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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Skin-Tone Shoes

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The appeal of skin-tone colors lie in offering the illusion of being naked. This is popularly more apparent with skin-tone shoes. The focal point of this blog post is on skin-tone (also called "flesh-tone") footwear. Besides skin-tone shoes, there are also skin-tone garments that provide this naked illusion. Petites surely enjoy skin-tone shoes, as they help provide the illusion of longer legs for petites. A number of petite bloggers (as well as petites in general) have worn skin-tone shoes.

This blog post will set you up for a look at skin-tone footwear and the naked illusion they provide. It only focuses on skin-tone shoes; not on other skin-tone items.


The reason why I am using "skin-tone" rather than the usual "nude" term is for two reasons:

1.) "Nude" (in regards to color) assumes lighter-skinned females. I have a point to express about this later in this post. And the other reason...

2.) If I talk about "nude" things, it will just mean unnecessary traffic from perverted types to visit my blog.

Now let's discuss skin-tone!

--- Skin-Tone Shoes ---

Here is a look at a few different skin-tone shoes:

nude pumps
^ from: - A pair of nude/skin-tone pumps can visually elongate legs and feet.

I don't know what it is about Amazon, but they seem to find either models with the perfect skin tone or the right kind of skin-tone shoes for their female models as far as the skin-tone look goes. I've posted pictures from Amazon before to demonstrate certain fashions, and they do a perfect job at this. Anyhow...

Petites and Skin-Tone Shoes.

The illusion of longer legs is provided when petites wear skin-tone shoes. That's why when you visit some petite blogs, you'll note them wearing some skin-tone shoes for some of their outfits. These can be skin-tone or very muted colors. A blogger whom I usually follow that wears skin-tone pumps often is Annie of "Stylish Petite." I also see such shoes worn by Kileen of "cute & little."

Sometimes, wearing leopard-print or cheetah-print shoes offer a skin-tone appearance while also offering a little diversity. The brown colors themselves on such shoes can offer that skin tone sort of appearance while not being solidly skin-tone to the one who wears them. The aforementioned Annie and Kileen are two such bloggers whom I've seen wear some of these animal-print pumps in their outfits.

Nude Shoes... and Women of Color.

There is a reason why I did not refer to these shoes as "nude." One such reason is that nude itself is a color. If you are dark-skinned, what is considered nude as a color is NOT the same for a dark-skinned female. If you are a Black woman and want to enjoy the sort of skin-tone appearance, there are some colors you may want to consider based on your skin color. One such brown color is mahogany. Don't overlook caramel or tan colors either.

Christian Louboutin came along with a set of pumps to compliment any number of various skin tones. Take a look at this article from 2013 if interested:

Christian Louboutin’s new shoe line shows that ‘nude’ is a color spectrum (Washington Post)

I have also included this link in case you think women of color can't rock a pair of nude pumps: Wardrobe Query: Nude Shoes For Brown Girls

So now you know about the shoes. Let's continue on with some blogger influences.

--- Skin-Tone Shoes Around the Internet ---

Let me show you some examples of bloggers sporting skin-tone shoes. Either these are proper skin-tone shoes the featured persons are wearing, or they may be colored very closely to one's skin tone that they offer a skin-tone appearance. Don't be surprised if a handful of these featured personalities are all or mostly petites. Some bloggers may appear more than once:

