It's about cheerleading, but it is in regards to fashion. Get yourself some insight in this look at cheerleader fashion.

A Special Hello...

If you are a cheerleader, or if you used to do cheerleading... I want to welcome you to "StyleSpace by JBM"- my non-traditional fashion blog. I hope I do you proud by my discussion of cheerleading fashion here.

--- Cheerleader Chic ---

Cheerleaders are the topic here. Let's set the mood of this blog post by featuring a cheerleader video. Get inspired! Here you go:

^ "Columbus High School Cheerleading 08 STATE CHAMPS!"

A basic cheerleading outfit consists of a shell, a cheerleading skirt, and some sneakers. There are some cheerleaders who wear different sorts of variable garments as part of their cheer uniform. For example, some cheerleaders may wear hot pants, some athletic long pants, boots, or anything like that. Some examples of cheerleaders who wear boots instead of sneakers include (but not limited to) the University of Texas cheerleaders and various NFL teams like the Houston Texans. Some cheerleaders may even wear bodysuits as part of their cheerleading outfit.

While we normally regard cheerleaders as girls, there are also male cheerleaders. Of course, for as much as we romanticize female cheerleaders, most people usually don't care too much about male cheerleaders. Most male cheerleaders basically sport the team colors and wear either some shorts or pants. The intent of this post is mostly on feminine cheerleaders. I just didn't want to leave out the male cheerleaders out there who may be reading this blog post.

Now that I [hopefully] have you interested in this topic on cheerleading, next for me is to share with you some pieces cheerleaders normally wear. Please advance to the next section for more on that front.

--- Cheerleader Chic: Basics ---

This next section is all about cheerleader wear. What you'll see primarly consists of items cheerleaders wear whether out in force, cheer camp, or practice. Here is a look at a few individual pieces of a basic cheerleader outfit. All of these pictures were some of the best I could find to describe each item. Please contact me if I am unable to use some of these images (mainly because of copyright issues). Each image is provided for educational purposes:

Cheerleader Tops.

cheerleader shell
^ from: - A cheerleader shell.

The tops worn by most female cheerleaders are called shells. Many of these shells have a V-neck design to them. Shells can be full or cropped. Cheerleaders may wear warm turtlenecks or bodysuits underneath their shells to keep their arms warm in cold conditions.

Cheerleader Skirts and Skorts.

cheerleader skirt
^ from: - This is a basic cheerleader skirt.

Perhaps the trademark of cheerleaders is in wearing short skirts. These skirts can be pleated or not pleated. Cheerleaders wear bloomers underneath their skirts. Cheerleaders outside wear warm tights under their skirts when the weather conditions are cold.

cheerleader skort
^ from: - Rather than skirts, some cheerleaders wear skorts. This is a fully-enclosed skirt hiding a pair of shorts.
Some designers like American Apparel and Kavio offer cheerleading skorts. If you don't know what a skort is, it is a pair of shorts either attached to a skirt or a pair of shorts with a skirt-like appearance.

Speaking of shorts...

Cheerleader Shorts.

cheerleader shorts
^ from: - This a pair of shorts worn by cheerleaders.

Whether for training or as part of an outfit, shorts for cheerleaders can be just as stylish for a cheerleader as a skirt or skort.

Cheerleader Spankies.

cheerleader spankies
^ from: - Boy shorts are worn by cheerleaders as training wear for cheerleaders. Such shorts worn by cheerleaders are called "spankies."

As cute (or kinky :D) as spankies sound, cheerleaders may wear spankies as part of their outfit or as part of their practice outfit. Most of these spankies are primarily just active boyshorts or briefs. They were meant to be worn as bloomers to proper cheerleading outfits.

Cheerleader Bodysuits.

cheerleader bodysuit
^ from: - Some cheerleaders wear bodysuits as their cheerleading outfit.

Some cheerleading outfits are bodysuits. These are full bodysuits that serve as the proper outfit for some cheerleaders and cheer squads.

These are among most of the basic cheerleading clothes. Other items include proper active sneakers and athletic socks. There are even cheerleading bows and ribbons that I think are cute for cheerleaders to wear in their hair.

--- Cheerleader Chic: Final Thoughts ---

While cheerleaders represent the positive and upbeat persons that will on a sports team, their fashion makes them just as eye-catching. Those who take part in cheerleading are the selfless individuals who do what they can to will on a team. This blog post focused mainly on cheerleading fashion- mostly a basic look at the basic fashion items worn by cheerleaders.

