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Australian designer TRIANGL has become popular lately among many a blogger and many a fashionista. They design both swimwear (mostly bikinis) and underwear. I figure to offer this blog post as a TRIANGL showcase featuring bloggers and other persons who wear these outfits from TRIANGL. No matter what, these items from TRIANGL are certainly popular.

Originally, I wanted this post only to discuss the famous swimwear from TRIANGL. However, I also realize they design underwear. I will mostly focus on the TRIANGL swimwear, but I may unintentionally make reference to or link to TRIANGL underwear.

To learn more about TRIANGL, visit: www.triangle.com/au. Select your region from that site.

--- TRIANGL at a Glance ---

Here is one of their many swimsuit designs:

TRIANGL swimwear and underwear
^ from: www.polyvore.com (best I could find) - TRIANGL has designed the latest "it" bikini and the latest "it" underwear to a lot of fashionistas today. The example in this picture is of their trendy swimwear.

It takes confidence to sport a bikini. Even more so to sport a very popular and trendy bikini. Same goes for their underwear. So is the case with TRIANGL. The designer of feminine-exclusive swimwear and underwear was founded in 2012 (according to the TRIANGL Facebook fan page).

TRIANGL Swimwear.

Somehow, these trendy bikinis have caught on with a variety of bloggers and fashion social networking media worldwide proudly wearing and showcasing their TRIANGL bikinis. The majority of these TRIANGL bikinis are mostly solid-colored pieces with black outlines and accents. A number of bloggers whom chatted about TRIANGL and their bikinis mention these bikinis as being comfortable as well as stylish. If a girl is going to go to the beach, to a beach party, or take part in a photo shoot while in a bikini; one would probably feel most comfortable in something of TRIANGL. Besides the popular style of TRIANGL bikinis, they also offer strapless bikini tops, halter bikini tops, and even some patterned bikinis.

TRIANGL Underwear.

TRIANGL underwear is also styled more like their swimwear. They make as colorful of underwear as their swimwear. Unlike their swimwear, the TRIANGL underwear offerings are mostly just the solid-colored items with black accents. Nothing along the lines of any patterned garments in regards to underwear. Still, the TRIANGL underwear offerings are every bit as fashionable as their swimwear.

Now that you know about this Australian designer, read on to see various bloggers proudly wear their TRIANGL outfits.

--- TRIANGL Showcase ---

The main point of this blog post was to showcase certain persons who wear TRIANGL swimsuits and TRIANGL underwear. So here in this section, this is your chance to see certain bloggers and other person wear these popular swimsuits. Follow their blogs if they interest you. Some bloggers may appear more than once:

"Florals and triangles" (Trop Rouge) « under printed overalls, a black TRIANGL bikini.
"TRIANGL." (tuolomee) « white TRIANGL swimsuit.
"Wild Like the Deep Blue Sea" (Hapa Time) « blue swimsuit with black accents.
"TRIANGL Underwear" (My Blonde Gal) « peach TRIANGL underwear set with black accents.
"Mint Miami Triangl" (My Blonde Gal) « mint green TRIANGL bikini with black accents.
"Triangl Bikini" (REINVENT YOURSELF) « silver TRIANGL top with black accents, Cobalt Blue TRIANGL bottom.
"Get Ready for Summer" (REINVENT YOURSELF) « white TRIANGL bikini with black accents.
"Triangl Swimwear - Dakota Superfly" (Primped and Primed) « strapless silver TRIANGL bikini top with black accents, peach TRIANGL bikini bottom.
"RESTLESS SOUL." (Jag Lever) « silver TRIANGL bikini top with black accents, Cobalt Blue TRIANGL bikini bottom.
"Triangl @ W." (Anouska Proetta Brandon) « Candy Pink TRIANGL bikini with black accents.
"Triangl." (Anouska Proetta Brandon) « Malibu Blue TRIANGL bikini with black accents.
"TRIANGL" (Thirstythought) « white bikini with black accents.

(TRIANGL on LOOKBOOK) « all TRIANGL swimsuit outfits on LOOKBOOK.
(TRIANGL on Chictopia) « all TRIANGL swimsuit outfits on Chictopia.

There are probably many more bloggers and others who rock TRIANGL, but these are among the many that I'm aware of as I researched this topic.

--- TRIANGL: Final Thoughts ---

TRIANGL has designed a swimsuit and underwear that have caught on like wildfire among fashionable types. Does it mean that fashionistas have found something to love about these garments from the Australian designer that no other designer could match or better? As with any swimsuit (especially bikinis), it takes a lot of confidence in yourself and your looks to want to even wear a bikini. At least the ones I've featured were confident enough to sport such trendy bikinis.

As for what I think about the bikinis and underwear themselves, they are styled nicely. Perhaps TRIANGL could try various other color combinations, such as other solid colors and different other accents. For example, what about maybe a neon pink bikini with neon yellow accents? Or maybe design one to promote my online material by going with a Sapphire Blue (or something similar) with gold accents. :) TRIANGL has some other designs for their swimwear and their underwear. However, I mostly and initially wanted to feature their swimwear. That is until I learned of their similarly-styled underwear. Either way, TRIANGL has the "it" bikini (and maybe even the "it" underwear) for fashionistas today.

Rock your TRIANGL if you love their designs!

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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For more information about TRIANGL and/or to shop for their items, visit: www.triangle.com/au. Select your region from that site.

Another "StyleSpace by JBM" post is complete. Time for you all to speak up...

What do you think about TRIANGL and their clothing?

Since it is warm weather time for most of my audience, I'm sure you all will proudly wear your swimwear to stay cool and feel great in the heat. I hope you enjoyed your time here and maybe want to share some thoughts. Thank you for reading!

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I had not heard of this brand until now, so thanks for introducing me to something new! :-)

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