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Friday, June 20, 2014

Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" Shoes

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(UPDATED: June 21, 2014)

Jeffrey Campbell's "Scully" platform shoes may be the new "it" shoes from the wildly popular shoe designer. Its edgy platform base is anything but "cute." After seeing multiple versions of this shoe on LOOKBOOK fashionistas and certain bloggers, "StyleSpace by JBM" features another post on another pair of shoes. It certainly isn't the first time I discussed Jeffrey Campbell's shoes. Welcome to this blog post all about the "Scully" shoes from Jeffrey Campbell, right here on "StyleSpace by JBM!"


JUN 21 2014 - added extra link

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" Shoes ---

Meet "Scully." No, not Scully from the old FOX TV series "X-Files," but Scully from Jeffrey Campbell:

Jeffrey Campbell Scully
^ from: - These are the "Scully" shoes from Jeffrey Campbell. It has a chunky heel and a very edgy front.

The "Scully" shoes are more like ankle strap loafers with a platform base and a chunky high heel. These shoes somewhat embody certain 1990s shoes, but these shoes have strong edgy style. Looking at the sides of these shoes alone makes you question wanting to mess someone who wears them. You would hate to imagine something or someone getting trampled on with the base of these shoes. The "Scully" shoes were meant to do damage. Question is... are you bold enough to strap on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" shoes?

Here is some video insight on these shoes:

^ "SHOE UNBOXING & REVIEW: Jeffrey Campbell Scully Platform • itsoliphant "

Details of "Scully" Shoes.

So here is a look at the "Scully" shoes:

• sizes US Women's 5 up to 11
• 6-inch heel, 2-inch platform
• leather upper, leather lining, synthetic sole
• velcro closure
• true-to-size (as I'm told)

Now you have some insight on the "Scully" shoes.

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" Around the Internet ---

How do others rock Scully? Find out with these examples:

"Jeffrey Campbell Scully" (Pink Glitter) « the blogger wears a black version of these shoes.
"BIG FAT ZERO" (TheStylePlaylist) « a white pair of "Scully" shoes with a white outfit.
"neutral" (FERAL CREATURE) « a pants outfit with a pair of white "Scully" shoes.
"Daisies and UNIF | Spring is Here" (Neon Cherokee) « a skirt outfit with black "Scully" shoes.

("Scully" search results on LOOKBOOK) « Scully shoes on LOOKBOOK.

This gives you an idea of how these shoes look on those who wear them.

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" Shoes: Final Thoughts ---

I think the Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" shoes are an unusually chic blend of toughness and style. By no means are these extremely girly shoes except for the ankle strap and the chunky high heel, but these are girly shoes that exude toughness. The front of these shoes and the ridges of the front are enough to let you know these are not the shoes to mess with. If you want chic and charming, look elsewhere. Heck... even look to the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" lace-up booties if you want something chic. The "Scully" shoes from Jeffrey Campbell are not beautiful, but they are not terribly ugly either. I think these shoes would probably look better as a pair of mary janes rather than as a loafer-like shoe with an ankle strap. I probably would also prefer these be in a few more colors I've only seen these in black, black/white, and white. I would look to colors like baby blue, baby pink, dark brown, maybe a nude-style color, red, lilac, lavender... just expand the color choices.

Love or Loathe?

My Call: These shoes aren't terrible in any such way. So I'll call LOVE on these.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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^ If you want to read about another popular pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I discussed before, take a look at the "Lita" booties. They are a pair of lace-up platform booties VERY popular with fashionistas and bloggers.

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^ This blog post is my general post regarding Jeffrey Campbell and the famous designer's shoes.

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^ The "Scully" shoes are a pair of platform shoes. My post noted here regards platforms and flatforms.

This is the end of this blog post. For more information on Jeffrey Campbell and their shoes, please visit

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" Online ---

Visit Jeffrey Campbell's website for more information on all of their shoes. Or, you may shop for your own pair with these links I've provided:

Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" from the official website (
Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" on Solestruck
Jeffrey Campbell "Scully" on Nasty Gal

If I find more, I'll share more resources.

The post is pretty much over. Here's my question to you all for you to answer:

What do you think about the Jeffrey Cambpell "Scully" shoes?

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John Marine said...

I'm not a big fan of these style shoes but sometime you want some changes with your looks so these will be a good option!

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