When I created "StyleSpace by JBM," this was one of many different things I wanted to do as part of discussing fashion. Not exclusively discussing certain trends, but discussing clothing aspects of various things. I am glad I got to discuss this topic proper with all of you. I also have you to thank for reading this post. It means a lot knowing you (hopefully) enjoyed my post on cheerleader fashion.

I tried to discuss everything as best as I could. If I screwed up a number of things, please contact me and help me provide a better blog post for my readers and visitors.

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--- Cheerleading Resources ---

Would you like some resources on cheerleader fashion? These can help you. (NOTE: All items are primarily meant for an American audience. It isn't likely these companies may ship overseas.)

Cheerleading Gear.

Cheerleaders in need ot some cheerleading clothing can look to resources such as these:

CheerZone is all about getting you girls all dressed up to take part in cheerleading. You can check out their catalog to shop for various items for cheerleaders. Get your gear from this company. You can get social with CheerZone by visiting their home page to visit their Wordpress blog, their Twitter feed, their Facebook fan page, and their YouTube channel.

Cheerleading Online
From uniforms to various warm-up outfits, Campus TeamWear site features many uniforms and accessories for cheerleaders. Various items are featured for cheerleaders here.
Almost everything a cheerleader wants or needs can be found at Everything from uniforms to accessories are available here. Even gifts and other fun things can be found here. Items are offered for girls up to teen girls and adults.

Team Cheer
Team Cheer has both uniforms and accessories for cheerleaders. In addition, they have a campaign called "Cheer for a Cure," devoted to raising money for breast cancer. These are special cheerleading outfits and accessories in pink and with the familiar pink ribbons so synonmous with breast cancer awareness. It's a great way to show some cheer while also cheering for a good cause.
There are a number of different things you can look up and shop for cheerleading at

Head 2 Toe Cheer
A variety of cheerleader uniform items are offered from Head 2 Toe Cheer. You can shop for yourself or your team. There are even fundraising opportunities to help your cheer squad do some fundraising.

Robbins Sports (Cheerleading link)
Their slogan is "Get your gear," and that's exactly what Robbins Sports has when you visit. All the clothing, accessories, and equipment you need can be found here from a variety of retailers.

Cheer Outfitters
Everything cheer is offered here for both females and males. They have their own catalog of items for you to check out, which also includes various other cheer gifts. Items can even be customized to your liking.

Chassé is all about dressing you up beautifully for your cheerleading routines. Check out their many cheer uniforms and accessories to help you and your cheer squad get all dressed up nicely.

Zoe Cheer
All the cheer basics can be found with Zoe Cheer. Dress you and your team up for the game or for cheering routines by visiting this link.

Omni Cheer
Omni Cheer lives by their slogan of "Setting the Standard!" They have a catalog featuring all kinds of cheer wear and accessories for cheerleading youth and adults. They even offer some men's cheer garments.

Soffe (Cheer and Dance link)
From Soffe, they offer loads of atheltic fashions for kids and grown-ups.
(Alternate link: Cheer and Dance fashions for kids (Girls) from Soffe can be found here: Cheer and Dance - Girls

(More links may be added in future edits. All material in this section was taken from my "John's Blog Space" post on cheerleading.)

--- Special Thanks to All of You! ---

I've done as much as I could to talk about the fashion aspect of cheerleading in this blog post. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post as much as I've enjoyed trying to put this all together. I looked at cheerleading from a fashion standpoint to be consistent here on "StyleSpace by JBM." If you want to take part in cheerleading, then by all means, go for it! Never be afraid to show team spirit and have fun doing it!

And again, if you're part of a cheer squad or are a former cheerleader, I hope you enjoyed my content. Feel free to say hello if you enjoyed my work! I appreciate any and all questions and comments. When can I have my own cheerleaders cheering on the success of my blogs and my YouTube channel? ;)

I somewhat wanted to release this post to fall in line with Super Bowl XLVIII. So I released this post with as much detail as I could in time for the 2014 Super Bowl. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Great post on cheer leading style. I'd love to see the influence of this style on mainstream fashion.
Your post reminds me of my 6th grade cheer leading days. ;-)

John Marine said...

Wow, Great post on cheer leading style, very helpful and impressive as always <3

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