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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Off-Season Shopping

John Marine | 9:38 PM | |
Some fashionable types shop off-season. Even in the heat of Summer, some shop for warm scarves or furry boots. Fashionistas may shop for bikinis or sandals in the dead of Winter. Most of the shops are all about current weather and temperatures, so people would be looked at funny for shopping for the other season rather than sticking to current weather seasons. However, why not get a leg up (so to speak) on a different season? Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you'll already have some great clothes to wear for when it's time to dress for a different season rather than all the stores being abuzz with shoppers shopping for the latest fashions to go with the weather. This blog post is a brief one with commentary regarding shopping off-season for fashion.

--- Off-Season Shopping ---

Should you shop for fashions for the opposite seasons (Fall/Winter fashions during Spring/Summer, and Spring/Summer fashions during Fall/Winter)? It's up to you. It isn't in any way wrong to shop for the other season(s) while one is in progress. Go get you some shorts or sandals while it's still bitterly cold outside. Buy some scarves or some fabulous furry boots while it's still 90°F at least. It is all up to you. Only problem (if any) is if you shop for seasons ahead and feel like you aren't wearing what is anticipated as being the latest trend. For example, you shop for something you think will be the hottest trend for the upcoming season, all to find out something else will be the "it" clothes/shoes/trend for a later season. Other than that, I think there is nothing wrong shopping for clothes and accessories for seasons ahead.

You can even save money by purchasing clothing for a season other than the current one. It just means you'll have to wait a bit longer to finally get to wear the item(s) proudly, but you will still be set for the other season. I say "other season" because fashion regards Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter as the primary seasons of fashion. It is why fashion shows have collections for these two fashion seasons rather than clothing for just one certain season.


For some advice on off-season fashion shopping, try these resources:

off season shopping (Broke and Chic)
"Shopping Out of Season" (Peter Lamas)
"Shop Out of Season" (The Domestic Fringe)

I may add more resources if I find more relevant material on this topic.

This is the discussion question I pose to all of you:

Is it okay to shop for another season while one is already in progress? Do you shop for seasons ahead yourself?

That concludes this commentary piece. I hope you enjoyed this blog post of mine. At least for this post, I've shown that I can do even casual and not-as-detailed posts. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I'm not the shoppingholic type so I usually think first and buy second....and plan for things that are essential...However, if I see something I'm positive will come in handy, I will buy it whether it is in season or not....but usually I don't plan that far ahead and I don't buy clothes months ahead...and I like to have something trendy but only something, not everything so trends are not that important to me.

lovely article!

John Marine said...

I will shop for seasons ahead if I find classic pieces or pieces that I really love at great prices. Sometimes, you can find excellent bargains on off-season clothing/shoes, so it can be the perfect time to grab something. I recently bought a sweater that is definitely more fall/winter appropriate because I loved it and was afraid it wouldn't be around later on down the road.


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