"Petite Fashion Challenge #17 - Candy Colorized" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « solid-colored skin-tone pumps.
"Back to work I go" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « pumps with a pattern close to the blogger's skin tone.
"Anthropologie petite Deluna floral cardigan" (Extra Petite) « cap-toe pumps colored similarly with her skin tone.
"J.Crew Boucle and Ruffle Blouse" (Stylish Petite) « skin-tone pumps with a dress and a ruffled blouse.
"Review: Yves Saint Laurent 'Cabas Chyc - Mini' Leather Satchel" (Stylish Petite) « skin-tone pumps in a color called pink salt.
"Mustard Custard" (Sara's Sweet Style) « skin-tone, neutral pumps with a very yellow outfit.
"Patent Leather" (Sara's Sweet Style) « peep-toe skin-tone pumps.
"Polka Dot Jumpsuit" (Sara's Sweet Style) « skin-tone sandals.
"Princess Pink + Berry Purple" (cute & little) « skin-tone sandals to compliment a shirt and a maxi skirt.
" Orange Swing Blazer + Floral Cutout // Color-Brigade Link-Up!
" (cute & little)
« skin-tone pumps with a beautiful floral dress.
"Peach Spring Dress" (Ivonne Stacy Style) « skin-tone pumps matched with a peachy dress outfit.
"Dress it Down" (Style Cassentials) « skin-tone brogues.
"Citrus With Bite" (Style Cassentials) « skin-tone peep-toe booties.
"Cruising Coral" (imperfect idealist) « skin-tone wedge pumps.
"Lovely Lace" « taupe-colored lace-up booties similar to her skin tone.
"Heart Cupcake" « skin-tone sandals with a very cute dress.
"HIGH-LOW" (Our Favorite Style) « one of this blog's two bloggers is wearing skin-tone pumps worn with a high-low polka dot dress.
"...Tulle Skirt..." (* Petit and Sweet Couture) « skin-tone pumps complimenting a tulle skirt.
"Happy Valentine's Day" (Fashion by Anna and Klaudia) « skin-tone pumps with a red dress.
DressLily dress :: Blue peplum day" (Glam Fab Happy) « platform pumps similar to her skin color.
"Floral dress: azalea" (My Blonde Gal) « pumps similar in color to her skin tone, complimented with a floral dress.
"quincy's a treat" (Pale Division) « skin-tone pumps along with a chic top and skirt outfit.

So it's safe to say there are MANY fashionistas that rock skin-tone shoes.

That's all. Now on to Final Thoughts.

--- Skin-Tone Shoes: Final Thoughts ---

The appeal provided by skin-tone shoes is immense and can be immense for many a fashionista. I have truly no problem with these shoes. Their fashion advantage is that they can visually elongate one's figure. They can make certain figures appear taller than they actually are. For this reason, petites certainly take up on wearing such shoes. Nude itself is a color name and of a certain color, but such nude-colored shoes are not exactly skin-tone shoes darker-skinned females. Women of color will have to look to certain darker brown shoes to compliment their skin color for those darker skinned types who want the skin-tone look.

No matter what, feel free to enjoy wearing these skin-tone shoes and offering the sort of fashion statement you want to make!

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

I made mention to only one other topic. Have a look at it in case you're interested:

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You may get involved with the next section or skip it entirely. Your call.

--- Skin-Tone Shoes Online ---

Are you wanting to take up on skin-tone shoes? If so, let me help you. Use these items to look around and score yourself a pair of skin-tone shoes or sandals!

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

To get the most relevant results, I searched for nude pumps. These are either proper nude pumps or shoes perhaps also offered in a nude color. Take a look:

Other Sources...

Take note of the quoted text. I used these terms to try to find the most relevant results for you all. I could have basically went with various forms of nude-colored items. But for the most relevant results to this blog post, I went with "nude pumps." So take a look at these items and find something you might like here:

"nude pumps" on Amazon
"nude pumps" on eBay
"nude pumps" on Neiman Marcus
"nude pumps" on
"nude pumps" on
"nude pumps" on DSW
"nude pumps" on
"nude pumps" on

Happy shopping!

That concludes this blog post. But before I close...

What do you think about skin-tone shoes?

For those of you who didn't visit my main blog "John's Blog Space," I am now blogging on a brand-new PC I bought over this past weekend. I am still mostly getting accustomed to Windows 8, but I am enjoying this PC for the most part. Feel free to comment on this topic or any other that interests you. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I actually don't think of nude as a color, but the state of being naked, so for me nude can be whatever flesh tone one is. The problem is so often, nude is used to denote a pale peachy hue that only certain skin colors can wear - usually Caucasian. It's actually a MAJOR pet peeve of mine that there isn't a clear, non-discriminatory way of talking about flesh tone hues. There actually used to be a crayon called "flesh" that was a peachy beige hue, so I don't feel like "flesh-tone" works either.

That issue aside, I do like skin-tone shoes because I feel like they make me look taller, and they work well as a soft neutral to wear with pastels and other light colors. Thanks for including me in your post! :-)




John Marine said...

I really love nude shoes, they are really versatile and work with any colors. Have a good one!:)

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