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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cutting Your Own Hair

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Recently for the first time ever, I cut my own hair. Cutting your own hair will save you from going to the barber. It is more difficult to do so since you are cutting your own hair, and you have to be aware of what hair remains on your head. I'll explain my experience cutting my own hair and what I've done to successfully cut my own hair.

This blog post mostly concerns cutting your own hair, granted you have short hair. I may consider doing some future post regarding cutting longer hair or something. Stay with "StyleSpace by JBM" if I do consider making and releasing such a blog post.

--- Cutting Your Own Hair ---

Let me explain my experience cutting my own hair. With a grooming kit I bought a year or so ago, I used the electric clippers and a small mirror to try to successfully cut my hair. I did this standing up looking into the mirror in my bathroom. To easily collect clumps of hair, I stood tall while also having a wastebasket near me to get rid of the clumps of hair I was about to shave off. I do not have any pictures to share. What I WILL do is show off the different steps I implemented to how I cut my own hair.

Step 1 - Preparation.

The first thing I did was simply brush my hair. Brushing my hair obviously makes it easier for the hair to get shaved off. It wouldn't be real fun or effective if one's hair isn't properly sorted.

Step 2 - The Front and Sides.

I went ahead and started going after parts of my head up front and on the sides. Early on, I didn't feel like I would had a barber cut my hair. So I started taking off parts of my hair that I felt I successfully got rid of and put those clumps into the wastebasket. I initially used clip-on parts because I thought I would need them to properly shave off bits of my hair. Really, I didn't need those clip-on parts because the electric clippers I had worked just fine going through my hair. I went ahead and started going through parts of my hair in an upward motion to get the front and sides of my hair. As I felt parts of my hair were successfully shaven off, I took those clumps of hair and put them into the trash bin.

I kept on going until I felt like I did a majority of the front and sides of my hair. Now, things were going to get tricky because I have a lot of hair left at the back of my head.

Step 3 - The Back.

Without a hand mirror, it can be tough to see what you're doing with your hair as you try to cut it. My initial instinct was to shave away at parts of my hair with my clippers. That is a good strategy unless you really know what you're doing and if you're confident in where you are actually doing the work. I was only so confident because I knew I was going to possibly have parts of my hair that I forgot to cut off. I still made sure to pick off clumps of hair that was successfully cut off and put those clumps into the trash.

So after doing the back of my head, I should be happy I cut off all of my hair and celebrate like a boss, right? Actually, no.

Step 4 - Leftovers.

I have a small hand mirror that I used to see if I had any hair left on the back of my head. I used both the bathroom mirror and my small mirror to detect any remaining clumps of hair off the back of my head that I may have missed. I quickly took out those parts of my hair to complete the job. It was a bit hard trying to hold the hand mirror in one hand while using my clippers in my other. I am right-handed, so my left hand had the hand mirror while my right hand had the clippers. Eventually, I found the extra bits of hair I missed and simply shaved them off with my clippers.

When I felt like I did all I could to properly cut my hair, it was time for me to get back to life as normal.

--- Cutting Your Own Hair: In the End... ---

I felt quite accomplished. I took on a challenge and had a lot to learn, but I still managed to successfully cut off all of my hair by myself. My mom and stepfather were even amazed that I was able to successfully cut my hair. I basically saved myself a $15 US Dollar haircut from the barber. I didn't really care about having some fancy haircut or some kind of unique haircut- all I cared about was cutting my own hair so that I can have a clean head and save money and a trip to the barber.

Though it can be a money-saver and though you can do it yourself, it is by no means easy. It sometimes is better to know that there is someone who can actually see ALL of your hair and be able to cut it properly. If alone and with a grooming kit that includes electric clippers, you too can cut your own hair. It is a unique challenge that can be pretty rewarding if you successfully can cut your hair without much in the way of any hair you missed cutting.

Would I cut my own hair again when my hair fully grows again? I probably would. It was an experience and a challenge that I took on and succeeded at. As with any experience, you learn from an experience and try to perform the same task you've done before, only more efficiently.

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--- Cutting Your Own Hair ---

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Discussion time!

Have you ever cut your own [short] hair? What do you think about cutting your own hair?

This post would have been more useful using pictures or video, but I decided to describe the experience rather than show pictures of myself in a step-by-step manner. Still- it was an interesting and unique challenge I took on and pretty much succeeded in cutting my own hair. Have yourself a great day or night! Thank you for reading!

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