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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nautical Chic

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Set sail for style with nautical chic! It is a popular trend and a popular styling exercise. Nautical chic is defined basically by blue and white or sailor-inspired pieces. Ready to take sail? If so, you've probably already have some nautical or nautical-inspired pieces all ready to wear. This blog post is about nautical chic. This includes nautical styles as well as some sailor-inspired pieces.

There is some nautical chic pieces for males, but I am mostly focused on nautical chic for females in this post. This was a VERY old blog post I had planned on releasing on "John's Blog Space," but never did release it to JBS. I have since updated the planned post and made it available for here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

--- Nautical Chic at a Glance ---

Even if you are not a member of your nation's Naval force (if your country has one), you can still infuse nautical-inspired chic into your wardrobe. The most common bit of nautical chic is usually in the form of striped garments with alternating white and navy blue.

There's also some sailor chic involved in the nautical style. Think about seeing images of anchors on garments. I personally have never disliked sailor button bottoms. Everything from sailor button pants and shorts to sailor button skirts only adds an extra sense of cute to the girls who with to sail the high seas of style. When I personally think of sailor style, I usually think of white sailor bell bottom pants. But of course, don't overlook things like sailor tops and sailor blouses.

The nautical look is a styling exercise that can be classy casual. Some may even try a purely classy or office-appropriate look with nautical inspiration.

That concludes a look at nautical chic. Next up, a look at nautical chic in pictures.

--- Nautical Chic in Pictures ---

Time to give you some pictures of nautical fashion and nautical-inspired fashion pieces.

White and Blue With Some Red.

I hate to use costumes to make a fashion discussion. However, here is the color combination in question:

nautical red white and blue
^ from: - Hello, sailor! This costume demonstrates the combination white, navy blue, and red provide as far as nautical chic is concerned.

A combination of red, white, and blue is uniquely American. Putting these colors together in this context is very stylish for the female wanting to infuse nautical chic. Of course, one doesn't have to wear some sort of adult costume to have nautical-inspired chic. This color combination is one easy way to infuse nautical chic into a wardrobe.

Basic Nautical Chic.

nautical stripes
^ from: - This nautical dress demonstrates the most basic nautical look- items adorned with stripes of white and navy blue.

The most basic nautical look is that of simple striped garments with white and navy blue stripes. It is both basic and simple in expressing nautical chic.

Nautical-style Colors.

nautical sandals
^ from: - These platform wedge sandals have nautical-style stripes to them.

If you fancy nautical style but want a unique twist on it, certain garments and shoes have nautical-type accents and styles to them. You can still enjoy nautical style even without it having to be white with navy blue stripes.

Hello, Sailor!

vintage sailor dress
^ from: - A vintage sailor dress.

The right fashion pieces can make any girl look like a sailor. Items such as the sailor dress featured above will help provide nautical or sailor inspired chic to one's style.


anchor tank top
^ from: - Anchors away! A quintessential element of nautical chic is with anchors.

Not to be outdone with nautical chic is the use of anchors. Anchors are VERY much a part of nautical chic.

Sailor Button Bottoms.

sailor button bottoms
^ from: - High-waisted sailor button shorts.

I have actually never hated sailor button detail on bottoms. In fact, they can be a cute touch. They are a pretty touch to almost any pair of bottoms ranging from casual bottoms to more chic pieces. A lot of sailor button bottoms are usually high-waist bottoms or dresses that simply have sailor button details. Sailor button details usually are a vertical line of buttons that adorn the front of a garment. They are stylish whether on jeans, pants, shorts, or skirts.

And of honorable mention...

Japanese Schoolgirls (Honorable Mention!).

Japanese schoolgirls often wear a middy blouse and a skirt as part of their uniform for school. The outfits themselves are very nautical in nature since the blouses and such were derived from naval outfits from World War II.

So these are some of the various elements of nautical chic.

