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High-Waist Bikinis

Having a "bikini body" is always confident and encouraging. While regular bikinis are often praised and romanticized, high-waist bikinis often aren't as loved. This blog post is an offshoot of my blog post on swimsuits as I focus on high-waist bikinis. Thoughts on high-waist bikinis will be expressed here. I also invite my readers to offer their thoughts on these bikinis even as I showcase and comment on high-waist bikinis.

--- High-Waist Bikinis at a Glance ---

Let me show you a high-waist bikini set before I provide commentary:

high-waist bikini
^ from: www.amazon.com - Are high-waist bikinis as hot as their non high-waist counterparts? Some think so; many others do not.

There is a reason why high-waist bikinis are liked among certain females. Actually, two. Here are those two reasons why I think high-waist bikinis are so well-liked:

Reason 1: Retro Appeal.

The first reason why I think high-waist bikinis are loved is because of the retro appeal they provide. A lot of high-waist bikinis have kind of a retro appeal loved by various females who love vintage outfits. Since these are more older-style bikinis, they are a touch more modest with the higher waist as opposed to bikinis that don't have high waists. You could think of these bikinis as being more modest than most of the sexy/flirty bikinis.

Reason 2: Body Confidence.

The other reason why high-waist bikinis are so loved are because they give more confidence to give some females in wearing a bikini. Not as many are confident to wear a bikini. Some females aren't as comfortable showing their navel or their waistline in a bikini. Because high-waist bikinis cover up a lot of one's lower waist, they offer some comfort. They can also offer slimming of the lower body by simply wearing these high-waist bikini bottoms. In case you detest high-waist bikinis for this reason, just remember that comfort is always a factor in any sense regarding fashion, and high-waist bikinis offer comfort for those seeking such comfort when wearing such beachwear.

Given these two reasons, I think high-waist bikinis are so liked among certain fashionable types for them being stylish enough to wear as a one-piece swimsuit. Such high-waist bikinis are stylish enough to wear like one-piece swimsuits, but also offer the appeal provided by showing some midriff, but without showing too much midriff. They also provide a slimming effect for those not as confident of showing off their navel or lower waist. It is this sort of comfort that makes them so loved by certain fashionistas.

It is now time I consider offering my thoughts on high-waist bikinis. I had intended to feature certain bloggers and personalities that wear high-waist bikinis, but I can't find enough to make a proper section on them. So up next are my thoughts on high-waist bikinis.

--- High-Waist Bikinis: Final Thoughts ---

While I would never recommend or consider high-waist bikini outfits, their comfort and style are very understandable. Many people will dislike high-waist bikinis because they aren't as sexy as any regular-waist bikinis or even any low-waist bikinis. This is much the same way there are those who dislike cropped tops with high-waist bottoms. Some who wear bikinis may wear some average bikini and just try on a high-waist bikini. Even if you look to high-waist bikinis in this sense, then you have to admit that even though these may not be the navel-baring, low-waist bikinis others lust over, there are qualities to high-waist bikinis that give them their appeal and their charm.

Again- I would not recommend or prefer any sort of high-waist bikini or high-waist bikini bottoms for any beachwear outfits. But for the level of comfort and their own unique sort of style, a high-waist bikini can be just as appealing as any average bikini. They may not be as sexy or appealing as an average bikini, but they are certainly a stylish way to soak up the sun or go to beach parties in. High-waist bikinis are definitely worth considering to structure your beach outfit(s).

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--- High-Waist Bikinis Online ---

If you'd like to shop for high-waist bikinis, let this be your section to visit. I would appreciate your business if you did shop around. Always remember- your involvement in sections like these are voluntary. I don't force anyone to do anything. So look around and happy shopping (if doing any):

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Come get your high-waist bikini bottoms!

Other Sources...

Here are a few high-waist bikinis that may interest you:

But wait, there's more! Try these links too:
high-waist bikinis on Amazon
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Again- your business would be appreciated.

This blog post on high-waist bikinis has concluded. Let me ask you all:

Are high-waist bikinis as stylish to you as any other regular bikinis? How do you feel about high-waist bikinis?

If heading to the beach, make sure to be safe. Be sure to wear sunscreen and keep your skin healthy. Also be careful if going for a swim or any other water activities. Other than that... thank you for reading!

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I think high-waist bikinis can be very cute. It is a nice balance between a traditional one-piece and a string bikini. They also may be more flattering than a one-piece for curvier gals! The one you included in your post ihas a pretty retro feel to it.



I beg to differ. I think high-waisted bikinis can be just as sexy as a "regular bikini" if your body type is curvier. I've rocked a few high-waisted bikinis because of my size so yeah lack of confidence had something to do with it since I'm not exactly stick thin or slim but we look just as hot as the average female in a low cut bikini. Forever 21 and Monif C carries an amazing swimsuit line for plus size women and Amazon as well as a few Chinese sites carry cute high-waisted bikinis for women who wear single digits.

Once again, another great post.

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise


I think high waist bikinis can be just as sexy as a more revealing one. I have a few of them and I love them! The retro style as well as the bit of extra coverage is appealing to me. :) Skimpier bikinis can be sexy too...but they're not the only option. A woman doesn't don't have to be almost naked to be sexy.



I totally love high waisted bikinis but not many people wear them. I totally love that bikini in this post. I have an obsession with swimwear. I need to stop buying them!




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