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Sunday, July 6, 2014

For the Pattern of It

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If there is one thing I realize about fashion, some people don't really buy certain clothes or give into certain trends. Instead, it's all about the pattern. This blog post is just a commentary piece regarding the power of patterns. Striking patterns are what most fashionable types simply for. They want certain fashionable patterns to adorn pieces of clothing and various accessories. Allow me, then, to comment on the power of patterns and simply buying certain clothing for the pattern(s) of it/them.

--- For the Pattern of It ---

Let me set the mood. This picture is only provided for educational purposes:

patterns in fashion
^ from: - Can something as simple as a pattern make certain garments and accessories fashionable? Many will agree.

People looking to stand out seek certain patterns. Long-time readers know I've hated certain trends and styling exercises like skulls. You may have read my "Food for Fashion" post as I discussed food items on clothes. Perhaps you read my post with thoughts on lip prints on clothes. No matter what common print I have discussed (or haven't yet discussed), some people buy certain fashion items simply because of the pattern or some certain design. People want to look and feel their best, and that even includes wearing something of the of-the-moment designs. Some people even love certain garments or accessories simply because of its pattern or a certain design.

I can name any number of examples of things people have tried to make trendy or cool. For some time in the mid-late 1990s, I can remember when smiley faces were popular. Smiley faces are best associated with the likes of Joe Boxer. The skulls I made mention to really trended in the mid-2000s from (as I was told) something related to pirates. However, I think skulls have seriously been popular especially if you are fond of the late Alexander McQueen. While I do cringe seeing yet another attempt at making skulls fashionable or artistic, I do at least respect that people like (for example) skull-adorned Alexander McQueen scarves that fashionable types like. For the past few years, fake mustaches have been trendy as a pattern. Some even have become fond of patterns involving cartoon characters, especially Bart of The Simpsons. Also trending of late have been eye prints.

No matter what, some in fashion simply want to make a statement and do so wearing trendy or cool patterns. There may come a time where some other design or logo becomes trendy. You'll see all kinds of stuff ranging from clothing to accessories trying to cash in on certain patterns being trendy. That's just how fashion (and often times mainstream society) go often times. And because certain trendy designs or logos are popular doesn't mean the people who wear them are any better or less of people. Almost like you can't assume someone is trying to be hard or or evil just because they wear something adorned with skulls. Likewise, you can't really assume someone is completely innocent or in good faith because they wear something adorned with crosses. Then again, I always say this- NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING! Such patterns are popular in fashion primarily for fashion appeal. You may have some who do define themselves through certain fashion items and designs, but trendy patterns and such are appealing for their own reasons.

--- For the Pattern of It: Final Thoughts ---

It takes a certain garment to be fashionable. Sometimes, however, a trendy pattern or group of patterns can make any garment or trend truly fashionable. People indulged with fashion and/or culture will reluctantly dress up and sport certain items with certain catchy logos and patterns. After all, it is a form of expression, and fashion is all about expression. So express yourself any way you please. Just remember that there is only one you. Make your presence felt the way you want to present yourself to the world.

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