--- Nautical Chic Around the Blogosphere ---

Let these ladies take you on the high seas with nautical chic. These can be nautical stripes, nautical-type fashions, and more. So have a look at these blog posts from these fashion bloggers from around the world. These are either nautical outfits, nautical-inspired outfits, or certain sailor-inspired outfits. Remember that the key criteria for being featured is the blogger wearing items relevant to the post's topic. Fashion inspiration posts do not get featured; it has to be a blogger wearing items relevant to the topic. Because I initially made this post for "John's Blog Space" (but didn't release it on JBS) a lot of the posts I selected are fairly old. That's because the original post was compiled from about 2012. One blog's missed opportunity is another's big opportunity. So here are my finds. Get your nautical inspiration from these bloggers:

"naut nautical / romwe giveaway." (tuolomee).
"Lookbook: Affordable Nautical Dress for $9.50" (Stylish Petite) « a nautical dress.
"Navy Blazer & Red Wedges" (Lucky Loves) « a nautical striped top with a navy blue blazer and red shoes.
"nautical" (cute and little) « a cute white and navy outfit with a pop of bubblegum pink.
"Stripes & Polka Dots" (Style Cassentials) « a nautical striped skirt.
"Anchors Away" (Style Cassentials) « a cardigan with anchor designs on it.
"Nautical Love" (Sara's Sweet Style) « a nautical outfit with lots of white and blue, and with pops of red.
"Sail Away" (Only the Marvelous) « a nautical top knotted at the front.
"Navy striped maxi dress." (Maytedoll) « a nautical maxi dress.
"Summers, whites n nauticals go together, right!!?......Today Look #29" (My Unfinished Life) « a nautical T-shirt in white and sky blue.
"Pinks, Nude, & Crop Tops…Oh My!" (Principessa Gabriella) « a mid-length nautical dress (Outfit 5).
"Evening Look: Golden Sailor" (Glam Fab Happy) « a nautical-type evening outfit.
"OOTD: Spring Sailor" (Glam Fab Happy) « a mostly blue and red dress outfit.
"Love is My Anchor + A Giveaway (Always Maylee) « a cute T-shirt with an anchor on it.
"Big Trend Alert: Nautical" (Lynne Gabriel) « multiple nautical influences with a mostly blue and red outfit.
"Nautical" (Camille Tries to Blog) « a beautiful and timeless outfit highlighted by a nautical skirt.

"Nautical" search results (LOOKBOOK) « all "nautical" outfits on LOOKBOOK.

Sadly, these were the only true posts based on blogs I follow that have nautical looks. Other bloggers with relevant looks may be featured in future edits. Stay tuned to John's Blog Space!

--- Nautical Chic: Final Thoughts ---

Nautical chic provides some fun and interesting colors. You surely can't argue the uniquely American appeal of red, white, and blue in regards to nautical chic. The alternating bands of white and Navy blue are surely a stylish combo for those who want to sport some nautical style. Take your style to the high seas with nautical-inspired chic! Go make a fashion splash the way only you know how.

--- Nautical Items Online ---

For all items nautical, please use the items below. Your cooperation in this section is completely voluntary. I do want my readers to help support my work by at least searching around for the items I've provided to help you find relevant items online based on what you've read. I would appreciate your business if you did find something after scrolling through this widget that you'll love.

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Other Sources.

Here are more sources you can visit to get your fill of nautical chic:

all nautical items on Amazon
nautical (Women's Clothing) on eBay
nautical items on Shopbop
nautical items on Neiman Marcus
nautical on Nordstrom
nautical items on

Thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM," and happy shopping! :)

I really don't have a problem with nautical-inspired fashions and looks. So by all means, go for it! Wear the trend! Or let me ask...

How do you feel about the nautical trend?

Sail the high seas of style to the absolute fullest. Thank you for reading!

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Cassandra Westfall said...

Nautical looks can be fun or very classic. I used to have some anchor button pants, and I miss them!! Great post!!


John Marine said...

Nautical looks can be fun or classic. I used to have some anchor button front pants, and I loved them!! Great post! :-)


John Marine said...

I saw some great navy-inspiration prints& combos in Zara. I love the red, white and blue mix. :) Have a great day!

John Marine said...

Thanks for sweet comments!

Andrea Brito said...

Great navy description. I like this pattern! Good job!

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